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0 0 Spotting


by YolieSan Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

1 0 Bristly Cutworm

Bristly Cutworm

by J Maine, USA

An effective bark/lichen/moss

6 3 Lichen mimic spider

Lichen mimic spider

by asergioCuritiba, Paraná, Brazil

8 3 Lichen-Mimic Katydid

Lichen-Mimic Katydid

by grmayberryNauta, Loreto, Peru

4-6 cm. katydid with a mottled green/gray coloring that

0 1 Green Lacewing Larva

Green Lacewing Larva

by Lenny2Kentucky, USA

One of my students found this little insect on a tree amongst

2 2 Lichen Mimic Moth

Lichen Mimic Moth

by LaurenZarateSan Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico

This is a second species of Lichen

5 0 Lichen mimic orb weaver

Lichen mimic orb weaver

by Sergio MonteiroCuritiba, Paraná, Brazil

A rather large lichen

20 17 Florida Bark Mantis

Florida Bark Mantis

by RickBohlerJacksonville, Florida, USA

mantis, grizzled mantis or lichen

8 2 Lichen mimic katydid (female)

Lichen mimic katydid (female)

by Sergio MonteiroCuritiba, Paraná, Brazil

Another extraordinarily camouflaged katydid. Last photo, as always, shows the ...

2 1 Geometrid caterpillar

Geometrid caterpillar

by Sergio MonteiroCuritiba, PR, Brazil

This amazing caterpillar not only mimics a ...

4 4 Wax-tailed planthopper

Wax-tailed planthopper

by PieterColpaertLimón, Costa Rica

I first thought they use their tale to

24 14 Lichen Mimic Huntsman Spider

Lichen Mimic Huntsman Spider

by AlbertKangTawau, Sabah, Malaysia

Quite a big spider with bright colors. Pic#3 to show reference of size.

2 0 Black-and Yellow Lichen Moth

Black-and Yellow Lichen Moth

by JakubkoAuburn, Maine, USA

This lovely moth mimics beetles in the ...

3 1 Major Sallow Moth

Major Sallow Moth

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Stunning little moth! Lichen

2 2 Lichen Sallow Moth

Lichen Sallow Moth

by LaurenZarateSan Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico

A striking lichen

5 9 Lichen Mimic Moth

Lichen Mimic Moth

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

IF YOU CAN FIND ME, YOU CAN EAT ME! Moth about 1 cm long that exactly matches ...

14 7 Lichen-mimicking Katydid

Lichen-mimicking Katydid

by SG in CRProvincia Alajuela, Costa Rica

lichen that has the same coloring.

0 2 Green Leuconycta (White Variation)

Green Leuconycta (White Variation)

by jgorneauMaine, USA

, see: Both variations seem to ...

3 4 Grizzled Mantis or Lichen Mimic

Grizzled Mantis or Lichen Mimic

by MelissaFergusonMelbourne, Florida, USA

Mottled gray, green and brown and overall body shape is broad and flattened.

3 15 Orange-patched smoky moth

Orange-patched smoky moth

by KarenLTennessee, USA

1 cm orange & black lichen moth that

1 0 Banded Net-winged Beetle

Banded Net-winged Beetle

by Carol Snow MilnePennsylvania, USA

Orange with black bands. Length: 10-15 mm. Adult food: plant juices and nectar.

0 0 Lichen Moth

Lichen Moth

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

Both male and female adult black and yellow

4 3 Green Leuconycta

Green Leuconycta

by jgorneauNew York, USA


7 1 Tiger moth

Tiger moth

by BugEricArizona, USA

Medium-sized, bright red moth marked with black as shown, a probable

1 0 Stick insect

Stick insect

by Sergio MonteiroCuritiba, Paraná, Brazil

wider than most stick insects, and its color

16 15 Lichen Mimic Katydid

Lichen Mimic Katydid

by Gylma Barnes-Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-NormanProvincia Alajuela, Costa Rica

Green, black spots, alien looking, 2/3 inches long, flies like a moth, it was ...

43 69 Stick Insect

Stick Insect

by Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-NormanAlfaro, Provincia Alajuela, Costa Rica


27 21 Lichen Mimic Mantid

Lichen Mimic Mantid

by LaurenZarateCampeche, Mexico

in lichen-like bumps and protrusions that ...

2 0 Black-and-Yellow Lichen Moth

Black-and-Yellow Lichen Moth

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

At first glance, I thought this was a net-winged beetle, but upon closer ...

0 0 Grizzled Mantid

Grizzled Mantid

by MachiFlorida, USA

I see these on this tree every year. I have never looked at an adult this ...

7 7 Ilia Underwing Caterpillar

Ilia Underwing Caterpillar

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

This caterpillar looks just like lichen! ...

3 0 Xylophanes zurcheri

Xylophanes zurcheri

by Sphingid_MattProvincia Heredia, Costa Rica

Green forewings with brown black hindwings. Underside has a

232 128 Moss mimic stick insect

Moss mimic stick insect

by dandoucetteValle del Cauca, Colombia

has leaf/lichen like appendages growing ...

4 2 pygmy grasshopper

pygmy grasshopper

by S FrazierPapua, Indonesia

pronota that mimic leaves, stones or ...

2 2 Superb Lyrebird (male)

Superb Lyrebird (male)

by Neil RossNSW, Australia

My 600th spotting on PN, and this is definitely a special one for me because it ...