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0 0 jazmincillo


by Manuel Víquez CarazoProvincia Cartago, Costa Rica

1 3 Medinilla


by JulianGalvezCavite, Philippines

Doesn't quite fit the description for M. cumingi. Family

0 0 Melastomataceae flower

Melastomataceae flower

by JuanDiTraniColón, Panama, Panama

1 0 Medinilla magnifica

Medinilla magnifica

by elenaBologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

0 0 Orange Medinilla

Orange Medinilla

by michael.wytockNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA


3 2 Black Mouth Family

Black Mouth Family

by sttweets

I loved the structure of those leafs.

3 0 Orchid bee

Orchid bee

by JuanDiTraniColón, Panama, Panama

Foraging a Conostegia speciosa (

2 0 Siete cueros

Siete cueros

by Sergio A.Collazos G.Cundinamarca, Colombia

Family Melastomataceae

0 0 Glory bush / Princess Flower

Glory bush / Princess Flower

by Olivia Chee

From the family of Melastomataceae

3 2 Sonerila


by NuwanChathurangaCentral Province, Sri Lanka


1 0 Melastomataceae


by Henry X GarzónSantiago, Morona Santiago, Ecuador

Hierba de 5 cm de altura

0 0 Unnamed spotting

Unnamed spotting

by DanielaPiraquiveBermudezInírida, Guainia, Colombia

Nervadura basal perfecta....... No estoy segura si el género es Miconia

1 0 Green Orchid bee

Green Orchid bee

by JuanDiTraniPanama

Green orchid bee (Euglossa sp.) visiting a

0 0 Leandra subseriata

Leandra subseriata

by DiegoRozoEcuador

Leandra subseriata is a species of plant in the

1 5 Soapbush or Koster's Curse

Soapbush or Koster's Curse

by ChiefRedEarthThiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

2 0 Melastomataceae


by AJ ArrudaMG, Brazil

Shrub, size aproximatelly: 1,5 m.

0 1 Melastomataceae Tibouchina

Melastomataceae Tibouchina

by HeatherMillerAtlanta, Georgia, USA

This plant was "fuzzy" and soft to touch. It was growing in full sun, in a ...

0 0 Melostome


by dandoucetteĐà Nẵng, Th?a Thiên - Hu?, Viet Nam

pink bloom, about 2.5 " wide

4 2 Melastome


by deanosoLaguna, Philippines

I am not sure what species of the family

0 0 Ortiga falsa or false stinging plant

Ortiga falsa or false stinging plant

by Manuel Víquez CarazoProvincia Cartago, Costa Rica

The leaves of this understory tropical plant look threatening due the dense ...

0 0 Spotting


by dandoucetteĐà Nẵng, Th?a Thiên - Hu?, Viet Nam

fuzzy bright pink flowers, I think it's in the

1 0 Malabar Melastone

Malabar Melastone

by induruhSri Lanka

Rhododendron is a flowering plant in the family

1 0 Miconia


by Jonathan SequeiraHeredia, Costa Rica

A member of the Melastomatacea family, ...

0 2 Tibouchina


by Jonathan SequeiraHeredia, Costa Rica

opuestas como es particular en la familia

1 0 Manacá-da-Serra


by CrisSão Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil

Nome Popular: Manacá-da-serra, Manacá-da-serra-anão, Cuipeúna, Jacatirão ...

6 1 Trogon Coliplomizo, hembra.

Trogon Coliplomizo, hembra.

by Jonathan SequeiraCosta Rica

Un bello ejemplar hembra, se alimentaba de frutas de

0 0 Monochaetum shrub

Monochaetum shrub

by Nestor Rodrigo Vasquez CisnerosVeracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, Mexico

0 0 The family Melastomataceae

The family Melastomataceae

by MUSEMiami, Florida, USA

The family Melastomataceae (alternatively ...

0 2 Medinilla


by luis_montevirgenSan Carlos, Zambales, Philippines

flowers are showy, hanging in panicles

0 2 Spotting


by dandoucetteLoreto, Peru

small plant, triangle shaped, slightly hairy blooms, thinking maybe

1 0 Slaty-tailed Trogon

Slaty-tailed Trogon

by Jonathan SequeiraCosta Rica

This species is about 30 cm long and weighs 145 g.

0 3 Miconia


by mauna KunzahHawaii, USA

Soft, matte leaves perhaps 6-7 inches in length.

1 0 Tibouchina semidecandra

Tibouchina semidecandra

by MarthaGarzónQuito, Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

Pertenece a la Familia Melastomataceae del ...

0 0 Crimson Medinilla

Crimson Medinilla

by AgnesAdiqueTalavera

Medinilla miniata Merr. (family

0 2 Indian Rhododendron

Indian Rhododendron

by katy.yanosIndia

Melastoma is a genus in the family

0 0 Malabar Melastome

Malabar Melastome

by J.Thomas CheruvallilKerala, India

Malabar Melastome is a flowering plant in the family

22 14 Tangara cabecicastaña

Tangara cabecicastaña

by Jonathan SequeiraHeredia, Costa Rica

costas a alturas de hasta 1500 msnm. Se alimentan sobre todo frutas de

0 0 Quaresmeira


Resende, RJ, Brazil

A quaresmeira é uma angiosperma de beleza notável. Possui flores com coloração ...

1 0 Pearl White Medinilla

Pearl White Medinilla

by AgnesAdiqueTalavera

Medinilla albiflora Merr. (family

1 0 Handsome Harry

Handsome Harry

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

Short erect plant that sometimes crawls (as in the case of this one). ...

1 0 Melastomataceae


by ArvinMemaphuCamarines Norte, Philippines

Melastomataceae - The family

3 3 Chandelier Tree

Chandelier Tree

by Eric NooraCavite, Philippines

plants in the family Melastomataceae, ...

1 2 Dusky-faced Tanager

Dusky-faced Tanager

by Jonathan SequeiraHeredia, Costa Rica

It measures 18.5 cm. and weighs 42 grams. The bill is rather long and pointed, ...

1 0 Malabar Melastone

Malabar Melastone

by NuwanChathurangaSri Lanka

Rhododendron is a flowering plant in the family

0 0 Singapore Rhododendron

Singapore Rhododendron

by Ronald LoMalaysia

Rhododendron, is a flowering plant in the family

0 1 Singapore rhododendron, senduduk

Singapore rhododendron, senduduk

by Scott FrazierSingapore, Singapore

Occurs in (sub) tropical Asia and the Pacific (but an invasive in the US), ...