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3 1 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by karamichelle.whiteKetchikan, Alaska, USA

0 0 Mossie


by TrapsuutjieUnguja Kaskazini, Tanzania

0 0 Spotting


by silentsihayaPennsylvania, USA

Mossy tree

0 1 millipede


New York, USA

mossy rock, lichen

1 0 Mossy Saxifrage

Mossy Saxifrage

by FinlayCoxRegion Midtjylland, Denmark

0 0 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by hmreskOregon, USA

1 1 Spotting


by twolittletoddiesTasmania, Australia

Found in Mossy forests.

1 0 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by rbumrbumCalifornia, USA

0 0 Mossy maze polypore

Mossy maze polypore

by DespinaTsafetopoulouChristchurch, New Zealand

0 0 Mossy saxifrage??

Mossy saxifrage??

by IsabelaScotland, United Kingdom

St Andrews

0 0 Mossy Mopalia

Mossy Mopalia

by BlueFernsSanta Cruz, California, USA

0 0 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by BlueFernsMonterey, California, USA

0 2 Mossy Maze Polypore

Mossy Maze Polypore

by joa.jvmPennsylvania, USA

0 0 Mossy frog

Mossy frog

by yulia8473Niagara Falls, Ontario, Ontario, Canada

Bird kingdom, Niagara falls

0 0 Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss

by CraigWilliams2Pahang, Malaysia

Mossy forest, circa 1800m

2 2 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by Christiane5690, South Australia, Australia

Found on a rocky shore...

0 1 Spotting


by JulieGoodbloodClarkPlattsburgh, New York, USA

mossy cool rocks..

0 0 Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest

by JoëlBenoîtNewfoundland and Labrador, Canada

0 0 Mossy Chiton & Sea Star

Mossy Chiton & Sea Star

by eva_vargaOregon, USA

Tide pools of the PNW

0 1 Mossy mopalia

Mossy mopalia

by BlueFernsMonterey, California, USA

A Chiton common on the rocks

0 0 Moss


by GeraldShafferBritish Columbia, Canada

Mossy, temperate, covering

0 1 'Palm' Fern

'Palm' Fern

by craigwilliamsPahang, Malaysia

Second photo shows mature fronds.

0 1 Peltigera lactucifolia

Peltigera lactucifolia

by LornaSankeyCoventry, England, United Kingdom

in mossy wet potting compost

4 2 Salamander


by BoGouldEverett, Washington, USA

Inside a mossy pipe!

0 5 Bush Mosquito Aedes aegyptii

Bush Mosquito Aedes aegyptii

by kimkiu3101, Victoria, Australia

is that a mossy?

0 1 Sundew


by milesjluke

An insectivorous plant.

0 0 Mossy head warbonnet

Mossy head warbonnet

by SteveBrownSeattle, Washington, USA

0 0 Spotting


by helenaCaithness, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dog Lichen??

0 0 Bracket wood fungi

Bracket wood fungi

by partridge.cherylaToronto, Ontario, Canada

Mossy wooden fencepost

0 3 Spotting


by Wendy Sherratt HoganOntario, Canada

Large clump found growing in soft mossy ...

0 0 Spotting


by smstd622Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

Weird, twisted, mossy

1 1 Spider web

Spider web

by hunterpedersonWisconsin, USA

And mossy or old place

0 0 Mossy chiton

Mossy chiton

by WyattErwinCalifornia, USA

2 12 Unknown


by rturnerQuogue, New York, USA

Mossy Lawn

0 0 Mossy tree frog

Mossy tree frog

by AlanaNorthouseGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA

1 2 Spotting


by Jared_CVirginia, USA

Collybia species?

0 0 Mossy leaf tailed gecko.

Mossy leaf tailed gecko.

by MrJohnCheshire, Massachusetts, USA

0 0 Mossy chiton

Mossy chiton

by Sarah33Washington, USA

Intertidal rocks

0 0 Mushroom


by Cary411Maryland, USA

I found this in the gazebo.

0 0 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by Eva VargaBandon, Oregon, USA


0 1 Spotting


by meschwalbeMaine, USA

Shady, moist and mossy ground

0 0 Large Mossy Glyph

Large Mossy Glyph

by Fyn KyndMaine, USA

National Moth Week 2013.

1 0 Mossy Chiton

Mossy Chiton

by MakitaOregon, USA

0 0 Mossy Maze Polypore

Mossy Maze Polypore

by ArilMorehead, Kentucky, USA

Found by Kelly's group.

0 0 Cape sparrow/ Gewone mossie

Cape sparrow/ Gewone mossie

by staccyhJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

0 0 Spotting


by dahowardMaryland, USA

Mossy looking. Found on many trees.