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0 0 Seed Weevil

Seed Weevil

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Very small, oval insects,

0 0 Spotting


by VivBraznellTeignbridge District, England, United Kingdom

Winged insect.

0 0 Stonecrop


by Ingrid3Stamford, Connecticut, USA

being used by native

0 0 Cross spider

Cross spider

by wehrnaturecenterMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

spider in web with prey insect

0 0 Coffeeberry


by Liam OBrienSan Francisco, California, USA

Large, dark green bush

3 1 Dark winged bat

Dark winged bat

by MariaCancelUSA

Eats insects and is

0 2 European Ground Beetle

European Ground Beetle

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Very large beetle found in leaf litter.

0 0 Hackberry Nipple Galls

Hackberry Nipple Galls

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Hackberry Nipple Galls caused by Pachypsylla celtides-mamma. Home of the ...

2 0 Queen


by EnvUnlimitedKendall, Florida, USA

Native plant garden in Kendall, Florida

11 5 Chinchemolle


by bernn87San Luis, Argentina

Agathemera crassa ( Chinchemolle , chinchimolle , chichina ) is a fasmatodeo ...

2 3 Eyed Elater

Eyed Elater

by JaredHararyLong Branch, New Jersey, USA

Unusual insect spotted on boardwalk in Long ...

2 3 Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe

by RachaelBSaint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Small-sized insect-eating birds in the ...

0 1 Great Golden Digger Wasp

Great Golden Digger Wasp

by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

Winged insect with orange-colored legs, ...

0 2 Great Golden Digger Wasp

Great Golden Digger Wasp

by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

A dark-red (or orange) and black...wasp?

0 1 Tachinid Fly

Tachinid Fly

by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

Black, fuzzy-looking lower body, not sure if its a bee or a fly

1 3 Honeybees


by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

Orange and black stripped...bee

0 0 Harlequin ladybird

Harlequin ladybird

by pfawcett0102England, United Kingdom

A invasive species of ladybird (Coccinelid)

2 0 Lantana Lace Bug

Lantana Lace Bug

by MachiFlorida, USA

. Florida has a lot of invasive Lantana, but we also have a

2 3 Viceroy


by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

Possibly a Monarch Butterfly but have been told it may be one that looks similar

0 0 Spotting


by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

A red, orange, black and green dragonfly with a white white and black legs

1 0 White-faced Meadowhawk

White-faced Meadowhawk

by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

What I believe to be a White-faced Meadowhawk; red and black dragonfly with a ...

2 0 Spotting


by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

The home of an insect. Master designers ...

1 0 Mosquitoes (flies)

Mosquitoes (flies)

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

This images is of a mushroom, Mosquito and another

0 0 Widow Skimmer

Widow Skimmer

by JanelleL.StreedMinnesota, USA

A fairly large, orange and brown (or black) dragonfly, adult female (?)

0 0 Goliath stick insect hatchling

Goliath stick insect hatchling

by martinlVictoria, Australia

A first instar stick insect nymph with eggs ...

0 0 Spiny Stick Insect

Spiny Stick Insect

by WilliamsFamilyWichita, Kansas, USA

A thorny stick insect at the Sedgwick Zoo. ...

0 1 Unknown Dipterid

Unknown Dipterid

by Elizabeth NoyesWashington, Canada

Nothing too interesting here, just not well-versed in

6 1 Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella

by CataAnaAdelaide, South Australia, Australia

30cm, feeds on nectar, fruit, seeds and

1 0 Insect Eggs (larvae hatching)

Insect Eggs (larvae hatching)

by gatorfellowsDenton, Texas, USA

Fuzzy larvae are hatching from rows of white eggs on a dead branch. Very small, ...

0 1 Bronze Beetle

Bronze Beetle

by BrettFallenNew Zealand

The bronze beetle is a native

2 1 Wool Carder Bee

Wool Carder Bee

by HeidiEatonIllinois, USA

Large solitary bee. This one is not native ...

3 0 Steelblue Ladybird

Steelblue Ladybird

by JillBlackPuketapapa, Auckland, New Zealand

Found in native forests and gardens ...

2 0 Plant Bug

Plant Bug

by HeidiEatonWisconsin, USA

Narrow green plant bug, feeds on grasses.

0 0 Australian Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

by jalockieAdelaide, South Australia, Australia

Cockroach on my tiles! Uninvited.

2 3 European Honey Bee

European Honey Bee

by KimLommanTulsa, Oklahoma, USA

This insect is

1 0 Tall western groundsel

Tall western groundsel

by Liam OBrienCalifornia, USA

Tallest daisy-like plant I've ever seen...

0 0 Goldenrod soldier beetle

Goldenrod soldier beetle

by Maria dBNorth Carolina, USA

Species native to North America

0 0 Coyote Bush

Coyote Bush

L.A., California, USA

sort of prickly, green, native to CA, 3 ...

2 0 Green Stink Bug

Green Stink Bug

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Small to medium in size. Shield-like in body outline. Antennae are usually 5 ...

7 5 Giant Forest Scorpion

Giant Forest Scorpion

by opzjonSingapore, Singapore

This specie is native to Singapore.

1 0 Common Buckeye

Common Buckeye

by RosemaryDutraDuncanGeorgia, USA

Orange and brown with eyespots

1 0 Asian lady beetle

Asian lady beetle

by KristalWatrouspenna, USA

Lady beetle in the family Coccinellidae,

4 0 Jerusalem Cricket

Jerusalem Cricket

by JeffStreiflingBoise City, Idaho, USA

Large, flightless insects of the genus ...

0 0 Roly-Poly


Monroe, North Carolina, USA

The bugs have a hard gray or brown shell. This

4 0 Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

by MachiMaine, USA

A common insect