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2 3 Unknown pollinator

Unknown pollinator

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Shot with an iPhone olloclip

0 0 Spotting


by hungryhowieLos Angeles, California, USA

2 0 Pharaoh ant

Pharaoh ant

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

An ant notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pest.

0 0 Ten-spotted ladybird

Ten-spotted ladybird

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

An enemy of aphids and bringer of good fortune.

7 6 Green bee 🐝

Green bee 🐝

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

A metallic green bee possibly in the Halictidae family.

1 2 Spotting


by mrmichaelcooper87Douglasville, Georgia, USA

Small fly, photo taken with an olloclip on ...

1 0 Spotting


by mrmichaelcooper87Georgia, USA

Photo was taken with an olloclip on an ...

1 2 Common dandelion, ant

Common dandelion, ant

by ducatista600ndOntario, Canada

Common dandelion with foraging ant

2 3 Unknown weevil

Unknown weevil

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

About the size of a fingernail

4 4 Blow Fly

Blow Fly

by YasserNYC, New York, USA

I came across a small metallic green fly and was able to snap a macro photo ...

7 7 Spitting spider

Spitting spider

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

A spitting spider that spits a poisonous sticky silken substance over its prey.

7 5 Hoverfly


by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Hoverflies, sometimes called flower flies or syrphid flies, make up the insect ...

6 5 Yellow sac spider

Yellow sac spider

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Spotted this little yellow dude, about the size of a quarter, crawling on my ...

6 3 American Elderberry

American Elderberry

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Elderberry shrubs bear large corymbs of tiny white flowers and their fruit has ...

2 0 Unknown species

Unknown species

by Karine SabatierBaulon, Bretagne, Tromelin Island

The picture here is taken with cameraphone+

1 1 Garden snail

Garden snail

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Submitted for National Wildlife Week as an organism with "innovative defences ...

4 3 Deadly nightshade

Deadly nightshade

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Deady nightshade also known as Devil's berries. The foliage and berries are ...

3 2 Prickly wild rose

Prickly wild rose

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Prickly wild rose also known as the Bristly rose and the Arctic rose. Rosa ...

17 6 Purple coneflower

Purple coneflower

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Echinacea is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family, ...

4 1 Spotting


by YasserNYC, New York, USA

I found this ant hunting aphids and was hoping to ID it. I used an

1 1 Mite


by YasserNYC, New York, USA

Bright red mite.

1 0 Lace wing

Lace wing

by shell7488Brooks, Alberta, Canada

Green body, gold eyes. Looks clumsy when flying

0 0 Common blue violet

Common blue violet

by peterToronto, Ontario, Canada

Viola is a genus of flowering plants in the violet family Violaceae, with ...

1 1 Scentless Plant Bug

Scentless Plant Bug

by YasserNYC, New York, USA

Unknown winged insect. Very small in size, slightly larger than the length of ...

2 0 Milk-White Toothed Polypore

Milk-White Toothed Polypore

by JOHN2Florida, USA

Thin, leathery, spreading with projecting white, hairy stalkless caps. White to ...

1 0 Butterfly


by MaristelaCuritiba, Paraná, Brazil

auxílio de lentes Olloclip.

0 1 Spotting


by BioAlexBangkok กรุงเทพมหานคร, Krung Thep, Thailand

I found this small, yellow wasp(-like insect) riding on the bus in Bangkok. It ...