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0 1 Barnacle


by chava_titoSeattle, Washington, USA

Sand, barnacle

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by SharylMagnusonBoyleLincoln City, Oregon, USA

Tiny, pale, frilly and gummy fungus

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by MarieSnizikHaskinsArlington, Washington, USA

Larger than a crane fly -

0 0 Fox Glove

Fox Glove

by TonyDelandOregon, USA

Poisonous but beautiful. Common in the

0 3 Roses


by Gap SpannerFircrest, Washington, USA

Flowers next to my apartment.

0 1 Seven-spotted lady beetle

Seven-spotted lady beetle

by gina.biancarosaEugene, Oregon, USA

Two ladybugs

0 0 Pacific Red cedar, tree of life

Pacific Red cedar, tree of life

by TonyDelandOregon, USA

Small pacific red cedar in a grove of ...

0 0 Pacific Tree Frog

Pacific Tree Frog

by kris.rudinSpokane, Washington, USA

Brown and tan frog. About 1.5 inches long. Hiding between top of door moulding ...

0 0 Squirrel


by KarenSaxtonIsiolo, Rift Valley, Kenya

Grey above and red below - much like our Douglas Squirrel in the

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by TonyDelandIlwaco, Washington, USA

Toothed mushroom solid and dry cap

2 1 Black-winged Dragonlet

Black-winged Dragonlet

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

Tropical dry forest, pacific slope,

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by charliebtunaPortland, Oregon, USA

4.5' tall. 12" leaves. Small yellow flowers.

0 2 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by TonyDelandPortland, Oregon, USA

Some kind of blueberry... Just don't know which variety. Mountain , bog, high ...

6 1 Gumboot chiton

Gumboot chiton

by Alessandro2Oregon, USA

The boot is Edible. Tastes like leather

0 4 Pacific Wren

Pacific Wren

by evenlakePortland, Oregon, USA

Appeared to be 2 or more chicks inside this nest.

1 0 Domestic goat

Domestic goat

by ChiaraOpalDes Moines, Washington, USA

These goats are kind of famous in the

0 0 Bull Kelp

Bull Kelp

by DannonCharlesRaithMoclips, Washington, USA

Big air filled tubes that wash up on the beach in the

0 0 Margined white

Margined white

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

common white butterfly native tot he

0 0 Lichen


by Kate & ChrisKirkland, Washington, USA

Lichen growing on tree branch, Flavoparmelia caperata?

0 0 Beauty bush

Beauty bush

by Bruce WeiskottenCamaiore, Toscana, Italy

short spring season in the Pacific

0 0 bumblebee


by allen.hoofPortland, Oregon, USA

pollinator at work

1 1 Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab

by eva_vargaBandon, Oregon, USA

Crabbing on the docks .. my little guy had no fear.

0 0 Salal, lemon leaf, shallon

Salal, lemon leaf, shallon

by sage.kehauPortland, Oregon, USA

Shrub with large, leathery leaves. Dark blue berries are an edible appetite ...

1 0 camas lily

camas lily

by KarenSaxtonBandon, Oregon, USA

blue lily that was an important food source for

1 1 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by scott9Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Approximately 2mm long

0 0 Common Katydid

Common Katydid

by kris.rudinSpokane, Washington, USA

Some kind of green grasshopper. About an inch long.

1 0 Black tailed deer

Black tailed deer

by KarenSaxtonCoquille, Oregon, USA

The most common deer of the pacific

0 1 Mushroom


by christine.a.wrightSammamish, Washington, USA

Wild mushroom that looks kind of like a crimini mushroom

1 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by KarenSaxtonEl Dorado, Provincia de Orellana, Ecuador

Looks similar to the snail eating beetles we have in the

1 0 woodland skipper

woodland skipper

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

common skipper in the pacific

7 1 Pacific tree frog

Pacific tree frog

by Ron CaswellBritish Columbia, Canada

Pacific tree frog living in our planters at ...

2 0 N Pacific Treefrog

N Pacific Treefrog

by KarenSaxtonCoquille, Oregon, USA

small treefrog of the pacific

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by gina.biancarosaOregon, USA


0 4 Dragonfly


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

I added some new today and deleted one of the others that were not clearly in ...

0 4 Round Stingray

Round Stingray

by LarryGrazianoGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This is a small stingray that was stuck in some tide pools close to the beach ...

3 0 Douglas squirrel

Douglas squirrel

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

Small squirrel of the pacific

0 0 Millipede


by audrey.whitlatchBeaverton, Oregon, USA

This guy was dug out of the ground by accident. When we found him he was curled ...

1 0 Montbretia


by KarenSaxtonCoquille, Oregon, USA

Invasive species, likely imported with late 18th/early 19th century settlers

0 0 cross spider

cross spider

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

Also known as European garden spider, is, like many of the plants and animals ...

0 0 Red Rock Crab

Red Rock Crab

by Sarah Garland ShanmugamNewport, Oregon, USA

place to see Pacific

4 3 Black tailed deer

Black tailed deer

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

The Columbian black tailed deer, a subspecies of mule deer inhabit the

0 0 gorse


by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

Imported to the pacific

2 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by shebebusynowOregon, USA

size. The morphology could be a young version of the

1 0 Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird

by DanielHardtPortland, Oregon, USA

Bright green when the sun hit him. With purple/red head & throat, strait bill, ...

1 0 Pacific Trillium

Pacific Trillium

by RedRockCalifornia, USA

Three white, lanceolate petals. Yellow center. Single stalk plant with one ...

1 0 Orange-fronted Parakeet

Orange-fronted Parakeet

by LarryGrazianoCabo Velas, Provincia Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Cute small to medium parakeets. These are common on the

1 1 Ichneumon wasp

Ichneumon wasp

by DanielHardtAloha, Oregon, USA

Body like a Inchneumonoidea. No ovipositor so possibly a male.

1 0 Sahino Tree

Sahino Tree

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

small to medium tree to 15m tall with multiple, twisted, grooved or interwoven ...