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by Max GallagherWest Coast, New Zealand

A pink

0 0 pink coral fungus

pink coral fungus

by Ingrid3Stamford, Connecticut, USA

~1cm height, maroon smooth pink top of cap

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by Mr.SwiftTasmania, Australia


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by alexdkCharlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Black fungus attached to a fallen log, with ...

2 2 Phlebia incarnata

Phlebia incarnata

by chesterbperryChattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Rose pink shelf

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by JulieEdwardsNelson, New Zealand

Pink 10mm purple jelly

0 0 Slime Mold

Slime Mold

by MachiFlorida, USA

Small, pink ball

0 1 Bubblegum Fungus

Bubblegum Fungus

by Kayleigh2Redding, California, USA

Commonly known as the BubbleGum Fungus, but ...

2 3 Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe

by KarenSaxtonLakeside, Oregon, USA

very alien looking plant. Ranges from pale silver to white to pale

0 4 Coral spot fungus

Coral spot fungus

by StianWaalerAkershus, Norway

These light pink blobs are the asexual ...

1 0 Judas ear fungus

Judas ear fungus

by KarenLTennessee, USA


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by audrey.whitlatchPortland, Oregon, USA

This fungus looked like a ripening peach; ...

0 0 Turkey tail fungus

Turkey tail fungus

by lbarrGrand Haven, Michigan, USA

Ladder like fungus on one side of a tree. ...

0 0 Merulian crust fungus

Merulian crust fungus

by Mark RidgwayVictoria, Australia

White crust fungus with

3 0 Shelf Fungus

Shelf Fungus

by MusicwolfNorth Carolina, USA

A hard rubber-like half circle mushroom with various shades of

0 0 Cup Fungus

Cup Fungus

by IvanLee

Pale pink/peach cup

2 0 Pink Coral Tooth Fungus

Pink Coral Tooth Fungus

by ScottRasmussenMassachusetts, USA

Pictures taken between 9/2/10 and 9/4/10.

2 0 Beautiful clavaria or pink coral fungus

Beautiful clavaria or pink coral fungus

by JVMWest Virginia, USA

woodland near stream of water not far from a big lake

5 6 Pink Agarics

Pink Agarics

by JonathanSequeiraHeredia, Costa Rica

Tiny fungus found in soil in the rainforest.

2 1 Judas ear

Judas ear

by KarenLParroquia Taracoa, Provincia de Orellana, Ecuador

Pink/mauve velvety looking fungi. Possible ...

0 0 Honey Fungus sp.?

Honey Fungus sp.?

by rat.tumour aka lipaseEngland, United Kingdom

odd pink gills?

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by SandyMommaMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Very cool looking fungus found by Minnehaha ...

1 0 Christmas Lichen

Christmas Lichen

by KarenSaxtonBelmopan, Belize


1 4 Wolf's Milk

Wolf's Milk

by EmilyMarinoGlenwood Springs, Colorado, USA

Small rounded pink

0 0 Russula Mushroom

Russula Mushroom

by MusicwolfNorth Carolina, USA

A small but vibrant pink mushroom with ...

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by Joseph CHIEF REDEARTHUttarakhand, India

A small bell shaped fungus with

4 1 Bamboo fungus

Bamboo fungus

by bob5Sarawak, Malaysia

Dark brown conical tip. White to pink laced ...

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by ShellyCoxTownsend, Tennessee, USA

Pink and yellow mushroom

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by audrey.whitlatchPortland, Oregon, USA

This reddish pink cluster was growing on ...

1 1 Pink Slushie Fungus

Pink Slushie Fungus

by kaimumL.A., California, USA

A pink colored fungi growing near a tree.

0 0 unknown fungus

unknown fungus

Jasper, Texas, USA

grows on a dead stick. white, fluffy with

1 2 Russula Mushroom

Russula Mushroom

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

Soft, fuzzy, pink mushroom with white flesh ...

1 0 Bird's Nest Fungus and a pink puffball

Bird's Nest Fungus and a pink puffball

by Ingrid3Stamford, Connecticut, USA

pink puffball Bird's Nest

9 4 Red Coral

Red Coral

by audrey.whitlatchOregon, USA

Bright nearly neon pink in color. Looked ...

2 0 Cup Fungus

Cup Fungus

by IvanLee

A larger cup fungus, bright

2 0 Tulasnella violea

Tulasnella violea

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

I'm not sure how to describe this fungus! ...

1 0 Coral-pink Merulius

Coral-pink Merulius

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

Small pink

1 0 Silver leaf fungus

Silver leaf fungus

by missjellyfishyEvere, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Purple fungus Causes the Silver leaf ...

1 0 fungus


by S FrazierIndonesia

An unidentified delicate, pink-fleshy ...

0 0 Fungus on Tree

Fungus on Tree

by SolveigSingletonNelson, British Columbia, Canada

Pinkish round fungus growing from live tree ...

3 3 Coral fungus

Coral fungus

by Leuba RidgwayVictoria, Australia

A small clump of creamy white coral fungus ...

4 0 Pink -tipped- coral fungus

Pink -tipped- coral fungus

by DespinaTsafetopoulouΘεσσαλία - Στερεά Ελλάδα, Greece

Ramaria formosa, commonly known as the beautiful clavaria, it is a pinkish, ...

0 4 Beautiful Clavaria

Beautiful Clavaria

by haydemałopolskie, Poland

The genus Ramaria comprises approximately 200 species of coral fungi and after ...

3 0 Wolf's Milk Slime Mold

Wolf's Milk Slime Mold

by MachiAlaska, USA

Some pink fruiting bodies as well as a few ...

2 8 Pink Ladies Slipper

Pink Ladies Slipper

by ArianaGardiner, New York, USA

Perhaps a Lady Slipper, it has a beautiful large purple bulbous base (anyone ...

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by Gaia80Oslo, Vestfold, Norway

Round pink/orange

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by Michelle ParishJunction City, Oregon, USA

Super bright salmon pink coral

0 0 Latticed Stinkhorn

Latticed Stinkhorn

by Hema ShahConcord, California, USA

Under Observation! The white skin looks almost ready to burst open and expose ...