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1 2 pup


by Natasha HaakЧеркаська область, Ukraine

They are very cute

0 2 Hyena (pups)

Hyena (pups)

by DonPackettMbombela Local Municipality, Mpumalanga, South Africa

10 10 Galapagos sea lion (pups)

Galapagos sea lion (pups)

by KarenLEcuador

Sea lion pups playing with seaweed - with ...

1 0 California seal (mom and pup)

California seal (mom and pup)

by Hema ShahCalifornia, USA

This is a california seal holding a pup in ...

1 0 Dog with its pups

Dog with its pups

by BhawnavijMaharashtra, India

This is an Indian breed mongrel with her litter of

0 0 Pacific Harbor Seal

Pacific Harbor Seal

by peri.ceperley

California Harbor Seal or common seal

0 0 Seal


by marc.trahandSan Diego, Mexico

Seals and pups

0 1 Australian fur seal

Australian fur seal

by HannahCookeVictoria, Australia

Pup basking on the beach

1 2 Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

by DidgeGuyMontana, USA

Red squirrel pups

5 0 Harbor seal pups

Harbor seal pups

by SeemaSan Diego, California, USA

0 0 Spotting


by Cactus-pupArcata, California, USA

Humboldt County

1 0 Spotting


by Cactus-pupArcata, California, USA

Humboldt County

0 0 Spotting


by sdswampmonkeyEnsenada, Baja California, Mexico

Little brown scorpion

5 1 Gray wolf pup

Gray wolf pup

by msp05fFlorida, USA

Seacrest Wolf Preserve

2 0 Fur Seal Pups

Fur Seal Pups

by SueStrobelCanterbury, New Zealand

4 1  African elephant

African elephant

by IvánDuránMeru, Meru, Kenya

Weaning elephant (little big pup!)

1 0 Cavoodle Pup Marley

Cavoodle Pup Marley

by SheaH.O.Victoria, Australia

3 0 Harbour Seal - Pup

Harbour Seal - Pup

by LivesInADreamWashington, USA

A harbour seal pup sunning itself on the ...

2 0 Galapagos sea lion (nursing females)

Galapagos sea lion (nursing females)

by KarenLEcuador

extensive care required by the pups from ...

0 0 boxer dog, mix pup

boxer dog, mix pup

by TawnyaJuniceMolinaIllinois

My brothers dog and my nephews dog playing on the floor in the living room ...

0 1 Southern sea otter

Southern sea otter

by morethangrayMonterey, California, USA

Mom and pup foraging off the pilings ...

1 2 Galapagos sea lions (nursing females)

Galapagos sea lions (nursing females)

by KarenLEcuador

Each cow in the harem has a single pup born ...

0 0 Red Fox

Red Fox

by MichelleMcIntyreSuperior Township, Michigan, USA

These red fox pups were enjoying a little ...

4 0 Atlantic Grey Seal

Atlantic Grey Seal

by sebwaEast Lindsey, England, United Kingdom

Pup on Donna Nook Beach,

2 3 Eastern wolf pup

Eastern wolf pup

by Lacey BearOntario, Canada

I worked on a project that studied eastern wolf

0 0 Red Fox pup

Red Fox pup

by Becky3Wyoming, USA

Inyan Kara creek in a roadside culvert

0 0 Mouse sp?

Mouse sp?

by coyoteowlwomanParole, Maryland, USA

Eastern deciduous woodland, mixed forest. By itself, lone

3 1 Galapagos Sea Lion

Galapagos Sea Lion

by BenwanaProvincia de Galápagos, Ecuador

A nearly grown pup nurses on buoy

0 0 Walker Hound

Walker Hound

by TimShelnuttAlabama, USA

Our puppy Bell, she's a rescue pup.

3 0 California Sea Lion

California Sea Lion

by SFShepL.A., California, USA

A sea lion pup

4 2 River Otter

River Otter

by JemmaWalnut Creek, California, USA

Otter pups grooming each other.

34 10 Black-tailed Prairie Dog Pup

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Pup

by daniel.dparsonsOmaha, Nebraska, USA

Tan furry body

2 1 California Ground Squirrels

California Ground Squirrels

by Hema ShahConcord, California, USA

Two squirrel pups checking me out/

0 0 Almond Scented Millipede

Almond Scented Millipede

by Cactus-pupArcata, California, USA

Redwood forest, on road. Humboldt County.

0 0 dog


by ccm7Rockland, Maine, USA

Tiny dog

2 3 Coyote pup

Coyote pup

by BradfordW.BebbAlberta, Canada

gutsy little bugger!

0 0 Red Fox

Red Fox

by AmolSarvaNew York, USA

Fox pups?

0 0 Schnoodle pups

Schnoodle pups

by valplus3Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Schnauzer/poodle mixes

1 3 Grey wolf

Grey wolf

by CortneyIndiana, USA

In captivity Pups 5 weeks old

6 2 Southern Sea Lion (female and pup)

Southern Sea Lion (female and pup)

by misakoCabo de Hornos, XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, Chile

Spotted this female and newborn pup on a ...

0 0 Myotis bat pup

Myotis bat pup

by Lucy MyotisVirginia, USA

A male myotis pup, approximately 1+ week ...

0 0 Spotting


by TeresaBruggerCincinnati, Ohio, USA

Smells funky when it starts to rot. Pup ...

0 0 Common Seal Pup

Common Seal Pup

by moralcoralMichael, Michael, Isle of Man

A true seal found along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern ...

11 5 Coyote


by mwbergeron01Washington, USA

A new young pup from this year

4 1 Sea Otter

Sea Otter

by DonnaPomeroyCalifornia, USA

Adult female otter with pup

0 0 Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal

by MitchRayDepoe Bay, Oregon, USA

Small, spotted, true seal