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2 0 red silk-cotton, red cotton tree, silk-cotton or kapok

red silk-cotton, red cotton tree, silk-cotton or kapok

by Joseph CHIEF REDEARTHChandigarh, Union Territory of Chandīgarh, India

1 0 red cotton tree

red cotton tree

by Joseph CHIEF REDEARTHDehradun, Uttarakhand, India

3 0 Red Silk Cotton Tree

Red Silk Cotton Tree

by ChristianeRockhampton, Queensland, Australia

0 0 Red cotton tree

Red cotton tree


It is green and has a very oval shape

5 1 Cotton tree

Cotton tree

by Zlatan Celebicစစ်တွေ, ရခိုင်ပြည်နယ် (Rakhine), Myanmar

About 12 to 15 m tall deciduous tree, seen ...

0 0 Silk Cotton Tree (Chinese Kapok)

Silk Cotton Tree (Chinese Kapok)

by mayamanunited广州市 (Guăngzhōu), 广东 Guangdong, Paracel Islands

Tall thin tree with beautiful

0 0 milkweed


by chrisandkristine3Red Hook, New York, USA

White tufts of cotton caught on a fallen ...

0 1 Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker

by Sciencemre Kansas, USA

Red-headed woodpecker with a back and white ...

4 2 Red Cotton Bug

Red Cotton Bug

by surekhaHaryana, India

Red and black bug with a white line around ...

3 0 Red Silk Cotton Bug

Red Silk Cotton Bug

by SukanyaDattaDelhi, Delhi, India

Red insect with two larger dots on back and ...

1 2 Cotton Cushion Scale

Cotton Cushion Scale

by RachaelBMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

Also known as Australian Mealybug and Fluted scale.

2 0 The Indian golden oriole

The Indian golden oriole

by AmolPanditVasai-Virar, Maharashtra, India

The Indian golden oriole (Oriolus kundoo) is a species of oriole found in the ...

0 0 Bird Nest

Bird Nest

by Emma Tulare, California, USA

down our front door. The red colored fiber ...

1 0 Cotton Mealybug

Cotton Mealybug

by JoeHartmanจังหวัดอุดรธานี, Thailand

many red

1 0 bulbul


by AmolPanditVasai-Virar, Maharashtra, India

Bulbuls are a family, Pycnonotidae, of medium-sized passerine songbirds. Many ...

1 2 Bombax or Red Silk Cotton Tree

Bombax or Red Silk Cotton Tree

by Anna WilsonFt. Myers, Florida

Very large red blossoms bloom on bare ...

1 0 Hispid cotton rat

Hispid cotton rat

by Maria dBNorth Carolina, USA

This rodent fell prey to a young red-tailed ...

173 68 Cotton Harlequin Bug

Cotton Harlequin Bug

by MacChristiansenTweed Heads, NSW, Australia

patterned with metallic green, blue and red

1 4 Cottony Cushion Scale

Cottony Cushion Scale

by CindyBinghamKeiserEscondido, California, USA

Hairy or cottony white sac with ridges down the sides. The young scales are ...

2 1 Cotton tree or Semal

Cotton tree or Semal

by SisirBangaAssam, India

Bombax ceiba, like other trees of the genus ...

1 0 Red Silk Cotton Seed Pods

Red Silk Cotton Seed Pods

by SukanyaDattaDelhi, Delhi, India

There was one solitary Red Silk

0 3 Cotton tree

Cotton tree

by SisirBangaঅসম, India

This tropical tree has a straight tall ...

2 0 Indian Jungle Crow (fledgling)

Indian Jungle Crow (fledgling)

by SukanyaDattaDelhi, India

Glossy all-black plumage. There is a certain vulnerability about this bird that ...

1 0 Wavy-leaved cotton moss

Wavy-leaved cotton moss

by Brian38Washington, USA

. Sporophytes common; seta dark red to ...

1 1 Forest Tent Catepillar

Forest Tent Catepillar

by Tamarac ConnieMinnesota, USA

Native insect. Just over 2 inches long. They are black, dark brown or gray with ...

0 0 Rio Grande Cottonwood

Rio Grande Cottonwood

by Graham MonroeNew Mexico, USA

cotton that it produces in late spring. ...

12 5 Hibiscus Harlequin Bug

Hibiscus Harlequin Bug

by KMills4552, Queensland, Australia

about 20 mm. Adult females are mostly orange and males are both blue and

2 4 Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

by Gerardo AizpuruMexico

Photo take in my backyard feeding from the flower of a Ceiba

2 0 Brown Stink Bug

Brown Stink Bug

by Gerardo AizpuruMexico

long dark red legs. This is one of the ...

3 0 15 Spotted Ladybug

15 Spotted Ladybug

by LeahFerneReedSacramento, California, USA

is a large coccinellid beetle. Its color ranges from yellow-orange to black, ...

2 0 Ceps


by ΚώσταςΤσιλιγκάνοςStřední Čechy, Czech Republic

millimetre. In youth, the pores are white and appear as if stuffed with

11 4 Sociable weaver bird

Sociable weaver bird

by NopayahnahNamibia

, built in trees and on telephone and ...

1 0 Desert Fan Palm

Desert Fan Palm

by hannawackerTwentynine Palms, California, USA

Other common names include desert fan palm, California palm, fanpalm, petticoat ...

4 0 Touch-me-not


by dotun55Nigeria

. It grows mostly in shady areas, under

2 1 White-tailed Hawk

White-tailed Hawk

by Aisse GaertnerRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The White-tailed Hawk is a large, stocky hawk. It is close in size to the ...

0 2 Penny bun

Penny bun

by AntónioGinjaGinjaPortugal

per millimetre.[32] In youth, the pores are white and appear as if stuffed ...