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0 0 Red seaweed

Red seaweed

by mendes.madalenaPortugal

Tidal pools, Estoril

0 0 unknown red seaweed

unknown red seaweed

by dcslaughFlorida, USA

7:47 PM.

0 0 Seaweed


by mendes.madalenaStreymoyar sýsla, Faroe Islands


1 1 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by shebebusynowPort Orford, Oregon, USA

thin red leafy

0 0 Pepper dulse

Pepper dulse

by mendes.madalenaPortugal

Small red

1 1 Red algae seaweed

Red algae seaweed

by smutnee80Point Lookout, New York, USA


1 0 Poly (red seaweed)

Poly (red seaweed)

by Brian38Seattle, Washington, USA

The alga is colored red because it contains ...

1 0 Iridescent-blue red seaweed

Iridescent-blue red seaweed

by DespinaTsafetopoulouWellington, New Zealand

The iridescent-blue red

2 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by Max GallagherChristchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


2 0 Calcareous Red Seaweed

Calcareous Red Seaweed

by MachiMaine, USA

Growing in the company of many algae species, periwinkles, and

1 1 Red beard sponge

Red beard sponge

by CherriBoBerryBiellerEastville, Virginia, USA

Bright red-orange, coral or

0 0 Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove Snapper

by alexmdevoyOcean Ridge, Florida, USA

6 inches, red, and brown scales.

2 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by MachiAlaska, USA


0 0 Red fretsaw weed

Red fretsaw weed

by DespinaTsafetopoulouCanterbury, New Zealand

Red fretsaw weed (Vidalia colensoi) spotted ...

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by Christine Y.Maine, USA

Unknown Seaweed - It was bright

3 0 Red algae

Red algae

by Brian38Washington, USA

A red

4 3 Turkish Washcloth

Turkish Washcloth

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Bumpy red

1 5 Unknown Red Tunicates

Unknown Red Tunicates

by MachiSouth Portland, Maine, USA

This spotting is for the red tunicates. ...

1 0 Red ribbon

Red ribbon

by Brian38Washington, USA

A blade from the red

0 0 Northern Sea Robin

Northern Sea Robin

by alexmdevoyBarnegat Light, New Jersey, USA

Combination of red, grey, and brown, with ...

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by pamsaiVictoria, Australia

A red crunchy

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by pamsaiVictoria, Australia

These brightly coloured red filaments of ...

0 0 Whisk Fern

Whisk Fern

by MachiFlorida, USA

Seaweed-like plant

4 3 Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath

by BlogieDavao Del Norte, Philippines

Also known as Red Algae,

0 0 Red Seaweed

Red Seaweed

by Leuba3193, Victoria, Australia

This is small feathery red

0 0 Bladder Wrack

Bladder Wrack

by mendes.madalenaPortugal

brown algae

0 0 Feather Boa Kelp

Feather Boa Kelp

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Very long seaweeds hanging from the rocks.

1 5 Bladder wrack

Bladder wrack

by pamsaiIreland

Fucus vesiculosus, known by the common name bladder wrack or bladderwrack, is a ...

1 2 5 Legged Star Fish? Sea Star?

5 Legged Star Fish? Sea Star?

by justinebraddyKey West, Florida, USA

Looked like a mix between a starfish and an octopus. 5 "legs". Browns and

1 1 Unknown Pink Tunicates

Unknown Pink Tunicates

by MachiSouth Portland, Maine, USA

This is for the pink tunicates. They, like the orange and

2 1 Limu kohu

Limu kohu

by DNAHonolulu, Hawaii, USA

Many upright bushy red branches, appearing ...

0 0 Leaf Weed

Leaf Weed

by Christine Y.Maine, USA

red, but this one had been bleached by the ...

4 4 Hydrozoan


by MachiCalifornia, USA

Another colonial organism! Also a hydrozoan like my last spotting, but a ...

2 0 giant red sea urchin

giant red sea urchin

by shebebusynowNewport, Oregon, USA

largest of the sea urchins, bright red

0 0 Red-capped Plover

Red-capped Plover

by BrendanNichollsVictoria, Australia

The male has the red cap, the female is a ...

4 4 Sea hare

Sea hare

by LaurieWintersFlorida, USA

The common name "sea hare" derives from their rounded shape and from the two ...

0 0 Red opal top shell

Red opal top shell

by DespinaTsafetopoulouLower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

seaweed below low tide. This alive ...

0 0 Iridescent Cartilage Weed

Iridescent Cartilage Weed

by mendes.madalenaPortugal

Red alga "Small species, up to 8 cm high. ...

0 0 Harpoon weed

Harpoon weed

by mendes.madalenaPortugal

both diploid gametophyte (red tuft) and ...

0 0 Bladderwrack


by KarenLSouthend Unitary Authority, England, United Kingdom

Fucus vesiculosus, known by the common name bladder wrack or bladderwrack, is a ...

1 5 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by Gerardo AizpuruMexico

Photo take at -20 ft near the coast on a

0 0 Sea Hare

Sea Hare

by KitchilPus

Sea hares are mostly rather large, bulky creatures. The biggest species, ...

0 0 Red algae

Red algae

by Leuba RidgwayVictoria, Australia

A dense clump of pale orange seaweed with ...

0 0 Grape tongue

Grape tongue

by Brian38Seattle, Washington, USA

A red

0 0 Mute swan

Mute swan

by DangermouseAllerdale, England, United Kingdom

Huge water bird, white plumage. Long neck, small head with orange-

0 0 green crab

green crab

Maine, USA

It is black and red. It has one claw and ...

1 2 Large carrageen weed

Large carrageen weed

by DespinaTsafetopoulouWellington, Wellington, New Zealand

agent. The reproductive organs can form large pimple like structures on the ...

0 0 Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

by RinaldiAdIndonesia

-Pacific region. It has been observed in and around the