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0 2 magenta paintbrush

magenta paintbrush

by KarenSaxtonWashington, USA

roots of grasses and other plants. With a ...

0 0 Spotted Wintergreen

Spotted Wintergreen

by MachiDelaware Township, Pennsylvania, USA

Dark green to teal leaves with reddish stems. Many of the ones I found had ...

0 0 Anemone Vitifolia

Anemone Vitifolia

by MahabaleshwaraBUttarakhand, India

A beautiful white flower

0 0 French Mulberry/American Beautyberry

French Mulberry/American Beautyberry

by KimChampagneLouisiana, USA

French Mulberry (callicarpa americana) is also known as American Beauty Berry. ...

8 9 Rangoon Creeper (Madhumati)

Rangoon Creeper (Madhumati)

by HemmaMumbai, Maharashtra, India

. The roots are used to treat

0 0 South-Indian Uvaria

South-Indian Uvaria

by Joseph CHIEF REDEARTHKerala, India

leaves. Root and leaves-used in ...

1 0 Dandelion


by LeonardoMBSão José do Rio Pardo, São Paulo, Brazil

production of bile therefore is suitable to problems of liver and gallbladder. ...

0 0 Onosma Echioides

Onosma Echioides

by KostasZontanos

Onosma is a genus of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae. They are ...

2 1 Southern Dewberry

Southern Dewberry

by KenCheeksSouth Carolina, USA

Rubus trivialis is a deciduous Shrub growing to 1 m (3ft 3in).

1 0 Striped Wintergreen

Striped Wintergreen

by KenCheeksSouth Carolina, USA

Striped wintergreen is a small (10–25 cm tall), perennial evergreen herb. t has ...

2 3 Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper

by pamsaiTamil Nadu, India

. The roots are used to treat

0 1 Jack-in-the-pulpit


by Maria dBChapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

breathing. If the plant is properly dried or cooked it can be eaten as a

4 0 False Solomon's Seal

False Solomon's Seal

by CassandraBreerWashington, USA

Smilacina racemosa, also known as False Solomon's Seal, is in the lily family. ...

0 0 Purple Willow / Purple Osier

Purple Willow / Purple Osier

by Cornel ApostolPloiesti, Romania

S. alba. It is taken internally in the treatment of

5 0 White Bryony, nueza

White Bryony, nueza

by arlandaMadrid, Madrid, Spain

purgative. It is primarily prescribed for painful

1 0 Primrose/Trobentica


by UrsulaDomžale, Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia

Pale yellow flowers with notched petals with wrinkled, green, oblong leaves. ...

1 1 smoothstem blazingstar

smoothstem blazingstar

by dw33zyIdaho, USA

Smoothstem blazingstar is a perennial herb in the Loasaceae (Loasa) family. It ...

0 0 Spotted Wintergreen

Spotted Wintergreen

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

This is a conspicuous plant in both winter and summer because of its silver and ...

0 0 Allegheny blackberry

Allegheny blackberry

by StacyH

foods.They also used the roots to treat ...

6 2 American Beautyberry

American Beautyberry

by KenCheeksGeorgia, USA

American beauty-berry most often grows 3-5 ft. tall and usually just as wide, ...

0 0 Joe-Pye weed

Joe-Pye weed

by p.young713Tampa, Florida, USA

available. Teas of the roots or tops were ...

0 0 Spotted Wintergreen

Spotted Wintergreen

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

treat rheumatism and stomach problems, and ...

0 0 Spotted Wintergreen

Spotted Wintergreen

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

treat rheumatism and stomach problems, and ...

1 0 American Beautyberry

American Beautyberry

by joanbstanleyNavasota, Texas, USA

American beautyberry, also widely known as French mulberry, even though it is ...

0 0 Common Dandelion

Common Dandelion

by SanjaySaklani

Taraxacum officinale is a PERENNIAL growing to 0.5 m (1ft 8in) by 0.3 m (1ft). ...

1 6 करंज  Pongam Oiltree

करंज Pongam Oiltree

by Sachin ZaveriAhmedabad, Gujarat, India

A legume tree that grows to about 15–25 meters (15–80 ft) in height with a ...

0 1 Four-o-clock


by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

These four o'clocks are perennial plants that die back to their

0 1 Rangoon creeper quiscualis indica linn

Rangoon creeper quiscualis indica linn

by SisirBangaAssam, India

The Rangoon Creeper is a ligneous vine that can reach from 2.5 meters to up to ...

1 7 Lizard Tail

Lizard Tail

by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

White flower with large yellow center about 8 inches tall.

1 0 Jack-in-the-pulpit


by KenCheeksSouth Carolina, USA

It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing from a corm. It is a highly variable ...

3 0 Combretum indicum

Combretum indicum

by injicaTamil Nadu, India

It is a ligneous vine that can reach from 2.5 -8 m. The leaves are elliptical ...

1 0 Bay Bean

Bay Bean

by joanbstanleyBritish Virgin Islands

Beach Bean is a dense ground cover that is commonly found in the coastal sands. ...

1 0 Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush

by CindyBinghamKeiserEscondido, California, USA

"This is an annual herb growing a mostly unbranching slender stem to heights ...

1 0 Kulekharha, Talmakhna (Beng.), Star thorn(Eng.).

Kulekharha, Talmakhna (Beng.), Star thorn(Eng.).

by AshutoshSarkarIndia

dark brown, hairy and spherical. In Ayurveda the leaves, seeds and the

1 0 Western Coltsfoot

Western Coltsfoot

by EdwardNathanReulbachJr.Seattle, Washington, USA

General - a perennial from slender, creeping rhizomes; flowering stems stout ...

0 1 Pearly Everlasting

Pearly Everlasting

by MichelleCraigPowellOregon, USA

Interesting clusters of white flowers with yellow centers.

0 0 Common daisy/Navadna marjetica

Common daisy/Navadna marjetica

by UrsulaDomžale, Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia

Rather short in growth with multiple small white leaves around a yellow centre.

6 8 Old man's beard

Old man's beard

by Argy BeeVictoria, Australia

This plant seems to creep gently over most others in the understory of open dry ...

0 0 Flamingo bill,

Flamingo bill,

by MuckpukDeniyaya, Sri Lanka

Its a small soft wooded tree up-to 3-8m, leaves 15–30 cm long; leaflets 10-20 ...

0 1 Big Momma Kalanchoe

Big Momma Kalanchoe

by LeahFerneReedCalifornia, USA

Also known at Kalanchoe HBG 73004, from Huntington Botanic Gardens' ...

1 0 Texas Paintbrush

Texas Paintbrush

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

An upright, hairy annual, perennial or biennial herb native to Texas with ...

2 0 Wild Cucumber (Manroot)

Wild Cucumber (Manroot)

by LeahFerneReedSacramento, California, USA

underground root weighing as much as ...

0 0 Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

. Each plant typically grows 30–45 cm (12–18 in) in height. The leaves are long ...

0 0 Milkweed Pods

Milkweed Pods

by SarahHiteWhittOhio, USA

roots of milkweeds were used as drugs, ...

0 0 Giant Ragweed

Giant Ragweed

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

Giant ragweed is an annual that frequently exceeds 10 feet tall in moist ...

0 0 Common Buttonbush

Common Buttonbush

by KenCheeksAugusta, Georgia, USA

General : Madder Family (Rubiaceae). Common buttonbush is a warm season shrub ...

2 0 Nettle


by AshleyLaffertyCamano, Washington, USA

Nettle species grow as annuals or perennial herbaceous plants, rarely shrubs. ...

2 3 Bigleaf Periwinkle / Zimzelen

Bigleaf Periwinkle / Zimzelen

by injicaZagreb, Croatia

trailing vine (here the reason for Croatian name Zimzelen), spreading along ...