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0 1 Echinopsis Edwardian Lady

Echinopsis Edwardian Lady

by joshuagerrardFlorida, USA

Echinopsis hybrid

0 0 Hyrax (rock hyrax)

Hyrax (rock hyrax)

by MohammadElAttarمدينة الشيخ زايد, Egypt

Found in semi

0 0 Spotting


by princemykeNyeri, Central, Kenya

Grows well in semi-arid habitat.

6 2 Lili coi

Lili coi

by jesseleavittgalloHawaii, USA

Semi-arid, subtropical, tropical

0 0 Swallowtail


by Malcolm Wilton-JonesComunitat Valenciana, Spain

Semi-arid mountainside

1 1 Mexican Poppy

Mexican Poppy

by Dhruv SahHaryana, India

Invasive plant.

10 3 Pygmy Falcon

Pygmy Falcon

by marius.steylMier Local Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa

Smallest Falcon in the region. 18 - 20 cm

3 0 Side-blotched lizard

Side-blotched lizard

by AlexPriceSurprise, Arizona, USA

Desert arid to

0 0 Flor do deserto

Flor do deserto

by luiz netoRecife, PE, Brazil

Tree with flowers

0 0 Mullein


by Amy SkyWashington, USA

Velvety mullein!

0 1 Blunt leaved Senna

Blunt leaved Senna

by hookgv2832, New South Wales, Australia

Evergreen shrub, growing in black clay soil, and

6 3 Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

by BillCarpenterAlcova, Wyoming, USA

Mountain Bluebird catching grass hoppers.

0 0 Striped Coralroot

Striped Coralroot

by bert.shurchBoise, Idaho, USA

Semi-arid steppe. Conifer forrest. Partial ...

1 1 Spotting


by bert.shurchBoise, Idaho, USA

Foothills of the Boise Ridge. Semi-arid ...

0 0 Spotting


by felipeviajeroColorado, USA

Semi-arid at about 7,000 feet

1 0 Stink bug

Stink bug

by PhilippWickeyColorado, USA

Pentatomidae sp.

0 0 Scaled Quail Nest

Scaled Quail Nest

by ivan.molina21Texas, USA

Semi-Arid desert environment

0 0 Ammophila Wasp

Ammophila Wasp

by Malcolm Wilton-JonesComunidad Valenciana / Comunitat Valenciana, Spain

Semi-arid mountainside.

0 0 Stump-tail Lizard

Stump-tail Lizard

by VinnyVictoria, Australia

Approx. 35cm long, found in semi-arid ...

0 0 Spotting


by felipeviajeroArizona, USA


0 1 Southern Grey Shrike

Southern Grey Shrike

by KaranS.RaghwaUnited Arab Emirates

Grey upperparts and prominent black marking; White underparts black mask ...

0 0 Pale Chanting goshawk

Pale Chanting goshawk

by buzzard.marshallMier Local Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa

Large gray raptor with a red bill and legs.

5 0 Scaled stiped puffball

Scaled stiped puffball

by EduHerNavSonora, Mexico

Up to 15 cm, hard peridium with big and had scales. Woodish stipe.

3 0 Spotted Stone Curlew

Spotted Stone Curlew

by Sven-OlovSjoqvistMogale City Local Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa

Size 43 cm. Classified as a wader, but have a preference for

0 0 Meerkat


by Steven SheppardPasadena, California, USA

A small mammal, grayish with reddish brown stripes

0 0 Spotting


by marc.trahandSan Diego, California, USA

Small bush thick leaves white flowers

0 0 Madagascar Rosy Periwinkle

Madagascar Rosy Periwinkle

by Ricky S.ChuaPasay City, Cavite, Philippines

It comes in white and pink colors too....

0 1 Yucca


by FianaShapiroColorado, USA

On the rim of the Black Canyon, ~8,000 ft.,

0 0 Sun Spider

Sun Spider

by FrançoisOlivier!Kai! Garib Local Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa

Spotted near Augrabies National Park

0 0 Spotting


by hookgv2832, New South Wales, Australia

Evergreen tree, 1-4m high straggly growth with thin narrow leaves

3 1 Spotting


by Smith ZooWitzenberg Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

± 27 mm

1 2 Tree Cricket

Tree Cricket

by dandoucetteHuila, Colombia

about 3/4"

0 0 Marbled velvet gecko

Marbled velvet gecko

by martineWestern Australia, Australia

Western Australian variety

0 2 Lobilia


by KambryPehrsonUtah, USA

Very small blue flowers

1 1 Bearded dragon

Bearded dragon

by Jillian CorreaIllinois, USA

my pet bearded dragon.

0 1 Carrot


by KambryPehrsonFarmington, Utah, USA

Purple white and orange carrots

1 3 Green Leech

Green Leech

by KambryPehrsonUtah, USA

Very large, green type of onion

2 1 Pink oxheart tomatoe

Pink oxheart tomatoe

by KambryPehrsonUtah, USA

Heart shaped and pinkish tomatoe

1 3 Mallow


by BradenHendersonFarmington, Utah, USA

Edible salad weed

0 0 Bull-oak


by VinnyVictoria, Australia

Tree to approx. 12m, form an open woodland.

15 3 Rosy-faced Lovebird

Rosy-faced Lovebird

by AdamRileyErongo Region, Namibia

The beautiful, tiny parrot occurs in

0 0 Spotting


by NicholasAlanHernandezNew Mexico, USA

Puff ball mushroom

0 0 catepillar


by MonikaSahHaryana, India

Catepillar with Black and white bands and orange head and tail

0 0 Spotting


by MariPowersManyara, Tanzania

Low lying, often wet area in semi-arid ...

0 0 Sweet Prickly Pear

Sweet Prickly Pear

by Hema ShahCalifornia, USA

Common in semi-arid rocky country and ...

2 3 Purslane


by BradenHendersonFarmington, Utah, USA

Lovely edible weed ha ah

3 1 Sage Thrasher

Sage Thrasher

by JudyCrawfordArizona, USA

Medium-sized, long-tailed songbird. Back brownish gray. Underparts ...

0 0 Sun flower

Sun flower

by GM WHCArlington, Texas, USA

7.5-15 cm. ( only flower) Yellow-brown Flowering time:July Plant Asters ...