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5 6 Stink bug

Stink bug

by sunnyjosefKochi, Kerala, India

Bug with a smiley

3 1 Spotting


by theveganpandaPuducherry, India

This guy has a smile on his back :)

3 5 Asian Ladybug (smiley face pattern)

Asian Ladybug (smiley face pattern)

by keithp2012West Babylon, New York, USA

Asian ladybug (harmonia axyridis). Has a "

0 0 Pansy


by Emma Walnut Creek, California, USA

The best way to distinguish a Poppy from a Pansy is the

3 5 Stink Bug

Stink Bug

by PhotophoreSebastian, Florida, USA

An stink bug I found with what looks like a

6 3 Smiley Face Spider

Smiley Face Spider

by VivBraznellThailand

What else it could it be! : )

1 2 Flame Skimmer

Flame Skimmer

by JemmaWalnut Creek, California, USA

like the smiley

2 1 Adanson's House jumping spider

Adanson's House jumping spider

by Reza HashemizadehPune, Maharashtra, India

Spider with a Smiley

0 0 Spotting


by AlmaGamilSorsogon, Philippines

Very light insect with unusual light markings at the back--an elongated

2 4 Tree Lichen

Tree Lichen

by JosephSpurrFort Myers, Florida, USA


0 0 Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Zebra Longwing Butterfly

by James A McNairTitusville, Florida, USA

This beauty was getting nectar with its long proboscis and has a lovely

0 0 Orchard Orb Weaver

Orchard Orb Weaver

by Calypso78Florida, USA

stunning little spider in my backyard. If it wasn't for the bright orange ...

1 0 Orchard orb-weaver

Orchard orb-weaver

by eugene.cottleLargo, Florida, USA

Orchard orb-weaver spider. Very bright, almost fluorescent orange markings. ...

2 5 Tree frog

Tree frog

by Hema ShahProvincia San José, Costa Rica

A tiny tree frog seen at Manuel Antonio National Park.It had such a cute

1 2 Spotting


by ChristaKlute-SimeWisconsin, USA

This guy had a large body and upon looking closely at his

14 0 Happy Face Spider

Happy Face Spider

by allen.hoof

taken together evoke a "smiley

0 0 Spinybacked Orbweaver

Spinybacked Orbweaver

by Matthew HammondArkansas, USA

A black and white variety of spinybacked orbweaver. This species varies in ...

0 0 Spotting


by smittyheadBunbury, Western Australia, Australia

About 5 cm long from tip of leg to tip of leg, pattern on back looks like a red ...

2 1 yellow spiny orb weaver

yellow spiny orb weaver

by EduardoFrickMogi das Cruzes, Brazil

-like spiny orbweaver spider, jewel spider, spiny-bellied orbweaver, jewel box ...

2 1 Dragonfly


by dotun55Port Harcourt, Nigeria

This dragonfly seemed very excited before the camera. It changed posture very ...

0 0 Solidago Root Moth

Solidago Root Moth

by JakubkoNew York, USA

. The second photo looks like a smiley ...

1 0 The Hebrew

The Hebrew

by JakubkoOhio, USA

Hebrew characters. I think I see a smiley ...

0 0 Star Spider

Star Spider

by Jake and AlexPensacola, Florida, USA

Spider, the Spiny-Backed Orbweaver, the

8 4 Spiny Orbweaver

Spiny Orbweaver

by ceherzogUSA

rather than red. There are other common names: Jewel Box Spider or

1 0 Spider


by Graham MonroeNew Mexico, USA

This is some kind of orb weaver spider. It is yellow and hairy and has patterns ...

1 0 Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp

by LivanEscuderoFlorida, USA

From certain angles this wasp looked as if it had a

1 0 Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp

by CindyBinghamKeiserEscondido, California, USA

on side, on collar at base of head and

1 0 Spinybacked Orbweaver, female

Spinybacked Orbweaver, female

by ForestDragonHilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA


0 1 Cross-line Wave Moth

Cross-line Wave Moth

by martinl0852, Northern Territory, Australia

Two dots and central line look like a "

1 4 Spotting


by DianaCraneTexas, USA


0 0 Spiny Orbweaver Spider

Spiny Orbweaver Spider

by Curator of GoodLanquín, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Spider with a black body and black legs; crab-like shell on top is orange with ...

0 0 Adanson's House Jumper

Adanson's House Jumper

by ChunXingWongSabah, Malaysia

usually seen wandering around building walls. The females lack of the white ...

1 0 Round Ant-eater

Round Ant-eater

by Andrea LimCairns, Queensland, Australia

it was always on the move. Could only get pics of it moving away :-) NB. ...

2 0 Leopard Shark

Leopard Shark

by MuckpukKo Phi Phi Don#krabi, Thailand


0 0 Bold Jumping Spider

Bold Jumping Spider

by EricHillstrom

first leg pair. Has a white "smiley

0 0 Spotting


by mauna KunzahHilo, Hawaii, USA

I found what appeared to be a smiley

2 1 Zebra Spider

Zebra Spider

by ChunXingWongTawau, Sabah, Malaysia

the color white merging into yellow, and black stripes. There is also a

2 0 Spinybacked Orbweaver

Spinybacked Orbweaver

by MachiFlorida, USA

It made its web across a large gap between trees. There were a few of these in ...

1 0 True Bug

True Bug

by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

outside edge of the abdomen. The wings have a

1 0 Jeweled Spider

Jeweled Spider

by MikellHerrickFlorida, USA


6 2 Iridescent Lynx Spider

Iridescent Lynx Spider

by ChunXingWongSandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

beautifully under sunlight. Oh, there is also a

0 0 spiny-backed orbweaver, spiny orbweaver spider, crab-like orbweaver spider, crab-like spiny orbweaver spider, jewel spider, spiny-bellied orbweaver, jewel box spider or smiley face spider, the star spider

orbweaver spider, jewel spider, spiny-bellied orbweaver, jewel box spider or smiley face spider, the star

by joanbstanleyNavasota, Texas, USA

The spiny orb weaving spiders look like plant seeds or thorns hanging in their ...

1 0 Yellow spiny orb weaver spider

Yellow spiny orb weaver spider

by KitchilPusDumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

, smiley

1 0 White spiny orb weaver spider.

White spiny orb weaver spider.

by KitchilPusDumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

, smiley