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0 0 Oval Butterflyfish (kapuhili)

Oval Butterflyfish (kapuhili)

by birdlady6000

horizontally, a black spot above the tail, ...

0 0 Waterbuck


by TrapsuutjieMpumalanga, South Africa

under tail. Food: Many grass species, ...

2 0 Tortoise beetle larva

Tortoise beetle larva

by Sergio MonteiroCuritiba, PR, Brazil

expert, Prof. Zundir Buzzi, this behaviour ...

1 0 Oval Butterflyfish - kapuhili

Oval Butterflyfish - kapuhili

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

-mauve horizontal lines on the body, black accents on

9 8 Short - beaked Echidna

Short - beaked Echidna

by MacChristiansenQueensland, Australia

Long spines, with fur in between, that cover the echidna’s back and

5 4 Black Kite

Black Kite

by SatyenMMadhya Pradesh, India

behind the eye appears darker. Their angled wing and distinctive forked

7 16 Spotted Owlet

Spotted Owlet

by Sachin ZaveriAhmedabad, Gujarat, India

The breeding season is November to April. In addition to my previous series ...

1 0 Blue Goatfish (moana ukali ulua)

Blue Goatfish (moana ukali ulua)

by birdlady6000

Bluish body with a yellow saddle above the

0 0 Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird

by gatorfellowsDenton, Texas, USA

underparts are light becoming light orange-yellow on the lower breast and ...

9 3 Agama Agama Lizard

Agama Agama Lizard

by GavinGoldenMasvingo, Zimbabwe

an animal, as its territorial display

7 6 Tufted Duck

Tufted Duck

by DanielePralongMartigny, Valais - Wallis, Switzerland

-flapping in ducks is often part of courtship

9 2 Pretty Faced Wallaby

Pretty Faced Wallaby

by MacChristiansen4702, Queensland, Australia

stripe. •Long, slender, light grey tail ...

0 0 Australian Magpie (immature)

Australian Magpie (immature)

by armadeus.4QLD, Australia

This is a young Magpie! "Juveniles have lighter greys and browns amidst the ...

57 73 Oriental Pratincole

Oriental Pratincole

by SatyenMIndia

Amazing behaviour shown by this bird which ...

1 0 Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

by Shari_Wildlife4558, Queensland, Australia

can grow up to 3m long and can weigh

0 0 pacific swallow

pacific swallow

by SusanEllisonIpoh, Malaysia

a small swallow at 13 cm. It has a blue back with browner wings and

1 0 Pacific Swallow

Pacific Swallow

by Ronald LoKota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

softer material, and the clutch is two to three eggs,

9 2 Pacific swallow

Pacific swallow

by Arthropod -Pueblo de Panay BiodiversityRoxas City, Capiz, Philippines

softer material, and the clutch is two to three eggs,

0 0 White Wagtail

White Wagtail

by DebayanDebIndia

longer, measuring up to 21 cm (8¼ in), ...

5 7 Eurasian Magpies, urracas

Eurasian Magpies, urracas

by arlandaMadrid, Madrid, Spain

tail - and a wingspan of 52–62 ...

0 1 Arabian Babbler

Arabian Babbler

by gperochoמחוז הדרום, Israel

, a long tail, rounded wings and strong ...

1 0 Rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet

by JordiPratsSydney, NSW, Australia

Size around 25 to 30 cm including tail, ...

0 0 Mallard


by PatrickOBrienProvidence, Rhode Island, USA

first into the water, so that the tail ...

4 4 Rock Hyrax

Rock Hyrax

by gperochoמחוז הדרום, Israel

) terrestrial mammal, superficially resembling a guinea pig with short ears and ...

2 0 Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

by ElaineWebbMassachusetts, USA

toothed) whale with baleen plates for filtering food. Large two section

4 6 Yellow-spotted agama

Yellow-spotted agama

by ElsaDoha, Qatar

noticed the tail changing colour towards ...

2 0 Utila spiny-tailed iguana / swamper

Utila spiny-tailed iguana / swamper

by martijn van de schootHonduras

considered a delicacy. Really destructive way of hunting. Also the mangroves ...

0 0 Little Green Bee-eater

Little Green Bee-eater

by SukanyaDattaKolkata, West Bengal, India

Green, blue, black eyeliner, rufous chestnut highlighter on head...this is a ...

32 12 Marreba Rock Wallaby

Marreba Rock Wallaby

by MacChristiansenQLD, Australia

crest of the head. The paws and feet are dark and the

1 2 Pointed or hooked lip of the black rhinoceros

Pointed or hooked lip of the black rhinoceros

by ShriPatwardhanLimpopo, South Africa

.2–12 ft) in length, plus a tail of about ...

1 6 Leucistic House Wren Fledgling

Leucistic House Wren Fledgling

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

tail that they often have cocked above the ...

19 15 Common Ringtail Possum

Common Ringtail Possum

by Neil RossBrisbane, QLD, Australia

special type of faeces that is produced during the daytime when it is resting ...

5 2 Australasian Figbird

Australasian Figbird

by MacChristiansenQueensland, Australia

white under-tail area. Females have grey ...

6 2 Australasian Figbird

Australasian Figbird

by MacChristiansenQLD, Australia

white under-tail area. Females have grey ...

3 0 White-crowned manakin

White-crowned manakin

by Aisse GaertnerMacaé, RJ, Brazil

The white-crowned manakin (Dixiphia pipra) is a tiny passerine bird in the ...

12 13 Spangled Drongo

Spangled Drongo

by Neil RossBrisbane, QLD, Australia

long forked tail and blood red eyes. It ...

5 3 Black Kite

Black Kite

by SatyenMehtaGujarat, India

wing and distinctive forked tail make them ...

0 0 Indian Roller

Indian Roller

by YogeshDelhiteMadhya Pradesh, India

crown and vent are blue. The primaries are deep purplish blue with a band of ...

0 0 Eurasian Magpie

Eurasian Magpie

by valentinezzaSant'Olcese, LIG, Italy

. The Eurasian Magpie is 44–46 centimetres (17–18 in) in length - in the adult ...

0 0 Indian Gharial Crocodile

Indian Gharial Crocodile

by NildaM.MenaUttarakhand, India

predominantly fish diet. Males reach up to ...

5 1 Crimson Rose Butterfly

Crimson Rose Butterfly

by Jose11Kochi, Kerala, India

The male's upperside is black. Forewing with a broad white interrupted band ...

0 0 Queen of Spain Fritillary, Sofía

Queen of Spain Fritillary, Sofía

by arlandaMadrid, Madrid, Spain

distinguished by their behaviour - females ...

5 0 Queen of Spain Fritillary, Sofía

Queen of Spain Fritillary, Sofía

by arlandaManzanares el Real, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

distinguished by their behaviour - females ...

4 2 Mallard (ducklings, female)

Mallard (ducklings, female)

by JackEngDelray Beach, Florida, USA

the body makes up around two-thirds), has ...

7 10 Osprey


by JackEngFlorida, USA

air resistance. << Fish make up 99% of ...

0 1 Osprey


by JackEngFlorida, USA

the feet are white with black talons. A short

2 2 Osprey (female)

Osprey (female)

by JackEngHomestead, Florida, USA

because the female was bobbing her head up ...

0 0 Osprey (male)

Osprey (male)

by JackEngHomestead, Florida, USA

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus carolinensis) - a male in flight over Anhinga Trail, ...