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2 3 Beaked tongue

Beaked tongue

by BalincaguinConservancyPhilippines

Spotted at the entrance of Alab Cave, Baggao, Cagayan.

2 2 Leopard Nudibranch

Leopard Nudibranch

by Brian38Washington, USA

A medium size yellowish to white nudibranch with brown spots.

0 0 Painted anemone

Painted anemone

by Brian38Washington, USA

These Painted anemones were eye catching.

4 2 Northern hairy chiton

Northern hairy chiton

by Brian38Washington, USA

About 5 cm long. This one is hard to distinguish from the Mossy chiton.

8 5 Hairy sand peanut

Hairy sand peanut

by Brian38Washington, USA

A subsurface deposit feeder. Grub like. 2 cm.

5 0 Green shore crab

Green shore crab

by Brian38Washington, USA

Carapace can be 9 cm.

2 0 Flattop crab

Flattop crab

by Brian38Washington, USA

A reddish brown porcelain crab with flattened features. 2 cm.

0 0 Southern Rock Agama - Male

Southern Rock Agama - Male

by Smith'sZooCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

their body colour and from the way they use the

3 0 Bullwhip kelp

Bullwhip kelp

by mauna KunzahWashington, USA

A pneumatocyst of N. luetkeana washed ashore with some rockweed (Fucus ...

1 1 Blue Toungue Lizard

Blue Toungue Lizard

by MacChristiansenCairns, Queensland, Australia

legs and toes. The tail is shorter than the body and generally tapers evenly ...

0 0 Limpet


by joanbstanleyDana Point, California, USA

Limpets are gastropods that forage on algae with their scraping

0 0 Scorpionweed


by BlueAppaloosaGolden, Colorado, USA

Plant is around a foot tall, with pointed ...

5 2 Broadleaf stonecrop

Broadleaf stonecrop

by mauna KunzahWashington, USA

Succulent whose rosettes have a frosted appearance. They were a few ...

6 5 Gooseneck barnacles

Gooseneck barnacles

by mauna KunzahWashington, USA

Groups of crustaceans seen at low tide in an area with vigorous waves ...

3 0 Mossy chiton

Mossy chiton

by mauna Kunzah

This was a fairly noticeable sea invertebrate, maybe 3-4 inches in size. Its ...

1 0 Green tuft algae

Green tuft algae

by mauna KunzahWashington, USA

This is a lime-colored, furry alga. Photos were not taken during high tide; ...

5 10 Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard

Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard

by KerryHawkinsNew South Wales, Australia

the body and generally tapers to a

7 0 Lesser Yellownape

Lesser Yellownape

by NuwanChathurangaSri Lanka

, and zygodactyl or “yoked" feet, with two toes

0 0 Mother-in-law's-tongue      Snake plant

Mother-in-law's-tongue Snake plant

by joanbstanleyChristiansted, Virgin Islands of the United States, USA

Thick, erect, stiff, stalkless, pointed, ...

1 0 Fetid Adders Tongue

Fetid Adders Tongue

by CarolHaggertyCalifornia, USA

A lily style three pointed flower with ...

0 0 Mother in Laws Tongue

Mother in Laws Tongue

by SFShepL.A., California, USA

A series of short bamboo-like stems, large leathery

1 0 Western Ribbon Snake

Western Ribbon Snake

by Jack SettleIllinois, USA

A western ribbon snake found at Snake Road. In the first picture, you can see ...

0 0 Giant Ameiva

Giant Ameiva

by FredericoMartinsCaaporã, PB, Brazil

Ameiva ameiva has a streamlined body,

1 3 Yellow Encrusting Sponge

Yellow Encrusting Sponge

by Brian38Washington, USA

Myxilla is a genus of demosponge belonging to the family Myxillidae. These ...

9 7 Pacific blood star

Pacific blood star

by Brian38Washington, USA

Small bright orange-red starfish found along west coast of North America. By ...

1 2 Polyclad Flatworm

Polyclad Flatworm

by Brian38Washington, USA

This Polyclad flatworm was about 4 cm long. Molted brown and gray it blended ...

1 1 Green sea urchin

Green sea urchin

by Brian38Washington, USA

This urchin was about 5 cm wide. Green sea urchin spines provide protection ...

3 1 Northern rockweed

Northern rockweed

by Brian38Washington, USA

This brown algae is capable of becoming quite dominate as seen in pic 2, where ...

4 1 Rockweed isopod

Rockweed isopod

by Brian38Washington, USA

I'm not a 100 percent on this ID but apparently Idotea wosnesenskii can feature ...

0 0 Pacific Plate limpet

Pacific Plate limpet

by Brian38Washington, USA

Lottia scutum is a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Lottiidae. Broad flat ...

0 0 Graceful Coral Seaweed

Graceful Coral Seaweed

by Brian38Washington, USA

The light pinkish brown thallus is articulated and forms dense mats.

1 1 Hairy hermit crab

Hairy hermit crab

by Brian38Washington, USA

A small hermit crab with brownish and lighter bands on the legs.

1 0 Red-trumpet calcareous tubeworm

Red-trumpet calcareous tubeworm

by Brian38Washington, USA

Serpula columbiana is a small marine worm that lives in a irregularly coiled, ...

8 1 Thickclaw porcelain crab

Thickclaw porcelain crab

by Brian38Washington, USA

This porcelain crab is a little more rare. It is known to shed a claw in the ...

2 1 Surf scoter

Surf scoter

by Brian38Washington, USA

Black marine duck. Male has a large colorful bill. They feed on mussels and ...

2 0 Common merganser (female)

Common merganser (female)

by Brian38Washington, USA

The female Common merganser is easily identified by her orange brown tufted ...

9 2 Pacific blood star

Pacific blood star

by Brian38Washington, USA

Slender bright orange-red starfish that usually have five rays, but ...

2 4 Slimy snailfish

Slimy snailfish

by Brian38Washington, USA

A small yellow snailfish with a white starburst pattern around eyes. Coloration ...

3 0 Water Jellyfish

Water Jellyfish

by Brian38Washington, USA

A small mostly translucent jellyfish. About 5 cm in dia. Several were ...

3 0 Splendid iridescent seaweed

Splendid iridescent seaweed

by Brian38Washington, USA

Mazzaella splendens is a deep purplish seaweed that shimmers in the light like ...

7 3 Spotting


by Brian38Washington, USA

I crawled into the back of a sea cave to find this eerie scene. Hanging like ...

2 0 Lined chiton

Lined chiton

by Brian38Washington, USA

About 4 cm in length. The girdle is hairless and has light patches. These ...

1 0 Sea cauliflower

Sea cauliflower

by Brian38Washington, USA

Leathesia difformis is a yellowish brain looking brown kelp. This is a young ...

1 0 Whitecap limpet

Whitecap limpet

by Brian38Washington, USA

The conical shape make this limpet easy to identify. They are usually covered ...

4 4 Rough keyhole limpet

Rough keyhole limpet

by Brian38Washington, USA

These pics show some of the anatomy of the Rough keyhole limpet. The head and ...

1 0 Painted anemon

Painted anemon

by Brian38Washington, USA

This one was painted a pale yellow with red streaks. 7 cm wide.

5 1 Giant green anemone

Giant green anemone

by Brian38Washington, USA

About 15 cm across. This one had tentacles with a bluish hue.