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0 0 Spotting


by CoreyClarke

I found a few of these little creatures hanging out in

4 4 Stripebelly Pufferfish

Stripebelly Pufferfish

by birdlady6000

Sometimes called the Stars and Stripes" puffer, it has white spots on a light ...

0 0 Pinktail Triggerfish (humumumu hi'u kole)

Pinktail Triggerfish (humumumu hi'u kole)

by birdlady6000

Dark brown with a white and pink tail. Dorsal and anal fins are clear or ...

0 0 Orangeband Surgeonfish (na'ena'e)

Orangeband Surgeonfish (na'ena'e)

by birdlady6000

Dark body with the front half slightly lighter and sometimes very light at the ...

3 1 Spotted Puffer

Spotted Puffer

by birdlady6000

Dark black or brown body with all-over spots, about 13 inches long. Eats mainly ...

0 1 Whitespotted Surgeonfish (api)

Whitespotted Surgeonfish (api)

by birdlady6000

Has 2 white bars, 1 behind the eye and 1 behind the pectoral fin. Many white ...

0 2 Threadfin Butterflyfish (kikakapu)

Threadfin Butterflyfish (kikakapu)

by birdlady6000

One of the soft dorsal spines on this handsome Indo-Pacific fish is elongated ...

0 2 Whitebar Surgeonfish (maikoiko)

Whitebar Surgeonfish (maikoiko)

by birdlady6000

Easy to ID by a prominent white bar bisecting a black/grey head and a thin ...

0 0 Fourspot Butterflyfish ( lauhau)

Fourspot Butterflyfish ( lauhau)

by birdlady6000

2 white spots on each side of the brown upper back;yellow belly, tail, nose and ...

0 0 Sailfin Tang (maneoneo)

Sailfin Tang (maneoneo)

by birdlady6000

Named for their sail-like dorsal and anal fins, these lovely fish are banded ...

3 1 Black Triggerfish (humuhumu 'ele'ele)

Black Triggerfish (humuhumu 'ele'ele)

by birdlady6000

Abundant on many reefs, black with light blue lines along the bases of the soft ...

0 0 Ornate Butterflyfish (kikakapu)

Ornate Butterflyfish (kikakapu)

by birdlady6000

Cream coloured fish with yellow/orange bands running diagonally across their ...

0 0 Ornate Butterflyfish - kikakapu

Ornate Butterflyfish - kikakapu

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

Grow to 8 inches. Strongly paired, they defend a home territory where they keep ...

0 0 Teardrop Butterflyfish - lauhau

Teardrop Butterflyfish - lauhau

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

Yellow/white body with a large black teardrop shape on the side, black stripe ...

0 2 Peacock Grouper - roi

Peacock Grouper - roi

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

colour variable, but yellow/green base with dark-edged light blue dots. The ...

1 0 Blue Goatfish (moana ukali ulua)

Blue Goatfish (moana ukali ulua)

by birdlady6000

Bluish body with a yellow saddle above the tail base. Note their exceptionall ...

0 0 Big Longnose Butterflyfish (lauwiliwili humuhumu 'oi 'oi)

Big Longnose Butterflyfish (lauwiliwili humuhumu 'oi 'oi)

by birdlady6000

It was exciting to find both the normal colour of this species and the blackish ...

0 0 Pacific Trumpetfish -(Nunu)

Pacific Trumpetfish -(Nunu)

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

Long, usually grey or brown, tube-shaped fish that preys on other fish and ...

4 0 Yellow Tang (lau 'ipala)

Yellow Tang (lau 'ipala)

by birdlady6000Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

All yellow except for a white tail spine, they can be seen from quite a ...

1 1 Saddle Wrasse (hinalea lauwili)

Saddle Wrasse (hinalea lauwili)

by birdlady6000

Initial phase male and female adults have a blue-green head followed by an ...

1 0 Oval Butterflyfish - kapuhili

Oval Butterflyfish - kapuhili

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

So beautiful, they glow even when they sun is not shining on them. ...

3 5 Green Sea Turtle - honu

Green Sea Turtle - honu

by KathleenMcEachernHawaii, USA

Range up to 4 feet in length but in Hawaii are usually only 3 feet at maturity ...