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0 0 Greenhouse Camel Cricket

Greenhouse Camel Cricket

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Not native. Introduced from Japan.

0 0 Woolly Croton / Hogwart

Woolly Croton / Hogwart

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Plants: 3 feet tall, with branches. Leaves: Alternate, lance-shaped, with ...

0 0 Sicklepod / Coffeeweed

Sicklepod / Coffeeweed

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Plant: 4 feet tall Flowers: Unequal petals that don’t open fully Leaves: ...

1 0 Maryland Meadowbeauty

Maryland Meadowbeauty

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Plant: Approximately 12 inches tall. Flowers: Pale pink; approximately 1 inch ...

0 0 Rabid Wolf Spider

Rabid Wolf Spider

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Body (Thorax + abdomen), 21mm; overall length, ca 5 cm. Thorax: Dark brown with ...

0 0 Splitbeard Bluestem

Splitbeard Bluestem

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Narrow blue-green foliage turning copper-red-bronze in fall. Approximately 24 ...

0 0 Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane

by PucaK

White, toothed fungus; approximately 30 cm long and 45 cm wide; teeth ...

0 0 Woolly Oyster

Woolly Oyster

by PucaK

Gray, hairy caps; ca. 1-to-1.5 inches wide. Caps kidney shaped with margins ...

3 0 Blackberry Lily

Blackberry Lily

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Flowers. Approximately 2 to 2.5 inches diameter. Petals yellow with red/orange ...

1 0 Velvetleaf


by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Small shrub approximately 3 foot tall. Flowers. Yellow with 5 petals and 5 ...

0 0 Spined Oak Borer

Spined Oak Borer

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Body approximately 1" long. Long antennae; almost 1.5 times as long as its body.

0 0 Eastern Amberwing

Eastern Amberwing

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Small dragonfly Wingspan: approximately 1.25 – 1.5 inch Wings: Amber with dark ...

1 0 Allegheny Monkeyflower

Allegheny Monkeyflower

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Plant: 4 to 5 feet tall Flowers. Pale lavender, bilaterally symmetrical, ...

0 7 Passionflower / Maypop

Passionflower / Maypop

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Vine. Free-standing in absence of something to climb on. Approximately 18 ...

4 4 Walnut Caterpillar

Walnut Caterpillar

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Caterpillar approximately 4 cm long; black head; black body with white dorsal, ...

4 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker – Female

Red-bellied Woodpecker – Female

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Mid-sized woodpecker, approximately 9 inches long; black and white barred back; ...

2 0 American Toad

American Toad

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

American Toads have swollen parotoid glands and postorbital ridges that are ...

6 0 Downy Woodpecker – Female

Downy Woodpecker – Female

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Small woodpecker, approximately 6 inches long; back checkered black and white ...

6 2 Green Frog

Green Frog

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Frog approximately 3.5 inches long; well-defined dorso-lateral ridges; second ...

1 0 Resupinatus alboniger

Resupinatus alboniger

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Small black, mushrooms. Largest, ca. 6 mm across; fan-shaped when growing on ...

1 0 Hemispheric Agrocybe

Hemispheric Agrocybe

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Cluster; cap of largest, ca 1" diameter; convex. Gills: Tan showing dark spots; ...

2 0 Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

White, toothed fungus; approximately 5 inches long and 10-12 inches wide; teeth ...

0 0 Zebra Longhorn Beetle

Zebra Longhorn Beetle

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Flower longhorn beetle. Mimic wasps e.g., Vespula sp. Body approximately 0.5 ...

0 0 Widow Skimmer

Widow Skimmer

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Wingspan: Approximately 3 inches Wings: Have brown wing band and brown ...

1 0 Large Milkweed Bug

Large Milkweed Bug

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Adult: Orange with black ban in the middle; pronotum black with orange lateral ...

0 0 Green Frog

Green Frog

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

2.5 to 3 inches long. Well-defined dorso-lateral ridges extending from the ...

0 0 Southern Grapefern

Southern Grapefern

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Fern with sterile leaf frond and fertile panicle that bears sporangia Leaves ...

0 0 Arrowleaf Sida, Cuban Jute

Arrowleaf Sida, Cuban Jute

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Plant. Approximately 18 inches tall. Flowers. Cream with ‘translucent rays’ ...

1 0 Gelatinous-pored Polypore

Gelatinous-pored Polypore

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Bracket fungi growing in overlapping clusters over a large area of a fallen ...

0 2 Fawn Mushroom

Fawn Mushroom

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Cap; High convex; brown; largest, ca. 2.5-3 inches diameter; glossy; ...

1 0 Bolbitius sp.

Bolbitius sp.

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Caps, ca. 2.5 – 3 cm (1-1.5 inches) diameter; smooth surface with a sheen; ...

2 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Female. Round-headed woodpecker approximately 8 inches long. Pale gray head ...

1 0 Northern Bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Male quail approximately 10 inches tall with a small head, ‘chunky’ body, and ...

0 0 Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma

Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Dense clusters of small, gray-black, globose ascomata, approximately 1 mm ...

2 1 Redring Milkweed

Redring Milkweed

by PucaKWinder, Georgia, USA

Perennial Flower: Spring/Summer; Bright white with red ring at base of center ...

0 0 Common Evening Primrose

Common Evening Primrose

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Plant. Usually seen as single stems up to six feet tall with some branching ...

4 1 American Caesar's Mushroom

American Caesar's Mushroom

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Cluster of four mushrooms ranging from fully opened to bud (unopened) Largest. ...

2 0 American Toad

American Toad

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

American Toads have swollen parotoid glands and postorbital ridges that are ...

3 1 Jack 'O Lantern mushroom

Jack 'O Lantern mushroom

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Three clusters of bright orange to pumpkin orange mushrooms Cap. 8-20 cm; one ...

0 0 Cope's Gray Treefrog

Cope's Gray Treefrog

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Treefrog approximately 1..25 inches long. Skin gray with green cast, granular. ...

1 0 Marasmiellus candidus

Marasmiellus candidus

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Cap. White. 0.5-2 cm diameter; convex, becoming flat; bald; becoming slightly ...

0 0 Red Cracking Bolete

Red Cracking Bolete

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Cap, ca 2.5-inch diameter, red with fine cracks. Hard to evaluate KOH staining ...

1 0 Little Nest Polypore

Little Nest Polypore

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

This fungus fruits with a bracket approximately 1-1.5 inches diameter. ...

2 0 Cinnabar-red Polypore

Cinnabar-red Polypore

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Bracket fungus, ca 2-2.5 cm across. Caps rough with crevices, dull orange. ...

2 0 Trametes cubensis

Trametes cubensis

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Brackets ranging from ca. 6-7 inches down to ca. 2 inches wide. Brackets ...

2 0 Ganoderma curtisii

Ganoderma curtisii

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Eleven polypores at the base of an old oak tree. These included a recent ...

3 0 Southern Fusiform Rust

Southern Fusiform Rust

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

Galls on branches (image #1) and trunks (images #2, #3) of young Loblolly pines ...

2 0 Morning-glory Prominent / Checkered-fringe Prominent / False Unicorn Caterpillar

Morning-glory Prominent / Checkered-fringe Prominent / False Unicorn Caterpillar

by PucaKGeorgia, USA

A leaf-mimic caterpillar. Looks like the dead edge of a leaf. Has fine setae ...