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0 0 Spotting


by weasel001973Scotland, United Kingdom

0 4 Least Weasel

Least Weasel

by bettymg35Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA

1 0 Siberian weasel

Siberian weasel

by PhilippX_Tsien北京市, Paracel Islands

21 3 Altai weasel

Altai weasel

by MarcFoggin青海, Paracel Islands

Also known as mountain weasel.

6 0 Weasel's snout

Weasel's snout

by StavrosApostolouΑθήνα, Αττική, Greece

1 4 American long tailed weasel

American long tailed weasel

by Jim AvitallePennsylvania, USA

This juvenile weasel was found along a road ...

2 0 Long-tailed weasel

Long-tailed weasel

by Eileen McCaffreyBellevue, Washington, USA

1 0 Long-Tailed Weasel

Long-Tailed Weasel

by JackGrahamCalifornia, USA

Running with a captured vole in picture 3

14 13 white tailed weasel

white tailed weasel

by ChrisphotopointLondon, Ontario, Canada

Long body type with white short fur, long tail with a black tip

12 2 Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasel

by HeidiEatonGunnison, Colorado, USA

Medium-sized weasel in its summer coat ...

0 0 Short-tailed weasel

Short-tailed weasel

by kodyosborneOregon, USA

Poking his head out of his winter burrows in the meadow outside the Nature ...

1 0 Weasel


by Minot@urosİstanbul, Turkey

Wild life continues in every situation, even in the heart of the metropolis. ...

0 5 Weasel


by jordaninkedEngland, United Kingdom

Small brown mustelid, this one spotted with rabbit kit

0 2 Weasel's Snout

Weasel's Snout

by Marta RubioTexeiraComunitat Valenciana, Spain

Snapdragon and are followed by a hairy green fruit which is said to resemble a ...

0 0 Yellow Archangel, Dummy Nettle, Weasel Snout.

Yellow Archangel, Dummy Nettle, Weasel Snout.

by devonmaidBoston, England, United Kingdom

Damp Woods

2 4 Least Weasel

Least Weasel

by WoodlandPotterGeorgia, USA

Little weasel. Red brown on top with white ...

0 0 River Otter

River Otter

by CeceBerkley, Massachusetts, USA

Small, gray, weasel-like

46 25 Red Tailed Weasel Lemur

Red Tailed Weasel Lemur

by eddylohseProvince Toliara, Madagascar

Seen in the dry forest of Kirindy, Madagascar.

11 4 Short-tailed Weasel

Short-tailed Weasel

by JaybirdSalt Lake City, Utah, USA

Short-tailed weasel with juvenile squirrel.

1 0 Weasel Skink (imm)

Weasel Skink (imm)

by Mark RidgwayVictoria, Australia

A tiny (immature?) pink tailed skink with a simple fine tessellated pattern. ...

57 41 Baby Long-tailed Weasel

Baby Long-tailed Weasel

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

My 200th spotting! This baby Long-tailed

7 2 Long-tailed weasel

Long-tailed weasel

by Brian38Washington, USA

I was totally unprepared when this weasel ...

3 0 yellow-bellied weasel

yellow-bellied weasel

by Rinzyམགར་ས་རྫོང་ཁག་, Bhutan

The yellow-bellied weasel is named for its ...

0 0 Weasel


Bandon, Oregon

Reddish with white and black

0 0 Longtailed Weasel (Tracks)

Longtailed Weasel (Tracks)

by masonstothartGuelph, Ontario, Canada

Has the classic mustelid lope with the superimposed front and back paw prints.

0 1 Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasel

by RachelEspositoTemecula, California, USA

White face, black eyes and nose, brownish reddish coat

1 0 Japanese weasel

Japanese weasel

by TristanNarbrough近畿 (Kinki Region), Japan

Clutching a young snake for breakfast.

1 1 Ermine (Short-tailed Weasel)

Ermine (Short-tailed Weasel)

by JaneSaulnierYork, Maine, USA

Ducking in and out of the stone wall behind the house. Seemed very inquisitive.

11 2 American Mink

American Mink

by daniel.dparsonsColorado, USA

Part of the Weasel Family. Light brown ...

0 5 Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasel

by me7San Carlos, California, USA

small ferret-like creature that my cat caught.

2 4 Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasel

by JessNikolaiVentura, California, USA

to finally see my first Long-tailed weasel.

7 9 Weasel skink

Weasel skink

by martinl3132, Victoria, Australia

This long tailed lizard has a white 'teardrop' dot behind his eyes. It seems to ...

0 0 Short tailed weasel

Short tailed weasel

by AndrewGallagherOntario, Canada

Walking on a bear trail I found this little guy. Curious and fast as ...

0 0 Long-tailed weasel

Long-tailed weasel

by EricStoneShrub Oak, New York, USA

Tracks seen leading to den. Sets were spaced 16 inches apart and exhibited a ...

1 0 Weasel's snout

Weasel's snout

by ChristosMaroulisΠεριστέρι, Νομαρχία Αθηνών, Greece

I spotted this flower in Poikilo mountain, Peristeri, Attica, Greece

0 0 Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasel

by RDBAthens, Georgia, USA

Dark brown weasel spotted chasing a ...

3 4 Mustela frenata -  Long-tailed Weasel

Mustela frenata - Long-tailed Weasel

by aschmitt505Eau Plaine, Wisconsin, USA

Hiking in the woods when this critter and its buddy came out of no where!

0 0 River Otter

River Otter

by Liam OBrienCalifornia, USA

Long, weasel like swimmer

0 0 Mongoose


by Liam OBrienKahului, Hawaii, USA

Weasel-like animal

3 2 American Mink

American Mink

by daniel.dparsonsFort Collins, Colorado, USA

Part of the Weasel Family. Light brown ...

0 0 Northern short-tailed shrew

Northern short-tailed shrew

by outdoorsports64Allouez Township, Michigan, USA

Dead in trail

3 2 American Mink

American Mink

by ctbrownfmsMuskegon, Michigan, USA

Long bodied mammal in the weasel family. ...

1 0 Asian small clawed otter

Asian small clawed otter

by hernandezwolf99Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Adorable. Aquatic. Weasel like

2 0 Ferret


by NickBrewsterPeabody, Massachusetts, USA

About 3 pounds, 15 inches, and dark brown/black with white highlights.

4 0 Weaselsnout


by MachiAlaska, USA

Near the peak of Kashevaroff Mountain among grasses and close to a stream

22 13 Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasel

by bugeric24Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Sleek, long-bodied member of the family Mustellidae.