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0 2 White Witch's Butter

White Witch's Butter

by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany

2 1 White Witches Butter

White Witches Butter

by Max GallagherOtago, New Zealand

Transparent white jelly like substance ...

1 0 American Witch-hazel

American Witch-hazel

by MachiNew Hampshire, USA

The leaves, flowers, and fruit were all yellow. A medicinal plant whose extract ...

2 4 Polilla Bruja o Emperador (White Witch Moth)

Polilla Bruja o Emperador (White Witch Moth)

by Ignacio GamboaSan José, Costa Rica

The amazing Witch Moth (Noctuidae family) ...

0 0 Witches butter

Witches butter

by KathrynWhiteHouston, Texas, USA

Yellowish color, 9 cm at it's widest.

10 7 White witch

White witch

by craiggrummittAmazonas, Colombia

Don't see it yet? Try the close-up. Wing span about 30cm(12 inches)

1 0 Witches' Butter

Witches' Butter

by InannaBintAliKansas City, Missouri, USA

Looks like toothpaste or jelly squeezed out on a rotting tree branch.

3 1 Witch's Hat

Witch's Hat

by ScottLewisVirginia, USA

Intensely red-orange colored. Approximately 3- 3 1/2" across the cap.

0 0 Common Witch's Hair

Common Witch's Hair

by MachiAlaska, USA

Differentiated from Usnea by the lengthwise pseudocyphellae (tiny,

4 2 Witch's Butter

Witch's Butter

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

Bright yellow and white, gelatinous ...

0 0 Texas Vervain

Texas Vervain

by AmyGabyMassingillTexas, USA

Petals are bluish lavender, lilac, or rarely

1 7 White Witch Moth

White Witch Moth

by RobertOelmanCali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Measuring around 12 inches. Master of Camouflage. Found at the neighbors ...

45 25 White Witch Moth

White Witch Moth

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

Enormous moth of 31 cm wing span. White ...

3 2 Witch Orchid, Moederkappie

Witch Orchid, Moederkappie

by YolandeDrakenstein Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

magenta, occasionally white or green, with ...

0 0 Datura/Doornappel


by FiMechelen, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

- alternate leaves, toothed, quite long and broad - erect trumpet-shaped ...

0 0 Common Stinkhorn

Common Stinkhorn

by rat.tumourHigh Peak, England, United Kingdom

' apparently are edible. The witches eggs ...

3 0 Jelly Fungus

Jelly Fungus

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

A bright orange Jelly Fungus growing on a dead branch (not pine). These are ...

0 0 Unnamed spotting

Unnamed spotting

by OLU.MeganGlozerGarden Grove, California, USA

attached to the middle by little triangle shaped seeds light brown stem

0 0 Micro-Lepidoptera


by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

measure only 1 tarsal segment of the White ...

0 0 Black Witch Moth

Black Witch Moth

by Tamarac CraigDetroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA

Macro species a dull grey nlue with tinged of

2 0 Black Witch Moth

Black Witch Moth

by CatherineKurowskiBoydNeptunia, Canelones, Uruguay

Obviously a female with the white wing ...

0 0 Witch Moth

Witch Moth

by LeonardoMBMonte Belo, MG, Brazil

Of begin, I tought that was a "Ascalapha odorata", but the

0 0 Morning Glory (Bellbind, Heavenly Trumpet, White witches hat)

Morning Glory (Bellbind, Heavenly Trumpet, White witches hat)

by Ranger 25Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Perrenial. Twines around other plants in a counter-clockwise direction. This ...

1 1 Rutland beauty

Rutland beauty

by nrveroLorraine, Tromelin Island

0 0 Witch Alder

Witch Alder

by Charlotte.FletcherCharlotte, North Carolina, USA

frilly white aromatic flowers blooming the ...

0 0 Ravenel's Stinkhorn

Ravenel's Stinkhorn

by Charlotte.Fletcher

of the way down and about 2 cm wide; comes out of

2 2 White Jelly Mushroom

White Jelly Mushroom

by Matthew HammondArkansas, USA

give me a rush! It is a jelly mushroom, much like Wood Ear and

1 0 witch hazel

witch hazel

by MichaelMorrisNelsonville, Ohio, USA

stipule is tapered at the base as well as the apex.

1 0 Witch Alder shrub

Witch Alder shrub

by Charlotte.FletcherCharlotte, North Carolina, USA

perennial, deciduous shrub; about 4 feet tall and wide;

2 0 Harebell (Bluebell; Witchs Bells)

Harebell (Bluebell; Witchs Bells)

by Joseph R. GodreauMichigan, USA

Bluebell grows in clusters of bell-shaped flowers, a perennial which blooms ...

0 2 Black Witch

Black Witch

by Curator of GoodSacatepéquez, Guatemala

Large moth with "eye" marks mid-way out on wings, a

3 0 Witch's Butter

Witch's Butter

by JaredCalvertMiddlesborough, Kentucky, USA

-red, with a white rooting attachment at ...

0 0 witch's hat (part 2)

witch's hat (part 2)

by AlexKonigKerkrade, Limburg, Netherlands

this is the exact same specimen from the "

1 3 Black Witch Moth

Black Witch Moth

by MauricioGamboaSan José, Heredia, Costa Rica

pink, and, in females, crossed by a white ...

1 2 Black witch moth

Black witch moth

by pattyUruguay

. However, this one seems to be bigger and it has the

0 5 dehydrated - black witches' butter

dehydrated - black witches' butter

by AlexKonigHeerlen, Limburg, Netherlands

Scientific name: Exidia glandulosa Bulliard:Fries Derivation of name: ...

0 0 Black Witch Moth

Black Witch Moth

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

spots. Pinkish white bands beyond ...

0 0 Vervain


by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

, or rarely white flower. Numerous flowers ...

4 3 Sea Campion

Sea Campion

by pamsaiIreland

A pretty white flower with distinctive, ...

1 1 Mayapple


by Small WondersGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA

the Witches Umbrella and thought to be ...

3 0 Black Witch Moth

Black Witch Moth

by AshleyTPort Isabel, Texas, USA

it lacks the white crossbar (thanks J for ...

2 1 witches's butter

witches's butter

by nataliehunter1Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

fir, cedar, spruce or western white pine). ...

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by GraceWhiteNorth Carolina, USA

the tree. It was still damp from the rain and felt rubbery. Could it be ...

1 2 Love Plant

Love Plant

by JimJohnson2Pennsylvania, USA

-forever,[1] Midsummer-men, Orphan John,

2 3 Witch's hat

Witch's hat

by TrapsuutjieJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Unlike most of the red to orange waxy caps in North America, the

0 0 White clover

White clover

by kiana.robertson2013

White, grows close to the ground, arranged ...

0 3 European Mistletoe ( misaplied: witche's broom)

European Mistletoe ( misaplied: witche's broom)

by AlexKonigKerkrade, Limburg, Netherlands

--Witches' Broom looks similar but is an ...

0 1 Hedge Bindweed

Hedge Bindweed

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

-like flowers and the binding nature of the vine),