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0 0 Wing stem

Wing stem

by Milford1898Kentucky, USA

1 0 wing stem

wing stem

by AnnaWhipkeyIndiana, USA

0 1 Winged sumac

Winged sumac

by shebebusynowSanta Clara, California, USA

white spiky flowers, leaves opposite along

1 1 Everlasting pea

Everlasting pea

by Jeremy12Cheat Lake, West Virginia, USA

A member of the pea family~Flowers pink with

1 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

Maryland, USA

yellow, black, and furry had wings half a ...

0 0 Winged Sumac

Winged Sumac

by sarah in the woodsMaryville, Tennessee, USA

Berry clusters are very large and droop. Berries are shiny.

0 0 Leafhopper


by Ingrid3Stamford, Connecticut, USA

several mm, brite green, netveined wings, ...

0 0 Angel wing begonia

Angel wing begonia

by shebebusynowOregon, USA

tall houseplant on a woody stem,

0 0 Snipe fly?

Snipe fly?

by ArgybeeVictoria, Australia

Black narrow dusty looking fly with crumpled looking

0 0 Winged bean

Winged bean

by zepcheokSingapore, Singapore

The winged bean plant grows as a vine with ...

1 3 Asiatic Pink Stem Borer

Asiatic Pink Stem Borer

by AgnesAdiqueTalaveraBiñan, Laguna, Philippines

The Asiatic pink stem borer, Gramineous ...

0 0 Missouri Primrose            Fluttermill

Missouri Primrose Fluttermill

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

Perennial. It may have several reclining

1 5 Urn gall

Urn gall

by martinlMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

This thin stem gall is induced by a scale ...

0 0 Varigated Solomon's Seal

Varigated Solomon's Seal

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

Graceful plants, with stems that grow ...

0 1 Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

by HeidiEatonMenomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

True fruit fly with heavily patterned wings ...

1 0 Marshfly


by Ingrid3Stamford, Connecticut, USA

~1cm long, long wings, checkered

0 0 Marsh Pea

Marsh Pea

by AarongunnarWisconsin, USA

species in the past. As described by Mohlenbrock (2008), the typical variety ...

0 8 Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia

by lgCostaNutCusco, Peru

Dime size flowers. Growing in Aguas Calientes, Peru. Lower level Andes ...

0 0 Western Leaf-footed Bug

Western Leaf-footed Bug

by gatorfellowsDenton, Texas, USA

You can see the needle like proboscis stuck into the Parsley

0 0 Crane Fly

Crane Fly

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Large insect with extremely long, slender legs and narrow

0 0 American Sweetgum

American Sweetgum

by sarah in the woodsTennessee, USA

Prickly fruit balls and winged

1 0 Aphids


by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Insect larva on a leaf stem. Looks like a ...

1 0 Wing stem

Wing stem

by PatrickPhoebusNashville-Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Coarse perennial herb

0 0 Milkweed Aphid

Milkweed Aphid

by Charlotte.Fletcher

bright yellow aphid with black legs shown here covering the

1 0 Jointed Anabasis

Jointed Anabasis

by Ori Fragman-Sapirמועצה אזורית רמת נגב, מחוז הדרום, Israel

A common desert leafless shrublet. Stems ...

1 0 Hanging wing moss

Hanging wing moss

by Brian38Washington, USA

2-3 inch spear like stems with flat leaves. ...

0 0 Cup plant

Cup plant

by dandoucetteNiagara Falls, Ontario, Ontario, Canada

widely winged. The petioles’ base is at ...

1 1 Marsh Fly

Marsh Fly

by Ingrid3Stamford, Connecticut, USA

~1 cm long, striped eyes and thorax, elevated leg stance, posteriorly facing ...

2 2 Oleander Aphid

Oleander Aphid

by gabe.somarribaWeston, Florida, USA

A cluster of different ages, even a winged ...

0 0 Green Lacewing

Green Lacewing

by Tishanne PattersonHoquiam, Washington, USA

Small green insect,long body with long slender lace like

2 0 Winged Sumac

Winged Sumac

by laura.cricketArkansas, USA

Distinctive for the curious "wings" that ...

1 1 Common Whitetail    female

Common Whitetail female

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

and wings horizontal on ground or ...

0 0 Common Whitetail Skimmer    female

Common Whitetail Skimmer female

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

and wings horizontal on ground or ...

0 0 Common Whitetail    female

Common Whitetail female

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

and wings horizontal on ground or ...

0 0 Common Whitetail    female

Common Whitetail female

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

and wings horizontal on ground or ...

0 0 Winged Sumac

Winged Sumac

by PucaKWinder, Georgia, USA

-yellow circular anthers. Leaves. Compound with 17 – 21 leaflets. Main

0 0 Starry clover

Starry clover

by mendes.madalenaAlgarve, Portugal

"Annual, Herbs, Taproot present, Nodules present,

0 4 Signal fly

Signal fly

by argybeeMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

eyes, very small hair-like antennae, clear

0 0 Scotch Thistle

Scotch Thistle

by ChristianeQueensland, Australia

Erect biennial thistle to 2 m high. Stems ...

3 5 Urn gall

Urn gall

by martinlVictoria, Australia

This woody stem gall is produced by the ...

2 2 Eucalyptus stem weevil

Eucalyptus stem weevil

by Mark RidgwayVictoria, Australia

striated wing covers and a lack of ...

0 1 Common Mullein

Common Mullein

by Tamarac CraigMinnesota, USA

shape is generally oval, with a pointed tip. The leaf base tapers to a “

113 62 Wing Stem Passion Flower

Wing Stem Passion Flower

by CoralAveryPoway, California, USA

Bold blooming, colorful Passion Flower

2 0 White Stemmed Wattle Moth

White Stemmed Wattle Moth

by Leuba RidgwayVictoria, Australia

This moth would have had a wing span of ...

1 0 Owlet Moth

Owlet Moth

by Kei HeynsGeorge Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

wings, and plain white or grey hind

0 0 Winged Sumac, with fruit

Winged Sumac, with fruit

by KarenPuracanDeltona, Florida, USA

Leaves pinnately compound, smooth edges (entire), with "

12 4 Two-horned brown treehopper

Two-horned brown treehopper

by Mark RidgwayVictoria, Australia

A cute little membracidae hiding under the