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Roesel’s Katydid

(Metrioptera roeselii)


1" inch/25mm body alone. + Antennas alone=2½" inches/62.5 mm. TOTAL LENGTH OF BODY + ANTENNAS= .::3½" inches/88mm::. FACE: Flat from front view, Crimson Red head fading to Yellow under nose & ending by fading into a Green at very base of chin. Ruby Red cheeks & forehead, with Yellow specks within the jaws. Burgandy Antennas flowing high & 3 times as long of the Grasshopper, manuevered separately & independent from each other. Lemon Yellow eyes with Burgandy pupils. Ruby Red behind neck changing to Lime Green at eyes extending down into throat. WINGED- They are Ruby Red with Burgandy veins. Thorax is Grass Green and begins this color under the shoulders which are Ruby Red at intersection of wings. Thorax at front has Gold streaks & Golden hues abruptly turning into the chest area being Lime Green & having 5 Crimson stripes streaking vertically beginning behind 2 front legs, which are Ruby Red & Burgandy, ending at rear "hopper" legs, which begins the abdomen, consisting of 9 cells sections. First 3 complete cells are completely Lime Green, cell # 3 begins a spotting with 2 faint Grass Green spots above & below middle of abdomen. Cell 4 is half Lemon Yellow & Crimson Red only above mid abdomen, followed below with Grass Green spot below mid belly & having a White spot at top of mid belly from side view, and Grass Green below mid line. The 5th cell is Crimson Red and Burgandy streaked with a White spot mid belly & Forest Green spot below mid line on Lemon Yellow underside of abdomen on this cell… . Cell #6 is Ruby Red with a White spot above mid belly & a Crimson Red spot below mid belly having a Crimson Red spot on Gold color cell under abdomen. cell 7 is solid Ruby Red, no spot, cell 8 is solid Crimson Red & no spot & cell #9 is a Crimson Red "tail" which protrudes & extends out from behind ⅛" inch/3mm (a stump). Front 2 legs of 6 total, are solid Ruby Red consisting of 1 central lever joint, Rear 3 "hopper" legs single jointed midway with rotator joints. "Thigh" of leg begins Lime Green, fading into Grsss Green then Forest Green, this is banded with Burgandy color on the outer edges. Below "knee" joint is solid Ruby Red. Rear & final 2 legs are solid Ruby Red and attatch at shared "knee" joint. These have jagged barbed spikes. "Feet/hands" are of a pincher & act as clamps. Under abdomen is Lemon Yellow fading into Gold at rear then ending by fading into Crimson Red at "tail" final cell. TOP VIEW shows a Yellow line on top of Rub Red head & separating to make a Y shape where it splits/forks into 2 lines along wing intersection.


Loves & lives in White, Yellow & Gold Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica), vines.


The grasshoppers and the locusts produce their song by rubbing their hind legs with their wings. The crickets and the katydids rub their forewings together for making the stridulations http://www.entomoveproject.com/blog/2014...

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Spotted by

Pennsylvania, USA

Lat: 40.71, Long: -80.27

Spotted on Oct 13, 2017
Submitted on Oct 13, 2017

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