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Mario Herrera
AbiBoocock Neogea orb-weavers spider
Neogea orb-weavers spider commented on by AbiBoocock Kerala, India6 years ago

Very beautiful, crazy to think that a spider created that

AbiBoocock Spider web
Spider web commented on by AbiBoocock West Lafayette, Indiana, USA6 years ago

WHAT! This is insane!

AbiBoocock American robin
American robin commented on by AbiBoocock Akeley, Minnesota, USA6 years ago


AbiBoocock Bieberstein's crocus
Bieberstein's crocus commented on by AbiBoocock Sthlm, Stockholms län, Sweden6 years ago


AbiBoocock Spectacled Owl
Spectacled Owl commented on by AbiBoocock San José, Costa Rica6 years ago

What a beautiful bird

AbiBoocock Hummingbird Moth
Hummingbird Moth commented on by AbiBoocock Nevada, Ohio, USA6 years ago

Freaky! Beautiful! I've never seen/heard of anything like it! Nice find

AbiBoocock Hickory Dussok Moth Caterpillar
Hickory Dussok Moth Caterpillar commented on by AbiBoocock Oakville, Ontario, Canada6 years ago

Thank you!

AbiBoocock Painted Lady Butterfly
Painted Lady Butterfly commented on by AbiBoocock Oakville, Ontario, Canada6 years ago

Gilma, I was working in a kindergarten classroom and we had just ordered the caterpillars, let them chill in a small container full of food, and then they stuck themselves to the lid, and went through metamorphosis, after sticking the cacoons into a tank!