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I am a Biology teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. My interests include photography, nature, scuba diving & travel.

BangkokLat: 13.72, Long: 100.48

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AdamBT Copper-cheeked frog
Copper-cheeked frog suggestion by AdamBT Malaysia4 years ago

Common name: Copper-cheeked frog
Scientific name: Hylarana labialis

AdamBT Red admiral
Red admiral suggestion by AdamBT Gemeinde Weinzierl am Walde, Niederösterreich, Austria5 years ago

Common name: Red admiral
Scientific name: Vanessa atalanta
Wikipedia: Vanessa atalanta

AdamBT Scrawled Filefish
Scrawled Filefish suggestion by AdamBT Pulau Pinang, Malaysia6 years ago

Common name: Scrawled Filefish
Scientific name: Aluterus scriptus

AdamBT Spider Wasp
Spider Wasp suggestion by AdamBT Thailand6 years ago

Common name: Emerald cockroach wasp
Scientific name: Ampulex compressa
Wikipedia: Emerald cockroach wasp

AdamBT Crab-Eating Monkey
Crab-Eating Monkey suggestion by AdamBT Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines6 years ago

Common name: Crab-eating macaque
Scientific name: Macaca fascicularis
Wikipedia: Crab-eating macaque

AdamBT Black bat flower
Black bat flower suggestion by AdamBT Singapore, Singapore6 years ago

Common name: Black bat flower
Scientific name: Tacca chantrieri
Wikipedia: Tacca chantrieri

AdamBT Crown of thorns starfish
Crown of thorns starfish suggestion by AdamBT Fiji6 years ago

Common name: Crown of thorns starfish
Scientific name: Acanthaster planci
Wikipedia: Crown-of-thorns starfish

AdamBT Malayan horned frog
Malayan horned frog suggestion by AdamBT Singapore, Singapore6 years ago

Common name: Malayan horned frog
Scientific name: Megophrys nasuta

AdamBT Gharial
Gharial suggestion by AdamBT Cleveland, Ohio, USA6 years ago

Common name: Gharial
Scientific name: Gavialis gangeticus
Wikipedia: Gharial

AdamBT Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting suggestion by AdamBT Singapore, Singapore6 years ago

Common name: Shampoo ginger
Scientific name: Zingiber zerumbet
Wikipedia: Zingiber zerumbet