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English Lit. student with a passion for nature, travel and photography.

Antwerp, Belgium

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Medicinal and Edible Plants of Central Europe
19 participants
347 spottings

Medicinal and Edible Plants of ...

A collection of medicinal and edible plants, even herbs in central Europe. In this mission we look for plants with ...

Medicinal plants of Southern Africa
7 participants
18 spottings

Medicinal plants of Southern ...

Many of our plants in Southern Africa have been used over the centuries not only as a food source but also ...

Biodiversity of Namibia
2 participants
8 spottings

Biodiversity of Namibia

Our goal is to document all categories of wildlife in the beautiful country of Namibia. Photos of native and ...

2016 Best Wildlife Photo
148 participants
5,918 spottings

2016 Best Wildlife Photo

We're calling for your best wildlife photos! This mission is open to all members from all over the world and will ...

Fungi in the Benelux
29 participants
1,038 spottings

Fungi in the Benelux

Take Pictures of all the fungi you find! Select my mission and de data will come to me!

Bird Nesting
40 participants
29 spottings

Bird Nesting

This mission is to obtain all pictures of bird nests, adults on eggs, or unattended nests with eggs or baby birds ...

African Cats
61 participants
162 spottings

African Cats

By displaying the beauty of these creatures, maybe we will fight harder to protect them.

Aloes of Southern Africa
38 participants
37 spottings

Aloes of Southern Africa

Tracking and documenting the biology of memebers of the genus Aloe of Southern Africa. The genus is native to ...

African Mammals in the Wild
53 participants
923 spottings

African Mammals in the Wild

To document visually the diversity of African mammals, including the cetaceans and pinnipeds.

Birds of Sub-Saharan Africa
133 participants
3,225 spottings

Birds of Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa has impressive and beautiful birds and this mission will allow us to share and document our spottings in ...

Life and Mathematics
250 participants
809 spottings

Life and Mathematics

Life and mathematics are intimately implicated. And this relationship is visible now and then. If you see it, take ...

Slime Molds
310 participants
470 spottings

Slime Molds

Mission for those slimy, but often beautifully colored molds that are often confused with fungi. Now a global ...

2015 Best Wildlife Photo
505 participants
7,832 spottings

2015 Best Wildlife Photo

We're calling for your best wildlife photos! This featured mission is open to all members from all over the world ...

Hymenoptera of the world -- bees, ants and all their friends
101 participants
1,682 spottings

Hymenoptera of the world -- ...

The representatives of Hymenoptera order display a remarkable diversity not only of shapes and colours, but also ...

277 participants
598 spottings


there are apparently 22000 species of ants. lets get to it!!

Backyard Wildlife Around the World
49 participants
485 spottings

Backyard Wildlife Around the ...

Tweets & Tree Frogs is an educational organization that explores backyard wildlife. We define "backyard wildlife" ...

Poison Dart Frogs
37 participants
107 spottings

Poison Dart Frogs

Poison Dart frogs are characterized by bright colors (aposematic), which are used as warning signals to predators, ...

Biodiversity in the Netherlands
51 participants
1,836 spottings

Biodiversity in the Netherlands

Nature has a special place in the Netherlands, it's wildlife is diverse and unique. Large or small. The ...

Reptiles and Amphibians of Central Europe
63 participants
310 spottings

Reptiles and Amphibians of ...

All the reptiles and amphibians found over Europe are fascinating and worth of putting together in an own mission.

Ducks, swans and geese in Central Europe
54 participants
289 spottings

Ducks, swans and geese in ...

Ducks, swans and geese come in many species and are beautiful waterfowl. Let´s document in this mission their ...

142 participants
1,253 spottings


This Mission is the online repository of marine, fresh-water and terrestrial mollusks spotted by Project ...

159 participants
95 spottings

Cranes of Eastern USA

Cranes can be found on 5 continents and in the cultural traditions, mythology, and folklore of many cultures. A ...

247 participants
262 spottings

Spirals in Nature - Midwestern US

This mission is dedicated to showcasing spiral patterns found in nature. Whether it be Fibonacci spiral patterns ...

32 participants
1,400 spottings

Biodiversity in Belgium

This mission wants to gather all sorts of life -and preferentially wild, but not only- spotted within the country ...

575 participants
1,054 spottings

Galapagos Biodiversity

The objective of this mission undertaken by the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos is to celebrate all ...

78 participants
291 spottings

Parental Care

This mission is dedicated to Parenting Organisms spotted with taking care of their cubs, Eggs, juvenile, chicks, ...

669 participants
2,565 spottings

Jumping Spiders of the World

With cat like grace, agility and Teddy Bearish charms bellying their formidable predatory instincts, the jumping ...

111 participants
2,877 spottings

2014 Best Wildlife Photo

We're calling for your best wildlife photos! This featured mission is open to all members from all over the world ...

481 participants
5,154 spottings


Flies are everywhere and quite frankly, I think they get a bad rap! Yes some can eat disgusting things, annoy you ...

294 participants
173 spottings

World Science Festival Cicada ...

We're calling all citizen scientists to help track 17-Year Cicadas! Join the World Science Festival Cicada Count ...

3,428 participants
41,871 spottings

Mission WILD

The WILD Foundation works to protect & interconnect at least half of the planet’s land & water to sustain the ...

177 participants
1,203 spottings

Wild Orchids

The ideal spotting would include a close up of the flower, a clear shot of the leaves, a picture of the whole ...

162 participants
783 spottings

Wild Love

The mating rituals of some animals are wonderfully bizarre and each species in animal kingdom has a different ...

2,845 participants
66,562 spottings

National Geographic's Great ...

National Geographic is urging everyone to get outside to explore nature. Participants are asked to contribute ...

276 participants
1,630 spottings


Lichens are the symbiotic union of a fungus with either a green alga or a cyanobacteria. They are very different ...

397 participants
8,747 spottings

2013 Best Wildlife Photo

We're calling for your best wildlife photos. This featured mission is open to all members from all over the world ...

622 participants
9,683 spottings


Beetles are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. They are found on six continents in almost every ...

664 participants
5,188 spottings

Caterpillars and larvae of the ...

There are many beautiful and unique larva forms such as caterpillars that we never even notice until they turn ...

2,934 participants
40,143 spottings

Moths of the World

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door. In ...

846 participants
4,145 spottings

The Hoppers

This is not for jumping organisms! This mission is focusing on the Auchenorrhyncha suborder (Free-living ...

697 participants
1,012 spottings

Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation

Please share photos of wildlife in accredited sanctuaries and centers for animals rescued from situations ...

783 participants
1,455 spottings

Primate Watch

The Primate Specialist Group is a network of scientists and conservationists who stand against the tide of ...

1,340 participants
2,180 spottings

Eggs of the World

Nothing is more symbolic to life in this world than the egg. Like wildlife itself, eggs come in all shapes and ...

1,947 participants
4,785 spottings

Snakes of the World

A mission to document the beautiful snakes species from around the world.

2,467 participants
12,370 spottings

Captive Animals

While we are all so focused on animals in nature, we ignore the fact theres wildlife in our own zoos. edit: I ...

5,836 participants
3,804 spottings

Project Squirrel

Fox squirrels and grey squirrels are two of the most familiar species of wildlife in many neighborhoods and ...

7 participants
16 spottings

Antwerp's Alphabet of Genera

There are a few rules for this mission: -You may post a picture of any living organism found in a radius of 80km ...

349 participants
1,190 spottings

Opisthobranchs & Nudibranchs of ...

Opistobranchs are a large and diverse group of marine gastropods. They include several types of sea slugs: sea ...

231 participants
9,686 spottings

European Butterflies and Moths

Mission for butterflies and moths from the whole European continent

936 participants
4,956 spottings

Trees of the World

A collection of trees and their characteristics worldwide.

514 participants
304 spottings

Parental care in insects and ...

[PLEASE READ the instructions under Overview first!*]. Did you know that some of the lesser creatures engage in ...

2,408 participants
12,448 spottings

Nature in Yellow

It would be so interesting to see all the yellow flowers, fruits, insects, animals of the world.

2,885 participants
5,294 spottings

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Teachers and students, start documenting and sharing the wildlife you encounter in and around your school sites! ...

1,018 participants
1,586 spottings

Symbiotic Relationships

Symbiosis is close and often long-term interaction between different biological species. There are many example of ...

173 participants
2,315 spottings

Beauty of Decay

This mission is about showing the beauty of all kinds of decay processes which are usually the basis beginning of ...

229 participants
461 spottings

Marsupials of the World

There are only 434 Marsupials on our planet. Let's see how many Marsupials Project Noah can find. Marsupials are ...

1,132 participants
5,888 spottings

Fruiting Bodies of the World

This mission is about mapping all the different kinds of fruiting bodies around the world. This doesn't ...

1,020 participants
739 spottings

Rare Color Morphs

If you find an animal or plant that is not it's normal color, please add it to this mission. Though rare, ...

2,385 participants
7,374 spottings

Amphibians of the World

Lethal fungi, habitat loss, and predators have caused severe declines in amphibian populations around the world. ...

1,342 participants
16,777 spottings

Global Flight

To create a magnificent collection of images of your favourite fliers. Not just birds, but bats, insects, even ...

873 participants
1,559 spottings

Animals with Warning Colors

Many animals use colors in the opposite way of camouflage. They have bright colors wich make them highly ...

1,006 participants
4,380 spottings

Hunters & Animal Food Habits

This mission is to document the food habits of animals from all genera.

2,524 participants
5,728 spottings

The Color Blue

There are so many incredible animals in the color blue. However, at the same time, they are few when considering ...

1,145 participants
9,549 spottings

Reptiles of the World

To document reptiles found around the world.

1,371 participants
5,641 spottings

Mimetic Animals of the World

One of the most striking survival strategies of animals is mimicking their environment. Mimetism can be used for ...

2,909 participants
8,885 spottings

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & ...

This mission is to document the incredible architectural abilities of animals from all genera.

68 participants
517 spottings

The Flora of Central European ...

The alpine flora is unique in terms of diversity and adaptation to drastic soil and climate conditions. ...

1,328 participants
1,068 spottings

Marine Mammals of the World

Marine mammals are a diverse group of 120 species of mammal that are primarily ocean-dwelling or depend on the ...

4,908 participants
12,309 spottings

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Dragonflies and damselflies are agile insects of the order Odonata. With a worldwide distribution and over 5,000 ...

6,002 participants
28,477 spottings

Mushroom Mapping

Mushroom ecology is a pivotal orientation point for exploring urban systems. Help us gather important data and ...

2,942 participants
6,069 spottings

Signs of Wildlife

If you look carefully, there are signs of wildlife everywhere. From subtle animal tracks and abandoned spider ...

3,854 participants
18,900 spottings

International Spider Survey

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs. The International Society of Arachnology is the ...

1,932 participants
12,980 spottings

Flowers of Europe

We want you to help us build a photo collection of flowers from around the world. Show us what flowers are ...

7,178 participants
43,736 spottings

WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity

Millions of city-dwellers walk their local streets every day, but many overlook the multitude of animals and ...

5,830 participants
14,779 spottings

The Color Red

The color red is a bold color that represents passion. We would like to create a collection of wildlife images ...

12,719 participants
103,671 spottings

Birds of the World

There are over 10,000 living species of birds on the planet. They can be found in ecosystems across the globe, ...

8,450 participants
74,748 spottings

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Butterflies and Moths are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Their brilliant colors have inspired artistic ...

1 participant
2 spottings

Belgium's Native Wildlife

A collection of spottings from Belgian native wildlife found in urban areas, green areas, marine areas, nature ...

2 participants
8 spottings

Biodiversity of Namibia

Our goal is to document all categories of wildlife in the beautiful country of Namibia. Photos of native and ...