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AshleyL's friends

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AshleyL Sanderling
Sanderling suggestion by AshleyL Texas, USA2 years ago

Common name: Sanderling
Scientific name: Calidris alba

AshleyL Wild Turkey feather
Wild Turkey feather suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 35.55 Lon: -78.773 years ago

Common name: Wild Turkey
Scientific name: Meleagris gallopavo

AshleyL Truffle Eater
Truffle Eater suggestion by AshleyL North Carolina, USA3 years ago

Common name: Truffle Eater
Scientific name: Cordyceps ophioglossoides

AshleyL Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Shouldered Hawk suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 28.00 Lon: -82.383 years ago

Common name: Red-shouldered hawk (juvenile)
Scientific name: Buteo lineatus

AshleyL Domestic Cat
Domestic Cat suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 41.68 Lon: -86.083 years ago

Common name: Domestic cat
Scientific name: Felis catus
Wikipedia: Cat

AshleyL Song Thrush
Song Thrush suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 44.89 Lon: 15.623 years ago

Common name: Song Thrush
Scientific name: Turdus philomelos

AshleyL White Wagtail
White Wagtail suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 44.34 Lon: 15.233 years ago

Common name: Juvenile White Wagtail
Scientific name: Motacilla alba
Wikipedia: White wagtail

AshleyL Green Lacewing
Green Lacewing suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 38.62 Lon: 23.543 years ago

Common name: Green Lacewing
Scientific name: Chrysopidae spp.

AshleyL Dog
Dog suggestion by AshleyL Lat: 0.00 Lon: 0.003 years ago

Common name: Golden Retriever
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

AshleyL Artist's Conk
Artist's Conk suggestion by AshleyL North Carolina, USA3 years ago

Common name: Artist's Conk
Scientific name: Ganoderma applanatum