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HeidiEaton Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl commented on by HeidiEaton Westminster, Colorado, USA6 years ago

I wish I could get so lucky! Great shot!

HeidiEaton Coast Range Fence Lizard
Coast Range Fence Lizard commented on by HeidiEaton Walnut Creek, California, USA6 years ago

Sagebrush Lizard, maybe?

HeidiEaton Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider commented on by HeidiEaton Texas, USA6 years ago

I would say it's a wolf spider, because of the eye shine you got with the flash, but not clear enough to ID further.

HeidiEaton Red Hot Poker
Red Hot Poker commented on by HeidiEaton Concord, California, USA6 years ago

The leaves in the background may be aloe, but those flowers don't belong to the leaves. See my suggestion above. I have one in my backyard. Love these!

HeidiEaton Funnel Weaver
Funnel Weaver commented on by HeidiEaton Georgia, USA6 years ago

My husband, BugEric, helped me with the ID. Great spider!

HeidiEaton Greater Scaup
Greater Scaup commented on by HeidiEaton Kingston, Ontario, Canada6 years ago

Definitely a Scaup (bluebill). To me, based on the shape of the male's head, I would say Greater rather than Lesser, but someone else may disagree.

HeidiEaton Red Fox
Red Fox commented on by HeidiEaton Victor, Colorado, USA6 years ago

Thanks! The second shot is my favorite as well.

HeidiEaton the lion-tailed macaque
the lion-tailed macaque commented on by HeidiEaton India6 years ago

Beautiful! I take care of this species in a zoo in the United States. It is very neat to see them in the wild.

HeidiEaton Cecropia Moth
Cecropia Moth commented on by HeidiEaton Flat Rock, Michigan, USA6 years ago

The green tinge makes it a little harder to be sure, but it looks like it has a red band near the base of the hindwing, which makes this a Cecropia Moth.

HeidiEaton Osprey
Osprey commented on by HeidiEaton South Carolina, USA6 years ago

Yes, in both pictures :-)