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Jae Insect conglomerate on insect
Insect conglomerate on insect commented on by Jae Madhya Pradesh, India16 hours ago

Hi SukanyaDatta, what an awesome spotting. I think it might be an assassin bug. Acanthaspis petax is an assassin bug that carries the corpses of its ant victim on its back. I believe the assassin bug does this to mask its scent.

Jae Golden curtain crust
Golden curtain crust commented on by Jae QLD, Australiaa year ago

Thank you for the kind comments, maplemoth662!

Jae Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting commented on by Jae Northern Territory, Australiaa year ago

Thank you, maplemoth662! :)

Jae Field Horsetail
Field Horsetail commented on by Jae 厚木市, 神奈川県, Japan3 years ago

My pleasure, lisa2.

Jae Birch Polypore
Birch Polypore commented on by Jae Maine, USA3 years ago

Interesting find, Machi. To me they look like decayed birch polypore specimens (Piptoporus betulinus).

Jae Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owl commented on by Jae Maricopa, Arizona, USA3 years ago

Impressive shot, Jim Nelson.

Jae Coyote
Coyote commented on by Jae Wyoming, USA3 years ago

Nice capture, BenAbramovitz.

Jae Phylacia
Phylacia commented on by Jae Washington, USA3 years ago

It could very well be, Tristan. To be honest I am not familiar with black knot fungi, I only know it from online photos and read that it affects Prunus trees. It's just that in photo 3 I believe I see slime trails, which makes me think it's a slime mold.

Jae Phylacia
Phylacia commented on by Jae Washington, USA3 years ago

Great spotting, Tristan. I think it's a slime mold, perhaps Badhamia utricularis, but that's just a wild guess.

Jae Common stork's-bill
Common stork's-bill commented on by Jae Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina3 years ago

Always a pleasure, Mauron.