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Went to the Bio Blitz this year it was really cold when I got there me and my friend had to wear 3 coats we were still cold though.

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Jellyfishnebula Greater Banded Hornet
Greater Banded Hornet suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Kowdiar Jn., Kerala, India6 years ago

Common name: Velvet ant (Male)
Scientific name: Spaeropthalma pensylvanica

Jellyfishnebula Pale Grass Blue
Pale Grass Blue suggestion by Jellyfishnebula ชลบุรี, จังหวัดชลบุรี, Thailand6 years ago

Common name: Silvery Blue
Scientific name: Glaucopsyche lygdamus

Jellyfishnebula Braconid Wasp
Braconid Wasp suggestion by Jellyfishnebula San Diego, California, USA6 years ago

Common name: Braconid Wasp
Scientific name: Macrocentrus

Jellyfishnebula Glasswing Butterfly
Glasswing Butterfly suggestion by Jellyfishnebula São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil6 years ago

Common name: Glasswing Butterfly
Scientific name: Greta oto
Wikipedia: Greta oto

Jellyfishnebula European Skipper
European Skipper suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Alberta, Canada6 years ago

Common name: European Skipper
Scientific name: Thymelicus lineola

Jellyfishnebula Green Stink Bug nymphs
Green Stink Bug nymphs suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Los Angeles, California, USA7 years ago

Common name: Green Stink Bug nymph
Scientific name: Chinavia hilaris

Jellyfishnebula Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Philippines7 years ago

Common name: Long-legged Fly
Scientific name: Dolichopodidae Condylostylus

Jellyfishnebula Ladybug
Ladybug suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Massachusetts, USA7 years ago

Common name: Ladybug
Scientific name: Harmonia axyridis

Jellyfishnebula Five-Lined Skink
Five-Lined Skink suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Georgia, USA7 years ago

Common name: Unknown
Scientific name: Eumeces fasciatus

Jellyfishnebula Ornate Box Turtle
Ornate Box Turtle suggestion by Jellyfishnebula Bel Aire, Kansas, USA7 years ago

Common name: Flordia Box turtle
Scientific name: Terrapene carolina bauri
Wikipedia: File:Florida Box Turtle Digon3 re-edited.jpg