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Medical Entomologist and nature lover with a special passion for insects.

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, MexicoLat: 16.74, Long: -92.63

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LaurenZarate Meadow Coral
Meadow Coral commented on by LaurenZarate Washington, USA11 months ago

So cool. I keep hoping to find coral fungus here.

LaurenZarate Geometrid Moth
Geometrid Moth commented on by LaurenZarate Chiapas, Mexico11 months ago

Thank you Brian :)

LaurenZarate Bug nymph
Bug nymph commented on by LaurenZarate Kolkata, West Bengal, India11 months ago

They are all bug nymphs of different instars. The big one is probably a 5th (last) instar nymph and will molt to the adult soon. They look like Shield Bug nymphs, Family Pentatomidae.

LaurenZarate Stathmopodidae 蛾
Stathmopodidae 蛾 commented on by LaurenZarate Paracel Islands11 months ago

Interesting little Family!

LaurenZarate Varroa mite
Varroa mite commented on by LaurenZarate Washington, USA11 months ago

Fascinating. I didn't expect the mite to be so large. I was reading that the phoretic phase female is usually found under the sternites so it is amazing that you have that picture of one on the thorax. This article is really neat for all of us who didn't know much about this mite http://www.ask-force.org/web/Bees/Rosenk....

LaurenZarate Micro Plant Bug
Micro Plant Bug commented on by LaurenZarate Chiapas, Mexico11 months ago

This has been our warmest November in years! Even so, the bug population has dropped 90%. We are so high here (more than 6000 feet) so our "winter" is cool (sometimes cold) and dry. Nothing like you though! I can always go down the mountain and find insects. I envy you your lichens and fungus!

LaurenZarate Giant Pill Millipede
Giant Pill Millipede commented on by LaurenZarate Sarawak, Malaysia11 months ago

So cool! I never would have believed this was a Millipede! Especially seeing it curled up like a Sowbug. I had to look it up to believe it! It is an interesting example of convergent evolution between species of two different subphyla!

LaurenZarate Ghost Glass Frog
Ghost Glass Frog commented on by LaurenZarate Provincia Cartago, Costa Rica11 months ago

Wonderful pictures!

LaurenZarate Goldcrest
Goldcrest commented on by LaurenZarate Croatia11 months ago

So Beautiful! Congratulations Morton!

LaurenZarate Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting commented on by LaurenZarate ES, Brazil11 months ago

The fly is probably a Tachinid, based on the wing venation and the spines of the abdomen. Unusual color though.