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Kodiak, Alaska • Cape Elizabeth, Maine • Crystal River, Florida

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Machi LeConte's Tiger Beetles
LeConte's Tiger Beetles commented on by Machi Ottawa, Ontario, Canadaa day ago

Wow! Great shots! I just noticed the ant in the jaws!

Machi Sierra shooting star
Sierra shooting star commented on by Machi Washington, USA5 days ago

Mauna, after further searching I think Primula is definitely your best bet. I think maybe the colors at the center are a bit darker and/or not visible at these angles. I think possibly Tundra (Primula austrofrigida) or Sierra (Primula jeffreyi) shooting stars. It seems like the Dodecatheon species are all now Primula.

Machi Jewelweed
Jewelweed commented on by Machi New York, USA6 days ago

Gaia80, many plants do start with two twin leaves, but not that many in the Northeast start with them this shape. The notch at the edge of each leaf is somewhat distinctive from my own experience. And mauna, that sounds like a good idea. I didn't really look into additional Impatiens for New York, but I have become accustomed to watching these pop up in the spring in Maine.

Machi Owl
Owl commented on by Machi Washington, USA6 days ago

Looks more like barred with the belly streaking

Machi Urchin beak
Urchin beak commented on by Machi Palawan, Philippines6 days ago

Definitely an urchin beak.

Machi Jewelweed
Jewelweed commented on by Machi New York, USAa week ago

Possibly Impatiens capensis, but we also have Impatiens pallida. I find Impatiens capensis a lot in Maine, but I have never found I. pallida even though it grows there because it is not as common.

Machi Spotting
Spotting commented on by Machi Sloveniaa week ago

Yes, dead jelly

Machi Elegant Sunburst Lichen
Elegant Sunburst Lichen commented on by Machi Kodiak, Alaska, USAa week ago

Thanks Neil and Sarah!

Machi Dwarf Sundew
Dwarf Sundew commented on by Machi Florida, USAa week ago

Thanks Robert! I have another spotting of one with an open flower here: https://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/13...

Machi Spotting
Spotting commented on by Machi QLD, Australia2 weeks ago

I am leaning towards gall, albeit a very strange one. You can see that the structure is all one piece, not eggs laid individually inside a structure. Also the little "stem" on the structure doesn't seem like something an insect would intentionally build. I hope you collected it! It seems like a very unusual specimen.