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I am always looking to photograph, identify, and learn about new organisms. Please ask permission before using any photos.

Kodiak, Alaska • Cape Elizabeth, Maine • Crystal River, Florida

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Machi Xylaria
Xylaria suggestion by Machi Benguet, Philippines6 days ago

Common name: Stag's Horn
Scientific name: Xylaria sp.
Wikipedia: Xylaria - Wikipedia

Machi Jewelweed
Jewelweed suggestion by Machi New York, USAa week ago

Common name: Jewelweed
Scientific name: Impatiens sp.
Wikipedia: Impatiens - Wikipedia

Machi Ostrich fern
Ostrich fern suggestion by Machi New York, USA3 weeks ago

Common name: Ostrich Fern
Scientific name: Matteuccia struthiopteris
Wikipedia: Matteuccia - Wikipedia

Machi Spotting
Spotting suggestion by Machi Vermont, USA3 weeks ago

Common name: Pear-shaped Puffball
Scientific name: Lycoperdon pyriforme
Wikipedia: Lycoperdon pyriforme - Wikipedia

Machi Spotting
Spotting suggestion by Machi Slovenia4 weeks ago

Common name: Leaf Fungus
Scientific name: Stereum sp.
Wikipedia: Stereum - Wikipedia

Machi Spotting
Spotting suggestion by Machi Snoqualmie, Washington, USAa month ago

Common name: Split Gill
Scientific name: Schizophyllum commune
Wikipedia: Schizophyllum commune - Wikipedia

Machi Tundra rose
Tundra rose suggestion by Machi Alaska, USA2 months ago

Common name: Shrubby Cinquefoil
Scientific name: Dasiphora fruticosa
Wikipedia: Dasiphora fruticosa - Wikipedia

Machi Furry Seahorse
Furry Seahorse suggestion by Machi California, USA3 months ago

Common name: Leafy Seadragon
Scientific name: Phycodurus eques
Wikipedia: Leafy seadragon - Wikipedia

Machi Fungus
Fungus suggestion by Machi Morona Santiago, Ecuador3 months ago

Common name: Honeycomb Fungus
Scientific name: Favolus brasiliensis
Wikipedia: Favolus - Wikipedia

Machi Glorybower
Glorybower suggestion by Machi চট্টগ্রাম বিভাগ, Bangladesh3 months ago

Common name: Glorybower
Scientific name: Clerodendrum sp.
Wikipedia: Clerodendrum - Wikipedia