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Old fashioned naturalist, 30 years observing seals, research associate Allied Whale

Downeast MaineLat: 44.84, Long: -68.82

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galewhale..Gale Harbor Seal
Harbor Seal suggestion by galewhale..Gale San Mateo, California, USA7 years ago

Common name: California Harbor seal
Scientific name: P. v. richardsi
Wikipedia: Harbor seal

galewhale..Gale northern mockingbird
northern mockingbird suggestion by galewhale..Gale Houston, Texas, USA7 years ago

Scientific name: Mimus polyglottos
Wikipedia: Northern Mockingbird

galewhale..Gale Phoca
Phoca suggestion by galewhale..Gale Highland, United Kingdom7 years ago

Common name: Harbor seal
Scientific name: Phoca vitulina
Wikipedia: Harbor seal

galewhale..Gale Harbour Seal
Harbour Seal suggestion by galewhale..Gale Victoria, British Columbia, Canada7 years ago

Scientific name: Phoca vitulina richardii
Wikipedia: Harbor seal

galewhale..Gale Sea Otter
Sea Otter suggestion by galewhale..Gale Alaska, USA7 years ago

Common name: octopus
Scientific name: cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda
Wikipedia: Octopus

galewhale..Gale White breasted Nuthatch
White breasted Nuthatch suggestion by galewhale..Gale California, USA7 years ago

Common name: White breasted nuthatch
Scientific name: Sitta carolinensis

galewhale..Gale Morning Glory
Morning Glory suggestion by galewhale..Gale Himachal Pradesh, India7 years ago

Common name: Morning Glory
Scientific name: Convolvulaceae family
Wikipedia: Morning glory

galewhale..Gale Florida Bark Scorpion
Florida Bark Scorpion suggestion by galewhale..Gale Florida, USA8 years ago

Common name: scorpion?
Scientific name: Scorpiones (not sure which)
Wikipedia: Scorpion

galewhale..Gale Lady Bug
Lady Bug suggestion by galewhale..Gale Quebec, Québec, Canada8 years ago

Common name: Lady Bug
Scientific name: Coccinellidae
Wikipedia: Coccinellidae

galewhale..Gale Bottle nosed Dolphin
Bottle nosed Dolphin suggestion by galewhale..Gale National City, California, USA8 years ago

Common name: Bottlenosed Dolphin
Scientific name: Tursiops,
Wikipedia: Bottlenose dolphin