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jason.dzurisin Western Tiger Swallowtail
Western Tiger Swallowtail suggestion by jason.dzurisin Los Angeles, California, USA6 years ago

Common name: Western Tiger Swallowtail
Scientific name: Papilio zelicaon
Wikipedia: Papilio zelicaon

jason.dzurisin Black-veined Hairstreak
Black-veined Hairstreak suggestion by jason.dzurisin São Paulo, Brazil7 years ago

Common name: Atys Hairstreak
Scientific name: Atlides atys

jason.dzurisin Tetrio Sphinx (larva)
Tetrio Sphinx (larva) suggestion by jason.dzurisin San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico7 years ago

Common name: Tetrio sphinx
Scientific name: Pseudosphinx tetrio
Wikipedia: Pseudosphinx tetrio

jason.dzurisin Graylag Goose
Graylag Goose suggestion by jason.dzurisin California, USA7 years ago

Common name: Toulouse Goose
Scientific name: Anser anser domesticus
Wikipedia: Toulouse goose

jason.dzurisin Malayan Jungle Glory
Malayan Jungle Glory suggestion by jason.dzurisin Sabah, Malaysia7 years ago

Scientific name: Thaumantis odana
Encylopedia of Life: EOL: Thaumantis odana

jason.dzurisin caterpillar
caterpillar suggestion by jason.dzurisin Lat: 45.41 Lon: -60.437 years ago

Common name: Spotted Tussock Moth
Scientific name: Lophocampa maculata
Encylopedia of Life: Encyclopedia of Life

jason.dzurisin Spinybacked Orbweaver
Spinybacked Orbweaver suggestion by jason.dzurisin Tampa, Florida, USA7 years ago

Common name: Spinybacked Orbweaver
Scientific name: Gasteracantha elipsoides
Wikipedia: Spiny orb-weaver

jason.dzurisin Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting suggestion by jason.dzurisin Kansas City, Missouri, USA7 years ago

Common name: Tawny Emperor
Scientific name: Asterocampa clyton
Wikipedia: Tawny Emperor

jason.dzurisin Blue Swedish duck
Blue Swedish duck suggestion by jason.dzurisin Albany, Oregon, USA7 years ago

Common name: Blue Swedish
Wikipedia: Blue Swedish duck

jason.dzurisin Red- shouldered Hawk
Red- shouldered Hawk suggestion by jason.dzurisin Tampa, Florida, USA7 years ago

Common name: Red-shouldered Hawk
Scientific name: Buteo lineatus
Wikipedia: Red-shouldered Hawk