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I am a 14 year old girl who loves to photograph nature. some of my favorite animals to take pictures of are rabbits, birds, and squirrels.

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outsidegirl0 House Finch (Male, red)
House Finch (Male, red) suggestion by outsidegirl0 Michigan, USA4 years ago

Common name: House Finch
Scientific name: Haemorhous mexicanus

outsidegirl0 orange tiger lily
orange tiger lily suggestion by outsidegirl0 Daphne, Alabama, USA5 years ago

Common name: orange tiger lily
Scientific name: Lillium lancifolium

outsidegirl0 Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove suggestion by outsidegirl0 Columbia, South Carolina, USA5 years ago

Common name: Mourning Dove
Scientific name: Zenaida macroura

outsidegirl0 Praying mantis
Praying mantis suggestion by outsidegirl0 Costa Rica5 years ago

Common name: praying mantis
Scientific name: Mantodea

outsidegirl0 White tailed deer
White tailed deer suggestion by outsidegirl0 Penticton, British Columbia, Canada5 years ago

Common name: White tailed deer
Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus

outsidegirl0 Wild blueberry
Wild blueberry suggestion by outsidegirl0 Arad, Romania5 years ago

Common name: Wild blueberry
Scientific name: Vaccinium corymbosum

outsidegirl0 Millipede
Millipede suggestion by outsidegirl0 Cocoa, Florida, USA5 years ago

Common name: Millipede
Scientific name: Diplopoda

outsidegirl0 honey bee
honey bee suggestion by outsidegirl0 Laguna, Philippines5 years ago

Common name: honey bee
Scientific name: Apis

outsidegirl0 Multicolored Asian Ladybeetle.
Multicolored Asian Ladybeetle. suggestion by outsidegirl0 Tampa, Florida, USA5 years ago

Common name: common ladybug
Scientific name: Coccinellidae

outsidegirl0 rosy maple leaf moth
rosy maple leaf moth suggestion by outsidegirl0 Virginia, USA6 years ago

Common name: rosy maple leaf moth
Scientific name: Dryocampa rubicunda