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trevor.jacksonnz Coconut Tree - Hana, Maui
Coconut Tree - Hana, Maui commented on by trevor.jacksonnz Hawaii, USA4 years ago

The cuts in the fronds to the right definately look like CRB damage to the emerging spear. Cuts appear midway down the frond rather than at the tips which would be indicative of pruning damage. Definately worth checking.

trevor.jacksonnz Coconut
Coconut commented on by trevor.jacksonnz Honolulu, Hawaii, USA5 years ago

Great photos which show us a lot about the attack. Randy's photos show classical rhinoceros beetle damage which has been caused by beetle feeding on the growing point of the palms. Damage on the outer fronds suggests that this started to occur more than a year ago. Damage to the recently emerged fronds shows that a beetle population is established in the area and still feeding. The extent of damage also suggests that beetles are healthy and vigorous. This looks like Waikiki - any traps in the area?