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Snakes of the United States - Center for Snake Conservation

Snakes of the United States - Center for Snake Conservation

The Center for Snake Conservation needs your help to collect distributional data for all wild snakes in the United States. Please record all snakes including any snakes found dead on a road or elsewhere. Please include additional information about your spotting that can help us understand a bit more about the snake. As we collect spottings, we can increase our knowledge about snakes and help educate others that view our photos. Snakes are often unnecessarily feared and we can help change the human perception through our postings. Sign in to join mission

Snakes of the United States - Center for Snake Conservation
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Cameron Young-CSC Snake

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Snakes play vital roles as mid- to top-level predators in our natural ecosystems but they are often very misunderstood and feared by humans. This makes conservation efforts for snakes very difficult. In addition, we lack good geographic distribution records for many species of snakes which limits our ability to adequately measure their conservation needs. The CSC is working hard to increase our knowledge about snakes, their conservation needs, and to educate people about the important roles snakes play in our world. It would take scientists a lifetime to collect the same data that Citizen Scientists can collect using Project Noah. Anyone who can identify a snake or even take a picture to submit can provide important information that enables researchers to learn which species or areas may need additional conservation focus and effort.

Snakes of the United States - Center for Snake Conservation

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Recent Spottings

Black racer Maria dB 3 2 Black racer
Southern Black Racer Machi 1 0 Southern Black Racer
Eastern Worm Snake marylou.wildlife 1 0 Eastern Worm Snake
Copperhead LisaPowers 3 3 Copperhead
Eastern Worm Snake PucaK 2 0 Eastern Worm Snake
Coral Snake joanbstanley 5 0 Coral Snake
Banded sea krait Marek Koszorek 1 0 Banded sea krait
Northern Water Snake - juvenile knabagley 2 0 Northern Water Snake - juvenile
Unknown spotting CateNixon 1 1 Unknown spotting
Garter snake Maria dB 2 0 Garter snake
Eastern rat snake. Diddlebop 2 0 Eastern rat snake.
Cottonmouth Entropy freak 3 1 Cottonmouth
Texas Brown Snake RonaldOrosz 2 6 Texas Brown Snake
Common Garter Snake Diddlebop 2 0 Common Garter Snake
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake BlueAppaloosa 1 0 Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
Common Garter Snake Kyle A 2 2 Common Garter Snake
Eastern Hognose Snake Eis4Xtreme 1 0 Eastern Hognose Snake
Northern Watersnake JimJohnson2 1 3 Northern Watersnake
Eastern Garter Snake CorinneDenison 2 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Unknown spotting KimCozad 1 6 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting JeremiahSchindler 1 0 Unknown spotting
Northern Water Snake Eis4Xtreme 1 0 Northern Water Snake
Fowler's toad Diddlebop 1 0 Fowler's toad
Eastern Garter Snake Eis4Xtreme 1 7 Eastern Garter Snake
Eastern Hognose Snake MaverickGray 2 0 Eastern Hognose Snake
Brown Water Snake Machi 4 2 Brown Water Snake
Western Ribbon Snake AshleyT 5 1 Western Ribbon Snake
Northern Black Racer ForestDragon 1 5 Northern Black Racer
Milk Snake AshleyT 7 2 Milk Snake
Eastern Garter Snake turtlesandtombstones 8 8 Eastern Garter Snake
Brown Snake (Young) Joseph R. Godreau 1 0 Brown Snake (Young)
Cottonmouth AshleyT 1 0 Cottonmouth
Brown Snake AshleyT 1 0 Brown Snake
Mississippi Green Water Snake AshleyT 9 3 Mississippi Green Water Snake
Rough Green Snake AshleyT 3 0 Rough Green Snake
Plain-bellied Water Snake AshleyT 2 1 Plain-bellied Water Snake
Diamondback Water Snake AshleyT 2 0 Diamondback Water Snake
Northern Water Snake SargonR 1 0 Northern Water Snake
Florida Brown Snake RickBohler 1 0 Florida Brown Snake
Western mud snake LisaPowers 11 6 Western mud snake
Eastern milk snake LisaPowers 11 5 Eastern milk snake
Broad-Banded Watersnake redandsilverfox 3 0 Broad-Banded Watersnake
Common watersnake LisaPowers 8 1 Common watersnake
Rough Greensnake LisaPowers 3 0 Rough Greensnake
Bullsnake BlueAppaloosa 2 0 Bullsnake
Rough Earth Snake AshleyT 2 0 Rough Earth Snake
Midland brown snake TammiThiele-Doshier 1 0 Midland brown snake
Gray ratsnake LisaPowers 6 2 Gray ratsnake
North American Racer LisaPowers 3 0 North American Racer
North American Racer LisaPowers 1 0 North American Racer

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