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Please submit clear and identifiable photographs and videos of mollusks, and supply their common names, scientific names, and pertinent descriptions. (If you can't identify an organism, the community is here to help!) Don't forget to specify the date the spotting was made, as well as its location on the map. Include links to authoritative references to make your spottings even more informative, and attach tags (keywords) to make the database more searchable. Thank you! Sign in to join mission

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This Mission is the online repository of marine, fresh-water and terrestrial mollusks spotted by Project Noah members from all over the globe. Mollusca is the largest marine phylum in the world, with a "great range of anatomical diversity" (from Wikipedia). There are around 85,000 species of mollusks: from Cephalopods (squid, octopus, cuttlefish) to Gastropods (nudibranchs, snails); from Bivalves (clam, oysters) to other types of sea shells and worm-like organisms.


Lat: 6.71 Long: 125.65

Recent Spottings

Unknown spotting sarah in the woods 1 0 Unknown spotting
Snail Shell sarah in the woods 1 0 Snail Shell
Unknown spotting Machi 2 1 Unknown spotting
Common Piddock or Pacific Mud Piddock mvpogan 1 0 Common Piddock or Pacific Mud Piddock
Unknown spotting Machi 2 2 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting KarenL 2 0 Unknown spotting
Nassarius cuvierii. Caracolilla eulalia rubio 1 0 Nassarius cuvierii. Caracolilla
Agate Helmet Snail, Heavy Bonnet Eric Noora 2 0 Agate Helmet Snail, Heavy Bonnet
Sea Slug Eric Noora 1 0 Sea Slug
Unknown spotting KatKiloueka 1 0 Unknown spotting
Brazilian Giant Snail LeonardoMB 5 0 Brazilian Giant Snail
Giant plumose anemone Arya 9 3 Giant plumose anemone
Brazilian Giant Snail LeonardoMB 2 0 Brazilian Giant Snail
Shireen's Phyllidiopsis Nudibranch Eric Noora 3 0 Shireen's Phyllidiopsis Nudibranch
Lined Nembrotha nudibranch Eric Noora 3 0 Lined Nembrotha nudibranch
Hypselodoris bollandi Nudibranch Eric Noora 10 8 Hypselodoris bollandi Nudibranch
Wavy Top Turban Snail Kiloueka 1 0 Wavy Top Turban Snail
Heron ardeadoris Marta RubioTexeira 5 4 Heron ardeadoris
Unknown spotting LeonardoMB 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting LeonardoMB 1 0 Unknown spotting
Showy Headshield Slug Blogie 9 1 Showy Headshield Slug
Frosted Nudibranch Arya 45 24 Frosted Nudibranch
Northern Moon Snail Arya 5 2 Northern Moon Snail
Hooded Nudibranch AryaMansourzadeh 45 44 Hooded Nudibranch
Littorina shell DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Littorina shell
Banded dye-murex (πορφύρα) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Banded dye-murex (πορφύρα)
Common octopus PatriciaPi 2 0 Common octopus
Red slug Marta RubioTexeira 6 0 Red slug
Plane snail. Caracol plano eulalia rubio 0 2 Plane snail. Caracol plano
Redline Flabellina Blogie 1 0 Redline Flabellina
Lemon Peel Nudibranch AryaMansourzadeh 13 5 Lemon Peel Nudibranch
West Indian Top Snail joanbstanley 1 2 West Indian Top Snail
Volcano Keyhole Limpet KatKiloueka 2 0 Volcano Keyhole Limpet
Nudibranch ChrisP 3 2 Nudibranch
Octopus. Pulpo eulalia rubio 24 28 Octopus. Pulpo
Plough Snail AryaMansourzadeh 13 15 Plough Snail
Unknown spotting PatriciaPi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Small hermit crab. Cangrejo ermitaño eulalia rubio 1 2 Small hermit crab. Cangrejo ermitaño
European flat oyster (στρείδι) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 4 European flat oyster (στρείδι)
Warty venus (κυδώνι) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Warty venus (κυδώνι)
Grooved carpet shell (αχιβάδα) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Grooved carpet shell (αχιβάδα)
Moon-Face Euselenops Blogie 11 4 Moon-Face Euselenops
Mediterranean hermit crab (κλειτσινάρι) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Mediterranean hermit crab (κλειτσινάρι)
Snail Marta RubioTexeira 6 2 Snail
Elysia timida eulalia rubio 2 2 Elysia timida
Black Abalone (Endangered) Joshua Asel 7 3 Black Abalone (Endangered)
snail Muckpuk 3 1 snail
Roman snail Marta RubioTexeira 7 4 Roman snail
Blue-grey Periwinkles Neil Ross 2 0 Blue-grey Periwinkles
Nudibranch ChrisP 3 2 Nudibranch

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