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Mission WILD

Mission WILD

We want you to submit your spottings of organisms in wilderness areas throughout the world! What qualifies as wilderness, you ask? 1. A place that is mostly biologically intact; and 2. A place that is legally protected so that it remains wild, and free of industrial infrastructure, and open to traditional indigenous use, or low impact recreation. Some examples include State & National Parks, National Forest, Nature Reserves, Open Space, etc. Learn more about wilderness areas Sign in to join mission

Mission WILD
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The WILD Foundation works to protect & interconnect at least half of the planet’s land & water to sustain the health, function & diversity of all life. We want to see your spottings of organisms located in wilderness areas all across the world! We will feature selected spottings on our WILD Foundation Facebook page. Learn more about The WILD Foundation

Mission WILD

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Recent Spottings

Queen of Spain Fritillary; Sofia arlanda 6 0 Queen of Spain Fritillary; Sofia
Plains-wanderer triggsturner 3 0 Plains-wanderer
Giant Banjo Frog triggsturner 3 0 Giant Banjo Frog
Eurasian Lynx Frederic Ansermoz 16 11 Eurasian Lynx
Five-spot Burnet; Gitana de cinco puntos arlanda 4 0 Five-spot Burnet; Gitana de cinco puntos
Heliothea discoidaria arlanda 4 0 Heliothea discoidaria
Unknown spotting AfrahAlhanaAhmadKassim 1 1 Unknown spotting
Beautiful Demoiselle, caballito del diablo azul arlanda 5 2 Beautiful Demoiselle, caballito del diablo azul
Unknown spotting MarkBolnik 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting MarkBolnik 1 0 Unknown spotting
Large Red Damselfly; Caballito del Diablo Rojo arlanda 1 0 Large Red Damselfly; Caballito del Diablo Rojo
Sardinian Warbler; Curruca Cabicinegra Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Sardinian Warbler; Curruca Cabicinegra
Hooded Merganser Jim Nelson 4 2 Hooded Merganser
Griffion Vulture; Buitre Leonado Malcolm Wilton-Jones 4 1 Griffion Vulture; Buitre Leonado
Small White Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Small White
Tiuque josecardenasvejar 2 0 Tiuque
Grey Goshawk (white morph) triggsturner 20 16 Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Beautiful Demoiselle, caballito del diablo azul arlanda 1 0 Beautiful Demoiselle, caballito del diablo azul
Dusky Arion NoamFossi 1 0 Dusky Arion
Griffon Vulture; Buitre Leonado Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Griffon Vulture; Buitre Leonado
Cooper's Hawk (juvenile) misako 3 0 Cooper's Hawk (juvenile)
Desert Bighorn Sheep Polilla 9 1 Desert Bighorn Sheep
Bluethroat Vipul Ramanuj 15 1 Bluethroat
Fat-tailed Dunnart triggsturner 8 5 Fat-tailed Dunnart
Pale-throated Sloth Muckpuk 3 0 Pale-throated Sloth
Tití Gris / White-footed Tamarin Alejandra Patiño Gallego 7 1 Tití Gris / White-footed Tamarin
Common Buzzard KostasZontanos 1 0 Common Buzzard
squirrel Muckpuk 1 1 squirrel
Roseate Spoonbill Jim Nelson 1 2 Roseate Spoonbill
Purple-rumped sunbird Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Purple-rumped sunbird
Greater racket-tailed drongo Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Greater racket-tailed drongo
White-cheeked barbet Nidhin Basheer 1 0 White-cheeked barbet
Tree pipit Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Tree pipit
Great White Pelican KostasZontanos 1 0 Great White Pelican
Huairavo josecardenasvejar 1 0 Huairavo
Great Cormorant KostasZontanos 1 0 Great Cormorant
Unknown spotting Flavio Oliveira 3 1 Unknown spotting
Giant Wood Spider Marek Koszorek 1 0 Giant Wood Spider
Unknown spotting Flavio Oliveira 2 1 Unknown spotting
Plume Moth Fabiola.Natasha 2 0 Plume Moth
Eastern American Toad portiere1217 3 2 Eastern American Toad
Run-Run josecardenasvejar 5 0 Run-Run
Unknown spotting Sushil Thomas David 1 1 Unknown spotting
Blyth's pipit Nidhin Basheer 4 0 Blyth's pipit
Unknown spotting RyanWorthington 1 0 Unknown spotting
Red Cotton bug dandoucette 2 0 Red Cotton bug
Unknown spotting pevans01 1 1 Unknown spotting
Red-spot Jezebel dandoucette 1 0 Red-spot Jezebel
Common Woodshrike Vipul Ramanuj 4 3 Common Woodshrike
Unknown spotting Flavio Oliveira 1 0 Unknown spotting

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