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Mission WILD

Mission WILD

We want you to submit your spottings of organisms in wilderness areas throughout the world! What qualifies as wilderness, you ask? 1. A place that is mostly biologically intact; and 2. A place that is legally protected so that it remains wild, and free of industrial infrastructure, and open to traditional indigenous use, or low impact recreation. Some examples include State & National Parks, National Forest, Nature Reserves, Open Space, etc. Learn more about wilderness areas Sign in to join mission

Mission WILD
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The WILD Foundation works to protect & interconnect at least half of the planet’s land & water to sustain the health, function & diversity of all life. We want to see your spottings of organisms located in wilderness areas all across the world! We will feature selected spottings on our WILD Foundation Facebook page. Learn more about The WILD Foundation

Mission WILD

Lat: 40.46 Long: -3.75

Recent Spottings

Gorse shield bug arlanda 8 2 Gorse shield bug
Short-eared Owl Vipul Ramanuj 6 1 Short-eared Owl
Green Tiger Beetle KostasZontanos 3 0 Green Tiger Beetle
Common Carder-Bee; Abejorro de Campo arlanda 5 2 Common Carder-Bee; Abejorro de Campo
Unknown spotting Felix Fleck 3 1 Unknown spotting
Wall Crab Spider Felix Fleck 7 2 Wall Crab Spider
Marbled white; Medioluto norteña arlanda 2 0 Marbled white; Medioluto norteña
Jersey Tiger; Calomorpha arlanda 1 0 Jersey Tiger; Calomorpha
Malabar Lark SaswatMishra 9 1 Malabar Lark
Crimson Rosella armadeus.4 2 2 Crimson Rosella
Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro arlanda 3 0 Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro
Pink; Clavelina deshilachada arlanda 2 0 Pink; Clavelina deshilachada
Gray Jay doreen.chambers.14 4 1 Gray Jay
High Brown Fritillary; Adipe arlanda 1 0 High Brown Fritillary; Adipe
Common blue damselfly; Caballito del diablo común azul arlanda 2 0 Common blue damselfly; Caballito del diablo común azul
Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro arlanda 8 3 Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro
Field scabious; Escabiosa arlanda 10 7 Field scabious; Escabiosa
Tiger Wandering Spider Felix Fleck 2 0 Tiger Wandering Spider
White-tailed Deer doreen.chambers.14 10 2 White-tailed Deer
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher Thomas Broxton Jr 3 0 Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Gecko FaustoCornejo 0 2 Gecko
Chalkhill blue; Niña coridon arlanda 1 0 Chalkhill blue; Niña coridon
Shelduck KostasZontanos 1 0 Shelduck
Crested Lark KostasZontanos 3 0 Crested Lark
Tiger Wandering Spider Felix Fleck 1 0 Tiger Wandering Spider
Satin Bowerbird (bower) armadeus.4 11 12 Satin Bowerbird (bower)
Common Buzzard KostasZontanos 1 0 Common Buzzard
Greater Flamingo KostasZontanos 2 2 Greater Flamingo
Black-headed Gull KostasZontanos 1 0 Black-headed Gull
Garden snail; Caracol común arlanda 5 4 Garden snail; Caracol común
Spanish Sparrow Malcolm Wilton-Jones 9 10 Spanish Sparrow
Slender Scotch Burnet arlanda 2 0 Slender Scotch Burnet
Greater Knapweed; Centaurea mayor arlanda 4 0 Greater Knapweed; Centaurea mayor
White-tailed Deer doreen.chambers.14 3 1 White-tailed Deer
Mediterranean sea holly; Cardo panical arlanda 3 2 Mediterranean sea holly; Cardo panical
Princely Tiger Moth Felix Fleck 17 13 Princely Tiger Moth
Imperial Moth Nature Nerd 2 1 Imperial Moth
Large Wall Brown; Pedregosa arlanda 1 0 Large Wall Brown; Pedregosa
Dalmatian Pelican KostasZontanos 15 12 Dalmatian Pelican
Wild Turkey doreen.chambers.14 5 1 Wild Turkey
Australian King-Parrot (male) armadeus.4 1 0 Australian King-Parrot (male)
Germanders; Angelitos arlanda 0 4 Germanders; Angelitos
Silver-washed Fritillary; Nacarada arlanda 1 0 Silver-washed Fritillary; Nacarada
Conga ant, bullet ant FaustoCornejo 5 2 Conga ant, bullet ant
Phainopepla Jellis 4 4 Phainopepla
Garden bumblebee; Abejorro de los huertos arlanda 4 2 Garden bumblebee; Abejorro de los huertos
Unknown spotting FaustoCornejo 5 4 Unknown spotting
Yellowhammer KostasZontanos 2 0 Yellowhammer
Crested Lark KostasZontanos 2 2 Crested Lark
Eared Grebe KostasZontanos 2 0 Eared Grebe

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