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Mushroom Mapping

Mushroom Mapping

If you see a mushroom, take a picture of it and submit your data. Make sure to include a habitat description and applicable notes on nearby tree types, the presence of other mushrooms, odor, spore print color, and whether the cap is slimy or dry. Sign in to join mission

Mushroom Mapping
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Mushroom ecology is a pivotal orientation point for exploring urban systems. Help us gather important data and spread knowledge about mushrooms by documenting their locations in your area. The Mushroom Mapping project is a collaborative effort between Columbia’s Urban Landscape Lab, Spatial Information Design Lab and StrataSpore.

Mushroom Mapping

Recent Spottings

The orange peel fungus Mauron 4 0 The orange peel fungus
Cracked Quilt Russula Christine Y. 11 5 Cracked Quilt Russula
Devil's boletus Mauron 10 2 Devil's boletus
Crown Coral Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Crown Coral
Chicken of the Woods ForestDragon 1 0 Chicken of the Woods
Black Earth Tongues Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Black Earth Tongues
Toothed Cup Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Toothed Cup
Spotted Cort Christine Y. 3 0 Spotted Cort
Chicken Lips Christine Y. 5 1 Chicken Lips
Caesar's mushroom Mauron 3 0 Caesar's mushroom
Harefoot mushroom Mauron 1 0 Harefoot mushroom
Bloody brittlegill Mauron 1 0 Bloody brittlegill
Unknown Mushroom ForestDragon 1 0 Unknown Mushroom
Sculptured Puffball doreen.chambers.14 1 0 Sculptured Puffball
Unknown spotting Mauron 1 0 Unknown spotting
Dead Man's Fingers ForestDragon 1 0 Dead Man's Fingers
Bleeding Oak Crust ForestDragon 4 2 Bleeding Oak Crust
The parasol mushroom Mauron 2 0 The parasol mushroom
Coral Fungus ForestDragon 4 0 Coral Fungus
Chicken of the Woods doreen.chambers.14 4 1 Chicken of the Woods
Unknown Mushroom ForestDragon 1 0 Unknown Mushroom
Elegant Stinkhorn doreen.chambers.14 2 0 Elegant Stinkhorn
Destroying Angel LivanEscudero 1 0 Destroying Angel
Russula Mushroom Christine Y. 8 0 Russula Mushroom
Violet Coral Christine Y. 18 13 Violet Coral
Chocolate Brown Slime Mold doreen.chambers.14 3 1 Chocolate Brown Slime Mold
Parrot Toadstool Christine Y. 5 0 Parrot Toadstool
Unknown spotting Nature Nerd 1 0 Unknown spotting
Clavulinopsis miyabeana 紅擬鎖瑚菌 Yeung PK 8 0 Clavulinopsis miyabeana 紅擬鎖瑚菌
Hexagonia apiaria 毛蜂窩菌 Yeung PK 5 0 Hexagonia apiaria 毛蜂窩菌
Summer Cep Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Summer Cep
Frost's Bolete Christine Y. 1 0 Frost's Bolete
lysurus mokusin 五稜散尾鬼筆 Yeung PK 3 0 lysurus mokusin 五稜散尾鬼筆
unidentified mushrooms Allen Hoof 1 0 unidentified mushrooms
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa 鵝絨菌 Yeung PK 1 0 Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa 鵝絨菌
Marasmius pulcherripes Peck 褐紅小皮傘 Yeung PK 1 0 Marasmius pulcherripes Peck 褐紅小皮傘
Mushroom Cluster LaurenZarate 2 0 Mushroom Cluster
Unknown spotting Yeung PK 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Yeung PK 2 0 Unknown spotting
Tinder fungus Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Tinder fungus
Unknown spotting Yeung PK 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Yeung PK 1 0 Unknown spotting
Volvariella speciosa 美麗草菇/白草菇 Yeung PK 1 0 Volvariella speciosa 美麗草菇/白草菇
Unknown spotting momsavang 1 1 Unknown spotting
Devil's fingers Mauron 7 9 Devil's fingers
White coral fungus RiekoSaito 6 2 White coral fungus
Indian pipe RiekoSaito 3 0 Indian pipe
Xanthoconium purpureum Christine Y. 11 3 Xanthoconium purpureum
Unknown spotting momsavang 1 0 Unknown spotting
Ascobolus sp. 糞盤菌屬 Yeung PK 1 0 Ascobolus sp. 糞盤菌屬

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