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Flowers of Europe

Flowers of Europe

Go search for some flowers! Take photos of the ones you come across and add notes to let us know more about where you found them. Sign in to join mission

Flowers of Europe
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We want you to help us build a photo collection of flowers from around the world. Show us what flowers are blooming near you.

Flowers of Europe

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Recent Spottings

Mediterranean lineseed (Μπελλάρντια το τριξάνιο) ChristosMaroulis 3 0 Mediterranean lineseed (Μπελλάρντια το τριξάνιο)
Silene (Σιληνή η αγκαθωτή) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Silene (Σιληνή η αγκαθωτή)
Spreading Germander ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Spreading Germander
Jupiter's beard ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Jupiter's beard
Star-fruited Fenugreek ChristosMaroulis 2 0 Star-fruited Fenugreek
daffodil Student 1 0 daffodil
Unknown spotting Student 1 1 Unknown spotting
Bellflower Jopy 3 0 Bellflower
Autumn crocus Jopy 2 0 Autumn crocus
Bittersweet; Matagallinas arlanda 1 1 Bittersweet; Matagallinas
Brown knapweed IvanaĆosić 1 0 Brown knapweed
Unknown spotting Jopy 4 2 Unknown spotting
Daylily (Ημεροκαλλίδα) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Daylily (Ημεροκαλλίδα)
Cactus flower Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 2 Cactus flower
Aloe x delaetii ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Aloe x delaetii
Sea Bindweed Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Sea Bindweed
Yellow Hornpoppy Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 1 Yellow Hornpoppy
Unknown spotting Jopy 3 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Jopy 3 0 Unknown spotting
Autumn crocus (Κρόκος ο λείος) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Autumn crocus (Κρόκος ο λείος)
Ice plant Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Ice plant
Sea Daffodil; Azucena de Mar arlanda 1 0 Sea Daffodil; Azucena de Mar
Long Knight'S-Spur (Κονσολίντα η λεπτότατη) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Long Knight'S-Spur (Κονσολίντα η λεπτότατη)
Unknown spotting Jopy 3 1 Unknown spotting
Fodder Vetch KostasZontanos 1 0 Fodder Vetch
Dwarf Thistle Jopy 1 0 Dwarf Thistle
Shrubby Pimpernel Malcolm Wilton-Jones 12 3 Shrubby Pimpernel
Unknown spotting Malcolm Wilton-Jones 3 0 Unknown spotting
Lettice Crocus (Κρόκος ο εσχαρωτός) ChristosMaroulis 2 0 Lettice Crocus (Κρόκος ο εσχαρωτός)
Multi-coloured flowers Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Multi-coloured flowers
Common jasmine (Γιασεμί) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Common jasmine (Γιασεμί)
Autumn Crocus of Attica (Κολχικό το Αττικό) ChristosMaroulis 8 3 Autumn Crocus of Attica (Κολχικό το Αττικό)
Big quaking grass (Βρίζα η μεγίστη) ChristosMaroulis 3 0 Big quaking grass (Βρίζα η μεγίστη)
Pink flower; Goivinho-da-praia Malcolm Wilton-Jones 3 4 Pink flower; Goivinho-da-praia
Pink Flower Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Pink Flower
Yellow Sea Aster Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 1 Yellow Sea Aster
The apple tree Mauron 1 0 The apple tree
Yellow flower Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Yellow flower
Narbonne Star-of-Bethlehem ChristosMaroulis 2 0 Narbonne Star-of-Bethlehem
Spanish Bayonet Malcolm Wilton-Jones 0 2 Spanish Bayonet
Elegant bindweed (Κονβόλβουλος ο κομψότατος) ChristosMaroulis 2 0 Elegant bindweed (Κονβόλβουλος ο κομψότατος)
Scaligeria cretica ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Scaligeria cretica
Lesser Butterfly-orchid DanielePralong 5 0 Lesser Butterfly-orchid
Scabiosa hymmetia (Σκαμπιόζα του Υμηττού) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Scabiosa hymmetia (Σκαμπιόζα του Υμηττού)
Red bugloss ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Red bugloss
Unknown spotting Jopy 5 3 Unknown spotting
Node flowering Flax (Αγριολινάρι) ChristosMaroulis 0 1 Node flowering Flax (Αγριολινάρι)
Micromeria nervosa (Μικρομέρια η νευρώδης) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Micromeria nervosa (Μικρομέρια η νευρώδης)
Cardus marianus (Σίλυβο το μαριανό) ChristosMaroulis 2 0 Cardus marianus (Σίλυβο το μαριανό)
Greater broomrape; Espárrago de lobo arlanda 1 0 Greater broomrape; Espárrago de lobo

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