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Flowers of Europe

Flowers of Europe

Go search for some flowers! Take photos of the ones you come across and add notes to let us know more about where you found them. Sign in to join mission

Flowers of Europe
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We want you to help us build a photo collection of flowers from around the world. Show us what flowers are blooming near you.

Flowers of Europe

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Recent Spottings

Smoke Bush KostasZontanos 2 0 Smoke Bush
Tongue-orchid (Σεράπια η γλωσσόμορφη) ChristosMaroulis 4 0 Tongue-orchid (Σεράπια η γλωσσόμορφη)
European centaury Marta RubioTexeira 3 0 European centaury
Madonna Lily Marta RubioTexeira 2 6 Madonna Lily
Slim-leaved flax Marta RubioTexeira 2 2 Slim-leaved flax
Lax-flowered orchid (Κόρη της Λαμπρής) ChristosMaroulis 1 0 Lax-flowered orchid (Κόρη της Λαμπρής)
Black-caraway Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Black-caraway
Hungarian Clover Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Hungarian Clover
Shrubby Jerusalem Sage Marta RubioTexeira 5 1 Shrubby Jerusalem Sage
Mossy stonecrop Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Mossy stonecrop
Tassel Hyacinth Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Tassel Hyacinth
Dwarf Morning Glory Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Dwarf Morning Glory
Burnt orchid Marta RubioTexeira 6 0 Burnt orchid
Green-winged orchid Marta RubioTexeira 4 2 Green-winged orchid
Dalmatian Scilla Marta RubioTexeira 4 0 Dalmatian Scilla
Bastard Balm Marta RubioTexeira 3 2 Bastard Balm
Grass-Leaved Flag Marta RubioTexeira 6 0 Grass-Leaved Flag
Mauve Common Milkwort Marta RubioTexeira 2 1 Mauve Common Milkwort
Dog Figwort Marta RubioTexeira 2 1 Dog Figwort
Three-toothed orchid Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Three-toothed orchid
Meadow Sage Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Meadow Sage
Viper's bugloss Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Viper's bugloss
Wild Carnations Marta RubioTexeira 1 2 Wild Carnations
Bosnian lily Marta RubioTexeira 3 2 Bosnian lily
Spiked Rampion Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Spiked Rampion
White Helleborine Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 White Helleborine
Lesser butterfly-orchid Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Lesser butterfly-orchid
Three-toothed orchid Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Three-toothed orchid
Carline Thistle KostasZontanos 1 0 Carline Thistle
Trumpet vine Zlatan Celebic 1 3 Trumpet vine
Common bistort Zlatan Celebic 1 3 Common bistort
Wild Pansy Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Wild Pansy
Round-headed Rampion Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Round-headed Rampion
Fennel Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Fennel
Arum Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Arum
Broomrape Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Broomrape
Monkshood Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Monkshood
Iris Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Iris
Mexican Cactus Malcolm Wilton-Jones 0 0 Mexican Cactus
Small Caltrops Malcolm Wilton-Jones 0 0 Small Caltrops
Great Globethistle KostasZontanos 1 0 Great Globethistle
Acanthus-leaved Thistle KostasZontanos 2 0 Acanthus-leaved Thistle
Rock Cranesbill KostasZontanos 1 0 Rock Cranesbill
Chicory Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Chicory
White Stonecrop KostasZontanos 1 0 White Stonecrop
Hawkweed KostasZontanos 1 0 Hawkweed
Acanthus-leaved Thistle KostasZontanos 2 0 Acanthus-leaved Thistle
Mugwort KostasZontanos 1 0 Mugwort
"Purple ice" dahlia (Ντάλια) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 1 "Purple ice" dahlia (Ντάλια)
Herb-Robert cranesbill DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Herb-Robert cranesbill

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