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Puerto Rico's Diversity

Puerto Rico's Diversity

Share photos of the organisms you find while exploring wildlife in Puerto Rico. The more observations you can include, the better. Sign in to join mission

Puerto Rico's Diversity
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131 participants 726 spottings

The objective of this mission if to gather information about the biodiversity found in Puerto Rico, with the aims of constructing a database of native and exotic species occurrence while we encourage the participation of the community. The database will be freely accessible, and it will be curated by the University of Puerto Rico's Herbarium (plants, likens and fungi), and Zoology Museum (animals).

Puerto Rico's Diversity

Lat: 18.22 Long: -66.59

Recent Spottings

Unknown spotting Karla Morales 3 0 Unknown spotting
Rolita/ Common Ground Dove Bekka 1 0 Rolita/ Common Ground Dove
Unknown spotting Magyver 2 1 Unknown spotting
Salt Marsh Moth llortizgarcia 2 0 Salt Marsh Moth
Land Crab Bruquena Yolie 1 0 Land Crab Bruquena
Puerto Rican Giant Anole JorgeIllanas 1 0 Puerto Rican Giant Anole
Flor de Maga Karla Morales 1 0 Flor de Maga
Hover Fly Yolie 0 1 Hover Fly
Unknown spotting Yolie 2 0 Unknown spotting
Garden spider Yolie 1 0 Garden spider
Puerto Rican Garden Snake Karla Morales 5 1 Puerto Rican Garden Snake
Unknown spotting Yolie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Yolie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting jesipr 1 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting jesipr 1 1 Unknown spotting
Sandwich Tern JorgeIllanas 1 0 Sandwich Tern
Portuguese Man of War Yolie 3 0 Portuguese Man of War
Unknown spotting Yolie 3 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Yolie 3 0 Unknown spotting
Praying Mantis Yolie 1 1 Praying Mantis
Land crab JVM 1 1 Land crab
Harlequin Dancing-Lady Orchid JoseD.Alicea 3 0 Harlequin Dancing-Lady Orchid
Coqui Yolie 1 0 Coqui
Statira Sulphur Yolie 3 6 Statira Sulphur
Cook's Anole Brian Muñiz 1 0 Cook's Anole
Iguana N�stor 1 0 Iguana
Carpintero de Puerto Rico/ Puerto Rican Woodpecker Bekka 1 1 Carpintero de Puerto Rico/ Puerto Rican Woodpecker
Mango Stem Borer Yolie 1 2 Mango Stem Borer
Reinita Común/ Bananaquit Bekka 1 0 Reinita Común/ Bananaquit
Oruga de los lirios/ Lily leaf caterpillar Rebeca M RS 1 0 Oruga de los lirios/ Lily leaf caterpillar
St. Andrew's Cotton Stainer Yolie 3 0 St. Andrew's Cotton Stainer
Mangrove cuckoo/ Pájaro bobo menor Bekka 1 0 Mangrove cuckoo/ Pájaro bobo menor
Yellow-crowned Night Heron Yolie 1 0 Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Pink rain lily Yolie 1 0 Pink rain lily
Julia Yolie 3 0 Julia
Nutmeg Mannikin Karla Morales 2 0 Nutmeg Mannikin
Tetrio Sphinx Yolie 2 0 Tetrio Sphinx
Bananaquit - Reinita Común Karla Morales 4 0 Bananaquit - Reinita Común
Brown Pelican Karla Morales 2 1 Brown Pelican
Beetle Yolie 1 0 Beetle
Pajaro Bobo Mayor Yolie 1 0 Pajaro Bobo Mayor
Tropical Marshpennywort JoseD.Alicea 2 0 Tropical Marshpennywort
Bush Anole JoseD.Alicea 2 1 Bush Anole
Unknown spotting Yolie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Dragonfly Karla Morales 2 0 Dragonfly
Martin Pescador Yolie 1 0 Martin Pescador
Spotted Moray Brian Muñiz 4 1 Spotted Moray
Red Land Crab emanuelgoyco 1 0 Red Land Crab
Hawksbill Sea Turtle Brian Muñiz 4 2 Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Yellow-banded millipede/Gongolí bandiamarillo llortizgarcia 3 3 Yellow-banded millipede/Gongolí bandiamarillo

Recently joined

Bekka BiophileB LillianTorres RiveraDiego
llortizgarcia Karla Morales JoseD.Alicea edwinjavier11
karelisantiago WillPollard Yolie RanierDaidCollazo
CameronHarber JonathanXavierCorderoSaavedra bryancortesp nitrogen15
Bluu6293 Brian Muñiz emanuelgoyco IvonneCruz
JPAndino Arlene Marie JorgeIllanas josedanny
r.yoly4 JavierAlicea Marine Butterfly N�stor
lgonzalez05 JavierLugoPerez xojiss Aslin I. B.B
José eesquilinl GiovannaM.Albino NatanaelFeliciano
ArelizRiveraRivera OmarBianccoElias LeilanieDenniseJimenez Marlyn
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