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Fungus in America

Fungus in America


Fungus in America
Created by

Carolina Espinoza

193 participants 4,110 spottings

Discover varieties of fungus of the region.

Fungus in America

Lat: -37.03 Long: -87.95

Recent Spottings

Amber Jelly Roll Machi 3 2 Amber Jelly Roll
Fluted bird's nest fungus Brian38 3 1 Fluted bird's nest fungus
Fairy fingers Brian38 1 2 Fairy fingers
Orange peel fungus Brian38 2 0 Orange peel fungus
Fluted Black Elfin Saddle Brian38 4 2 Fluted Black Elfin Saddle
Meadow Coral Brian38 5 2 Meadow Coral
Unknown spotting Machi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Rusty gilled polypore Brian38 1 0 Rusty gilled polypore
Leccinum Mushroom Machi 2 0 Leccinum Mushroom
Woolly Bird Nest Fungus Brian38 16 17 Woolly Bird Nest Fungus
Spiny Puffball Machi 1 2 Spiny Puffball
American Yellow Fly Agaric Machi 5 0 American Yellow Fly Agaric
Unknown spotting Machi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Veiled Panus Machi 4 2 Veiled Panus
Pear-shaped Puffball Machi 2 0 Pear-shaped Puffball
Coral Fungus Machi 0 2 Coral Fungus
Russula Machi 1 0 Russula
Chicken Fat Mushroom Machi 1 0 Chicken Fat Mushroom
Russula Machi 1 0 Russula
Yellow Fairy Cup Machi 3 2 Yellow Fairy Cup
Lentaria byssiseda Christine Y. 5 0 Lentaria byssiseda
Shrimp of the Woods Machi 1 0 Shrimp of the Woods
Akanthomyces on Moth Christine Y. 8 2 Akanthomyces on Moth
Common Stump Brittlestem Machi 2 0 Common Stump Brittlestem
Suillus Machi 1 0 Suillus
Elfin Saddle Christine Y. 3 0 Elfin Saddle
Morel Mushroom LaurenZarate 4 0 Morel Mushroom
Freckled Pelt Lichen Brian38 1 0 Freckled Pelt Lichen
Gem-studded Puffball Machi 1 0 Gem-studded Puffball
Turkey Tail Machi 2 0 Turkey Tail
White Coral Fungus Machi 1 0 White Coral Fungus
Rosy Bonnet Christine Y. 1 0 Rosy Bonnet
Zeller's Bolete Brian38 2 0 Zeller's Bolete
Velvet-top fungus Brian38 1 0 Velvet-top fungus
Gem-studded puffball Brian38 2 0 Gem-studded puffball
Purple-spored Puffball Machi 1 0 Purple-spored Puffball
Sulphur tuft Brian38 2 0 Sulphur tuft
Bear's Head Tooth Fungus Christine Y. 9 12 Bear's Head Tooth Fungus
Fly agaric Brian38 1 0 Fly agaric
Purple Coral Fungus Machi 1 0 Purple Coral Fungus
Purple-Gilled Laccaria Brian38 6 2 Purple-Gilled Laccaria
Spotted Cort Christine Y. 10 0 Spotted Cort
Humongous Fungus Christine Y. 2 0 Humongous Fungus
Elfcups Christine Y. 12 4 Elfcups
Milk Cap Christine Y. 2 0 Milk Cap
False turkey-tail fungus Brian38 1 0 False turkey-tail fungus
Turkey tail fungus Brian38 1 0 Turkey tail fungus
Turkey Tail Christine Y. 1 0 Turkey Tail
Cortinarius Collinitis Christine Y. 1 0 Cortinarius Collinitis
Turkey tail fungus Brian38 8 7 Turkey tail fungus

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