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Fungus in America

Fungus in America


Fungus in America
Created by

Carolina Espinoza

185 participants 3,881 spottings

Discover varieties of fungus of the region.

Fungus in America

Lat: -37.03 Long: -87.95

Recent Spottings

Purplepore Bracket Fungus Christine Y. 8 4 Purplepore Bracket Fungus
Plitt's Pore Lichen Christine Y. 1 2 Plitt's Pore Lichen
Twin Map Lichen Christine Y. 1 3 Twin Map Lichen
Unknown spotting Christine Y. 4 3 Unknown spotting
Smoky-eye Boulder Lichen Christine Y. 1 0 Smoky-eye Boulder Lichen
Mapledust Lichen Christine Y. 3 3 Mapledust Lichen
Script Lichen Christine Y. 1 3 Script Lichen
Mycena Mushroom Christine Y. 4 3 Mycena Mushroom
Gymnopus Subnudus Christine Y. 3 0 Gymnopus Subnudus
Chlorosplenium Cup Fungus Christine Y. 2 3 Chlorosplenium Cup Fungus
Rosellinia Subiculata Christine Y. 5 3 Rosellinia Subiculata
Purple-gilled Laccaria Christine Y. 2 1 Purple-gilled Laccaria
Winter Oysterling Christine Y. 6 3 Winter Oysterling
Unknown spotting Christine Y. 7 4 Unknown spotting
Mycena Aprilis Christine Y. 3 1 Mycena Aprilis
Late Oysters Christine Y. 1 2 Late Oysters
Trapeliopsis Flexuosa Christine Y. 1 3 Trapeliopsis Flexuosa
Script Lichen Christine Y. 5 5 Script Lichen
Orange Jelly Spot Christine Y. 3 0 Orange Jelly Spot
Bird's Nest Fungi Christine Y. 17 3 Bird's Nest Fungi
Merismodes Anomala Christine Y. 8 4 Merismodes Anomala
Veiled Panus Christine Y. 1 2 Veiled Panus
Milk Cap Christine Y. 2 1 Milk Cap
Smoky-eye Boulder Lichen Christine Y. 3 5 Smoky-eye Boulder Lichen
Amanita Mushroom Christine Y. 3 1 Amanita Mushroom
Gray Bolete Christine Y. 2 0 Gray Bolete
Mollisia Disco Fungus Christine Y. 3 1 Mollisia Disco Fungus
Split Gills Christine Y. 8 1 Split Gills
Unknown spotting Christine Y. 3 4 Unknown spotting
Rock-shield Lichen Christine Y. 3 0 Rock-shield Lichen
Reindeer lichen Brian38 1 0 Reindeer lichen
Funeral Bells Christine Y. 9 13 Funeral Bells
Unknown spotting Christine Y. 5 3 Unknown spotting
Wood Ear Christine Y. 3 3 Wood Ear
Script Lichen Christine Y. 1 0 Script Lichen
Destroying Angel Christine Y. 4 2 Destroying Angel
Neofavolus Polypore Christine Y. 2 4 Neofavolus Polypore
Antrodia Variiformis Christine Y. 7 7 Antrodia Variiformis
Weeping Milk Cap Christine Y. 4 3 Weeping Milk Cap
False Turkey Tail Christine Y. 4 2 False Turkey Tail
Wrinkled Crust Christine Y. 1 0 Wrinkled Crust
Inky Caps Christine Y. 1 1 Inky Caps
Smoky-eye Boulder Lichen Christine Y. 2 2 Smoky-eye Boulder Lichen
Unknown spotting Christine Y. 1 1 Unknown spotting
Red-mouth Bolete Christine Y. 2 0 Red-mouth Bolete
Megacollybia Mushroom Christine Y. 2 0 Megacollybia Mushroom
King Alfred's Cake Machi 2 0 King Alfred's Cake
Bitter Oyster Christine Y. 1 3 Bitter Oyster
Golden Waxy Cap Christine Y. 1 0 Golden Waxy Cap
Tarzetta Cup Fungus Christine Y. 8 3 Tarzetta Cup Fungus

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