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NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

In addition to our 45 celebrity species for NWF's annual National Wildlife Week we want to see what EXTRA-ordinary wildlife you see! Share photos of animals and plants that fit into our five categories (see details) and let us know why you think they are EXTRA-ordinary! Learn more at Sign in to join mission

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!
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National Wildlife Federation

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We here at the National Wildlife Federation are celebrating our 74th annual National Wildlife Week! This year we are learning about EXTRA-ordinary species in our backyards, across the nation, and how we can take action to support them. The categories include: Wildlife with Innovative Defenses, Record Breakers, Wildlife with Super Senses, Species that Survive in Unusual Habitats, and Wildlife with Special Adaptations. Meet the featured wildlife here:

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

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Recent Spottings

Sawfly Caterpillar Wesley Oosthuizen 11 1 Sawfly Caterpillar
Leatherback Sea Turtle CatalinaUruenaGrajales 14 2 Leatherback Sea Turtle
Barrel jellyfish Marek Koszorek 25 12 Barrel jellyfish
Green Sea Turtle Catalina 7 0 Green Sea Turtle
Red-eyed tree frog Catalina 5 1 Red-eyed tree frog
Leaf-footed Bug Nymph Wesley Oosthuizen 3 3 Leaf-footed Bug Nymph
Three-Toed Sloth Catalina 4 1 Three-Toed Sloth
Unknown spotting Wesley Oosthuizen 3 0 Unknown spotting
Rosy Gypsy Moth Wesley Oosthuizen 4 2 Rosy Gypsy Moth
Slug, or cup, moth caterpillar Wesley Oosthuizen 3 0 Slug, or cup, moth caterpillar
Unknown spotting Wesley Oosthuizen 1 0 Unknown spotting
Praying Mantis Wesley Oosthuizen 1 1 Praying Mantis
Unknown spotting Wesley Oosthuizen 1 0 Unknown spotting
Temple Tree Frog Wesley Oosthuizen 1 0 Temple Tree Frog
Slug or Cup Moth Caterpillar Wesley Oosthuizen 22 5 Slug or Cup Moth Caterpillar
Wood Frog LisaPowers 4 0 Wood Frog
Seal Salamander LisaPowers 2 0 Seal Salamander
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Jim Nelson 3 1 Gulf Fritillary Butterfly
Robber fly Arijit Banerjee 6 4 Robber fly
Unknown spotting Wesley Oosthuizen 3 1 Unknown spotting
Stump-tailed macaque JekYap 2 0 Stump-tailed macaque
Geometer Caterpillar Wesley Oosthuizen 6 0 Geometer Caterpillar
Great blue heron MaggieNoel 1 0 Great blue heron
Wasp spider Jae 2 0 Wasp spider
Clearwing Wasp Moth Wesley Oosthuizen 1 1 Clearwing Wasp Moth
Warpaint Shiner (Luxilus coccogenis) LisaPowers 2 2 Warpaint Shiner (Luxilus coccogenis)
Diplacodes trivialis Arijit Banerjee 1 0 Diplacodes trivialis
Unknown spotting Wesley Oosthuizen 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Arijit Banerjee 6 1 Unknown spotting
Snubnose darter LisaPowers 5 2 Snubnose darter
Unknown spotting TeresaBurke 0 0 Unknown spotting
Bluntnose minnow LisaPowers 2 0 Bluntnose minnow
Spiny river snail LisaPowers 2 0 Spiny river snail
Cannonball Jellyfish TeresaBurke 1 1 Cannonball Jellyfish
Blue spotted salamander mrskbelleville 1 3 Blue spotted salamander
Tennessee shiner LisaPowers 1 0 Tennessee shiner
Bald eagle LisaPowers 1 0 Bald eagle
Indian palm squirrel Arijit Banerjee 1 0 Indian palm squirrel
Felimare picta Marek Koszorek 1 0 Felimare picta
Virginia opossum LisaPowers 1 0 Virginia opossum
Nautilus damionea 1 0 Nautilus
Elk joanbstanley 1 0 Elk
Western Pygmy-Blue Butterfly Jim Nelson 6 2 Western Pygmy-Blue Butterfly
Unknown spotting Marek Koszorek 1 0 Unknown spotting
Alpine Salamander Frederic Ansermoz 1 4 Alpine Salamander
Sulcata Tortoise JimJohnson2 1 1 Sulcata Tortoise
Seahorse Marek Koszorek 6 0 Seahorse
Gray/Cope's Gray Tree Frog Kathryn Smith 1 2 Gray/Cope's Gray Tree Frog
Copes grey treefrog Kathryn Smith 1 0 Copes grey treefrog
Red Fox Cubs Frederic Ansermoz 14 14 Red Fox Cubs

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