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NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

In addition to our 45 celebrity species for NWF's annual National Wildlife Week we want to see what EXTRA-ordinary wildlife you see! Share photos of animals and plants that fit into our five categories (see details) and let us know why you think they are EXTRA-ordinary! Learn more at Sign in to join mission

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!
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National Wildlife Federation

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We here at the National Wildlife Federation are celebrating our 74th annual National Wildlife Week! This year we are learning about EXTRA-ordinary species in our backyards, across the nation, and how we can take action to support them. The categories include: Wildlife with Innovative Defenses, Record Breakers, Wildlife with Super Senses, Species that Survive in Unusual Habitats, and Wildlife with Special Adaptations. Meet the featured wildlife here:

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

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Recent Spottings

Coast Range Fence Lizard Frederic Ansermoz 5 1 Coast Range Fence Lizard
kereru (new zealand wood pigeon) 2 0 kereru (new zealand wood pigeon)
Firefly Frederic Ansermoz 2 0 Firefly
Bat Ray StirredMocha 3 0 Bat Ray
Red Admiral StirredMocha 1 0 Red Admiral
Spotted Salamander StirredMocha 5 3 Spotted Salamander
Wild Horses Jellis 4 2 Wild Horses
Alpine ibex Frederic Ansermoz 14 11 Alpine ibex
Wandering Glider joanbstanley 1 0 Wandering Glider
Frog FaredinAliyevski 4 0 Frog
Indian Pipe StirredMocha 2 0 Indian Pipe
Speckled Sharpshooter LisaPowers 1 0 Speckled Sharpshooter
Red-Shouldered Hawk J.S. Geiger 2 0 Red-Shouldered Hawk
Red-headed Bush Cricket LisaPowers 7 2 Red-headed Bush Cricket
California Least Tern StirredMocha 1 0 California Least Tern
Green Stink Bug LisaPowers 1 0 Green Stink Bug
Audubon's Cottontail StirredMocha 1 0 Audubon's Cottontail
Striped skunk 22erin.plummer 1 0 Striped skunk
California Sea Lion StirredMocha 10 1 California Sea Lion
California Ground Squirrel StirredMocha 1 0 California Ground Squirrel
Grass-like Mantid TeresaBurke 0 0 Grass-like Mantid
Pandora Sphinx Moth amanda.yeager17 3 0 Pandora Sphinx Moth
Toucan 韵颖 0 0 Toucan
Dead man's fingers Jae 4 2 Dead man's fingers
Bighorn sheep Frederic Ansermoz 4 2 Bighorn sheep
Garden snail & Grove snail Jae 3 0 Garden snail & Grove snail
North American Red Squirrel Frederic Ansermoz 2 2 North American Red Squirrel
White-tailed Deer StirredMocha 1 0 White-tailed Deer
Mute swan Jae 3 0 Mute swan
American white ibis hernandezwolf99 3 0 American white ibis
Barnacle goose Jae 2 0 Barnacle goose
Elk / Wapiti Frederic Ansermoz 2 1 Elk / Wapiti
Speckled wood Jae 3 0 Speckled wood
Egg yolk fieldcap Jae 2 1 Egg yolk fieldcap
Sulphur shelf Jae 2 0 Sulphur shelf
Common earthball Jae 2 0 Common earthball
Southern bracket Jae 2 0 Southern bracket
Brittle cinder Jae 1 0 Brittle cinder
Carrion crow Jae 1 0 Carrion crow
Artist's bracket Jae 1 0 Artist's bracket
Pavement mushroom Jae 1 0 Pavement mushroom
Hare's foot inkcap Jae 1 0 Hare's foot inkcap
Unknown spotting Jae 1 0 Unknown spotting
Common frog Jae 1 0 Common frog
Great green bush-cricket Jae 1 0 Great green bush-cricket
Black slug & Red slug Jae 1 0 Black slug & Red slug
Chamois Frederic Ansermoz 1 0 Chamois
Grove snail Jae 2 0 Grove snail
Great white egret hernandezwolf99 3 0 Great white egret
Double crested cormorant hernandezwolf99 3 0 Double crested cormorant

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