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NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

In addition to our 45 celebrity species for NWF's annual National Wildlife Week we want to see what EXTRA-ordinary wildlife you see! Share photos of animals and plants that fit into our five categories (see details) and let us know why you think they are EXTRA-ordinary! Learn more at Sign in to join mission

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!
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National Wildlife Federation

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We here at the National Wildlife Federation are celebrating our 74th annual National Wildlife Week! This year we are learning about EXTRA-ordinary species in our backyards, across the nation, and how we can take action to support them. The categories include: Wildlife with Innovative Defenses, Record Breakers, Wildlife with Super Senses, Species that Survive in Unusual Habitats, and Wildlife with Special Adaptations. Meet the featured wildlife here:

NWF: Watch for Wildlife!

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Recent Spottings

Little Blue Heron Jim Nelson 5 7 Little Blue Heron
Indian paradise flycatcher- Male Nidhin Basheer 4 2 Indian paradise flycatcher- Male
Jacobin cuckoo Nidhin Basheer 8 0 Jacobin cuckoo
Brown shrike (sub species: lucionensis) Nidhin Basheer 2 0 Brown shrike (sub species: lucionensis)
Marbled crab Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Marbled crab
Common woodshrike Nidhin Basheer 2 2 Common woodshrike
Indian paradise flycatcher- Female Nidhin Basheer 6 0 Indian paradise flycatcher- Female
Scaly-breasted munia Nidhin Basheer 3 0 Scaly-breasted munia
The white-browed wagtail Nidhin Basheer 1 0 The white-browed wagtail
Hippopotamus Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Hippopotamus
Eurasian Red Squirrel Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Eurasian Red Squirrel
Plain prinia- Male Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Plain prinia- Male
Northern Mockingbird Jim Nelson 18 15 Northern Mockingbird
Unknown spotting AnkitShah 2 0 Unknown spotting
Red Fox Zoe Crego2 1 1 Red Fox
The ashy prinia Nidhin Basheer 9 10 The ashy prinia
Yellow-billed babbler (Juvenile) Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Yellow-billed babbler (Juvenile)
Spotted owlet Nidhin Basheer 2 2 Spotted owlet
Blue-faced malkoha Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Blue-faced malkoha
Purple sunbird Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Purple sunbird
The shikra Nidhin Basheer 2 0 The shikra
Scaly-breasted munia Nidhin Basheer 9 2 Scaly-breasted munia
Purple sunbird- Male (eclipse plumage) Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Purple sunbird- Male (eclipse plumage)
Banded garden snail or Grove snail George Themelis 4 0 Banded garden snail or Grove snail
The shikra Nidhin Basheer 6 3 The shikra
Shikra- Female Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Shikra- Female
Unknown spotting Nidhin Basheer 1 2 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting JeffSchilling 2 2 Unknown spotting
Indian peafowl-Female Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Indian peafowl-Female
Siberian Stonechat SaswatMishra 3 2 Siberian Stonechat
Hoopoe Nidhin Basheer 2 4 Hoopoe
American White Pelican Jim Nelson 3 2 American White Pelican
Turkey Vulture Jim Nelson 18 18 Turkey Vulture
Red-vented bulbul Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Red-vented bulbul
Jacobin cuckoo Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Jacobin cuckoo
Unknown spotting Gabe39 2 0 Unknown spotting
The Indian flying fox/ greater Indian fruit bat Nidhin Basheer 2 0 The Indian flying fox/ greater Indian fruit bat
Little cormorant Nidhin Basheer 2 0 Little cormorant
Indian robin- Female Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Indian robin- Female
Blue-tailed bee-eater Nidhin Basheer 1 0 Blue-tailed bee-eater
Sunfish/Moonfish AlbertKang 1 0 Sunfish/Moonfish
Verdin Jim Nelson 15 13 Verdin
Green iguana AnkitShah 1 0 Green iguana
Red Admiral KimberlyScott 0 0 Red Admiral
Robber Fly doreen.chambers.14 1 0 Robber Fly
Red-Tailed Hawk Jim Nelson 10 13 Red-Tailed Hawk
White-tailed Deer doreen.chambers.14 1 0 White-tailed Deer
Western Fence Lizard Jim Nelson 3 2 Western Fence Lizard
American Goldfinch doreen.chambers.14 1 0 American Goldfinch
Unnamed spotting Gabe39 3 1 Unnamed spotting

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