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Insects of the Western Cape

Insects of the Western Cape

By posting your spots of any insect found in this area we can create a mission to compare pictures of insect species... and if we are lucky we might find a brand new one too! You may add any spot of an insect, its eggs or nests. Sign in to join mission

Insects of the Western Cape
Created by

Smith Zoo

14 participants 616 spottings

With the Fynbos endemic to the Western Cape comes the unique insects that call it their home like the Zebra Cockroach only found in our beautiful ecosystem.

Insects of the Western Cape

Lat: -34.09 Long: 18.41

Recent Spottings

Cuckoo Bee Michael Strydom 9 0 Cuckoo Bee
Cape Emerald Cicada Michael Strydom 2 0 Cape Emerald Cicada
Lunate Ladybird Michael Strydom 3 0 Lunate Ladybird
Ichneumonid Wasp Cocoon Michael Strydom 10 6 Ichneumonid  Wasp Cocoon
Leaf Mining Fly Michael Strydom 2 0 Leaf Mining Fly
Blue Emperor Michael Strydom 2 0 Blue Emperor
Drone Fly Michael Strydom 3 0 Drone Fly
Unknown spotting Michael Strydom 1 0 Unknown spotting
Banded Bee Michael Strydom 1 0 Banded Bee
Funnel Web Spider Michael Strydom 1 0 Funnel Web Spider
Unknown spotting Danie Spreeth 1 1 Unknown spotting
Paper Wasp Smith Zoo 1 0 Paper Wasp
Unknown spotting Danie Spreeth 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Danie Spreeth 0 2 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Danie Spreeth 0 2 Unknown spotting
Garden Fruit Chafer Danie Spreeth 0 2 Garden Fruit Chafer
Dark opal Fanie 3 0 Dark opal
Great karoo antlion Fanie 25 6 Great karoo antlion
Assasin bug vs. monkey beetle Fanie 1 1 Assasin bug vs. monkey beetle
Stink bug Fanie 1 0 Stink bug
Southern Green Shieldbug Fanie 1 2 Southern Green Shieldbug
Protea emperor Fanie 2 0 Protea emperor
Green Vegetable Bug Smith Zoo 3 0 Green Vegetable Bug
Unequal Haplolabida Fanie 2 1 Unequal Haplolabida
Tri-coloured Tiger Smith Zoo 1 0 Tri-coloured Tiger
Cuckoo wasp Fanie 8 1 Cuckoo wasp
Push-me-pull-you bug Fanie 3 0 Push-me-pull-you bug
Tricoloured Tiger Jaco Nieman 1 1 Tricoloured Tiger
Carpenter Bee Smith Zoo 2 0 Carpenter Bee
Spider-hunting Wasp with prey Smith Zoo 1 0 Spider-hunting Wasp with prey
Erebid moth Fanie 0 1 Erebid moth
Diamond Studs Fanie 2 2 Diamond Studs
Robber fly vs. butterfly Fanie 1 0 Robber fly vs. butterfly
Owl fly Fanie 3 0 Owl fly
Peninsula blue Fanie 15 5 Peninsula blue
Stag Beetle Wendy Clapham 0 0 Stag Beetle
Burnet Fanie 4 1 Burnet
African grass blue Fanie 3 0 African grass blue
Monkey blue Fanie 2 1 Monkey blue
Bee-mimicking fly Wendy Clapham 2 0 Bee-mimicking fly
Unknown spotting Fanie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Protea scarlet Fanie 3 2 Protea scarlet
Vermiculous Fanie 2 0 Vermiculous
Robber fly Fanie 7 0 Robber fly
Leaf beetle Fanie 5 0 Leaf beetle
White-spotted fruit chafer Fanie 5 1 White-spotted fruit chafer
Striped toktokkie Fanie 1 0 Striped toktokkie
Tri-colored tiger Fanie 1 1 Tri-colored tiger
Rooibos longhorn beetle Fanie 1 0 Rooibos longhorn beetle
Unknown spotting Fanie 1 2 Unknown spotting

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