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National Geographic's Great Nature Project

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

Take and upload a photo of a plant, animal, or any other living thing you come across to help us compile the world’s largest collection of nature photos. Sign in to join mission

National Geographic's Great Nature Project
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National Geographic is urging everyone to get outside to explore nature. Participants are asked to contribute photos of any species they come across with the goal of building a global snapshot of biodiversity. The photos are aggregated on for website visitors to browse.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

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Recent Spottings

Peregrine Falcon AshleyT 26 8 Peregrine Falcon
Common Kingfisher Thanasis Samaras 10 0 Common Kingfisher
Stink bug and nymphs Diaz José Miguel 13 1 Stink bug and nymphs
Wallace's Flying Frog AlbertKang 7 13 Wallace's Flying Frog
Green Praying mantis sunnyjosef 7 3 Green Praying mantis
Crab AlbertKang 24 11 Crab
Costa's Hummingbird JoshuaGSmith 6 11 Costa's Hummingbird
Malachite magazhu 7 1 Malachite
Tussock moth AnnvanWijgerden 19 0 Tussock moth
White-throated Sparrow AshleyT 5 1 White-throated Sparrow
Bewick's Wren AshleyT 5 1 Bewick's Wren
Western green mamba Desmond.E.S.O 4 0 Western green mamba
Spinybacked Orbweaver magazhu 6 0 Spinybacked Orbweaver
Red-veined Darter or nomad IvanPancic 1 7 Red-veined Darter or nomad
Crab-Like Spiny Orb-Weaver PhotoginTN 17 3 Crab-Like Spiny Orb-Weaver
Fern spores magazhu 3 2 Fern spores
Hooded Merganser James McNair 5 2 Hooded Merganser
Unknown spotting Diaz José Miguel 4 2 Unknown spotting
Fox sparrow 3 3 Fox sparrow
Bee-fly IvanPancic 2 2 Bee-fly
Adonis ladybird IvanPancic 5 1 Adonis ladybird
Unknown spotting Kata Mahakayi 2 1 Unknown spotting
Green Tree Python Desmond.E.S.O 1 0 Green Tree Python
Starling; Estornino Pinto Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Starling; Estornino Pinto
Serin; Verdecillo Malcolm Wilton-Jones 3 0 Serin; Verdecillo
Jungle bush Quail KarthikAk 3 1 Jungle bush Quail
White-crowned Sparrow (Gambel's) JoshuaGSmith 2 4 White-crowned Sparrow (Gambel's)
White Wagtail Thanasis Samaras 3 0 White Wagtail
American Alligator James McNair 4 0 American Alligator
Aoudad AshleyT 9 2 Aoudad
Polla Blue Skipper EduardoAxelRecillasBautista 8 0 Polla Blue Skipper
House Wren AshleyT 2 0 House Wren
Dragonfly laying eggs magazhu 3 0 Dragonfly laying eggs
Gaboon Viper Desmond.E.S.O 0 4 Gaboon Viper
Planthopper? Wild Things 2 1 Planthopper?
Greyling bracket Jae 5 1 Greyling bracket
Lance-Headed Rattlesnake Desmond.E.S.O 1 2 Lance-Headed Rattlesnake
Oriental garden lizard Sew 2 0 Oriental garden lizard
Lynx Spider ID IvanPancic 2 2 Lynx Spider ID
Gila Woodpecker joanbstanley 1 1 Gila Woodpecker
Winter wren Maria dB 5 0 Winter wren
Gray's Monitor Desmond.E.S.O 0 3 Gray's Monitor
Brown-patched Kangaroo lizard Sew 2 0 Brown-patched Kangaroo lizard
Black-capped Kingfisher KathleenMcEachern 3 6 Black-capped Kingfisher
Hoopoe; Abubilla Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Hoopoe; Abubilla
Glossy Ibis James McNair 3 0 Glossy Ibis
Black-capped chickadee outsidegirl0 1 1 Black-capped chickadee
Raccoon JackGraham 1 1 Raccoon
Unknown spotting BenKula 8 1 Unknown spotting
Common Merganser AshleyT 2 0 Common Merganser

Recently joined

IvanPancic emilybelle.mail TamLar Diana@TRR
yunseong1 PhotoginTN Wild Sage Kata Mahakayi
LindaShermanReinhart SallieGurth maria1 Desmond.E.S.O
misterhamlin miah.tapper klkoser93 Nature Lover
dakotadyani Sara Fernández Samuel2 flyingfrogconcepts
lorettamerritt52 luiz neto juneah1 angela1
lwhelan73 GioBellini Erin Metcalf FenziRiccardo
ArindamMaity SanjayaDeshapriya DiegoM Yaniv and Sarit Wainer
Ac tiakennedy10 MarshallEmerson edumoulin
LiuJimFood MaverickGray NoemiRound Serafina
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