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National Geographic's Great Nature Project

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

Take and upload a photo of a plant, animal, or any other living thing you come across to help us compile the world’s largest collection of nature photos. Sign in to join mission

National Geographic's Great Nature Project
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National Geographic is urging everyone to get outside to explore nature. Participants are asked to contribute photos of any species they come across with the goal of building a global snapshot of biodiversity. The photos are aggregated on for website visitors to browse.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

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Recent Spottings

Green weaver spider with Web Adarsha B S 38 31 Green weaver spider with Web
Sri Lanka blue magpie Dilan Chathuranga 23 20 Sri Lanka blue magpie
Barn Owl AshleyT 20 13 Barn Owl
Red fody Marta RubioTexeira 5 4 Red fody
Sphinx pinastri MirkoTomasi 7 1 Sphinx pinastri
Queensnake LisaPowers 22 9 Queensnake
Bearded vulture Marta RubioTexeira 6 2 Bearded vulture
Cape dwarf chameleon and juvenile Fanie 41 29 Cape dwarf chameleon and juvenile
Savannah Sparrow James McNair 4 0 Savannah Sparrow
Horsehoof Fungus Neil Ross 6 4 Horsehoof Fungus
Beefsteak fungus Jae 5 4 Beefsteak fungus
Black-tailed prairie dog Marta RubioTexeira 6 3 Black-tailed prairie dog
Unknown spotting BiancaDecletBauzo 8 3 Unknown spotting
Giant Uraniid Moth AlbertKang 3 1 Giant Uraniid Moth
Golden Web Orb-Weaver Spider James McNair 4 0 Golden Web Orb-Weaver Spider
Jumping Spider Leana Lahom-Cristobal 4 2 Jumping Spider
Painted wood turtle magazhu 10 4 Painted wood turtle
Red-tailed Hawk CeilidhDutton 7 4 Red-tailed Hawk
Greater Flamingo; Flamenco Malcolm Wilton-Jones 5 2 Greater Flamingo; Flamenco
Candlesnuff fungus Jae 10 7 Candlesnuff fungus
Plebeius blue IvanPancic 3 4 Plebeius blue
Mourning Dove CeilidhDutton 7 3 Mourning Dove
Andean condor Marta RubioTexeira 11 2 Andean condor
Thread-waisted Wasp James McNair 2 2 Thread-waisted Wasp
Brown rollrim Jae 5 5 Brown rollrim
Garter Snake LuckyLogan 20 11 Garter Snake
Argus Tortoise Beetle Carol Snow Milne 15 2 Argus Tortoise Beetle
Long-eared Owl IvanPancic 2 2 Long-eared Owl
Unknown spotting PieterColpaert 8 4 Unknown spotting
Red Fox ShaynaHartley 3 1 Red Fox
Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard Neil Ross 3 6 Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard
Unknown spotting Uday 6 1 Unknown spotting
Little Owl MirkoTomasi 3 0 Little Owl
Weaver Ant FlorianMeier 3 3 Weaver Ant
Arrowhead Spider James McNair 2 1 Arrowhead Spider
Black Kingsnake LisaPowers 3 0 Black Kingsnake
long-tailed macaque JasmineJ 3 2 long-tailed macaque
Eighteen damselflies EduardoAxelRecillasBautista 11 0 Eighteen damselflies
Gilded Flicker Woodpecker RobinGraves 1 5 Gilded Flicker Woodpecker
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly James McNair 8 1 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Stink Bug nymph Wild Things 12 6 Stink Bug nymph
Unknown spotting RobinGraves 2 1 Unknown spotting
Yellow-vented Bulbul KathleenMcEachern 3 1 Yellow-vented Bulbul
Marsh Wren James McNair 1 0 Marsh Wren
Brown Anole James McNair 2 2 Brown Anole
Crimson rosella Marta RubioTexeira 15 6 Crimson rosella
Hump nosed lizard Sew 4 3 Hump nosed lizard
Diamond Python Neil Ross 9 11 Diamond Python
Tropical Swallowtail Moth KathleenMcEachern 2 2 Tropical Swallowtail Moth
Brazilian Tapir pamsai 1 1 Brazilian Tapir

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