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National Geographic's Great Nature Project

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

Take and upload a photo of a plant, animal, or any other living thing you come across to help us compile the world’s largest collection of nature photos.

This mission has ended and is no longer accepting submissions.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project
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National Geographic is urging everyone to get outside to explore nature. Participants are asked to contribute photos of any species they come across with the goal of building a global snapshot of biodiversity.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

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Recent Spottings

Tailed Jay Chrysalis Jolly Ibanez 3 1 Tailed Jay Chrysalis
Caterpillar XristosSallas 1 0 Caterpillar
Common fig EricDraesel 1 0 Common fig
Speckled Wood Thanasis Samaras 1 1 Speckled Wood
Paper Wasp Kranti Dhiman 1 2 Paper Wasp
Unknown spotting dandoucette 1 0 Unknown spotting
Blue Whistling Thrush PampaMistri 1 0 Blue Whistling Thrush
Large Cuckooshrike Ashutosh Dudhatra 1 1 Large Cuckooshrike
Ten Lined June Beetle vincent.kristy.43 1 0 Ten Lined June Beetle
Sweet Violet KostasZontanos 1 0 Sweet Violet
Rose Mallow Zariga 1 5 Rose Mallow
Scaly-breasted munia sunnyjosef 1 0 Scaly-breasted munia
American Sweetgum rohanberg 1 0 American Sweetgum
Spiny Lizard Jim Nelson 1 0 Spiny Lizard
Blue Grama Grass joanbstanley 1 0 Blue Grama Grass
Mediterranean Hartwort KostasZontanos 1 0 Mediterranean Hartwort
Yellow Oleander Deepti S 1 0 Yellow Oleander
Peregrine Falcon MartaPoludnik 1 0 Peregrine Falcon
Jumping Spider XristosSallas 4 1 Jumping Spider
Showy Lady's-slipper LindaKing2 1 0 Showy Lady's-slipper
algae rohanberg 1 0 algae
Grillo Mimético TonyHdz 1 0 Grillo Mimético
Hard Coral Crab Jim Nelson 1 0 Hard Coral Crab
Field Marigold KostasZontanos 1 0 Field Marigold
Tufted Titmouse rohanberg 1 0 Tufted Titmouse
Giraffe RedRock 1 1 Giraffe
Proliferating Anemone DonnaPomeroy 1 0 Proliferating Anemone
Phyllidia varicosa Marek Koszorek 1 0 Phyllidia varicosa
Jumping Spiders XristosSallas 8 1 Jumping Spiders
Boykin's Milkwort Ryan Fezz 1 0 Boykin's Milkwort
Mantis Sumukha Javagal 1 0 Mantis
Bobcat Mandy Hollman 1 0 Bobcat
Northern Green Frog StirredMocha 1 1 Northern Green Frog
Common Raven RedRock 1 0 Common Raven
red dragonfly valentinezza 1 0 red dragonfly
Wax Scale FlorianMeier 1 0 Wax Scale
Autumn Squill KostasZontanos 1 0 Autumn Squill
Leaf Beetle KostasZontanos 1 2 Leaf Beetle
Silk moth cccartwright 1 0 Silk moth
Rufous Tailed Lark SarangBhand 1 0 Rufous Tailed Lark
Ten Lined June Beetle RedRock 1 0 Ten Lined June Beetle
Speedwell IvanPancic 1 1 Speedwell
Eyed Click Beetle Born2binthesun 2 1 Eyed Click Beetle
Florida Polydamas Swallowtail BenHoldridge 2 1 Florida Polydamas Swallowtail
White-collared Kingfisher KdonGalay 4 1 White-collared Kingfisher
Black Iguana AshleyT 1 0 Black Iguana
Yellow-green Vireo AshleyT 1 0 Yellow-green Vireo
Red-faced spider monkey FredericoMartins 1 0 Red-faced spider monkey
Wild raspberry Maria dB 1 0 Wild raspberry
white-tailed deer IsabellaFiers 1 0 white-tailed deer

Recently joined

ColinJoMo Globalistar Catalina Faith
Schoonsart Grace M. PremChhetri KristinBrunoAtkinson
joanbstanley Joseph R. Godreau Boyet Lorenzo Alan Antonio GT
MarkRobinson Alexis Oelfke Thomas Broxton Jr laisa.maryam
Wandering Naturalist Doren B VeroniquePitre Kimberly Vanderbull
Birdamaze walterwoloshin veroniquepitree LauraSalvati
Dex Bean AdamGrau Marianna Di Santo Kiloueka
IvanPancic Zlatan Celebic dbrooks_HI Ducatista
JacquiKramer Nelson Luraguiz Biswajit De William.Schmidt96
Nathan Davis Mary Henschel Chadsey ElizabethTedore SOFIA MARCON
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