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National Geographic's Great Nature Project

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

Take and upload a photo of a plant, animal, or any other living thing you come across to help us compile the world’s largest collection of nature photos.

This mission has ended and is no longer accepting submissions.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project
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2,856 participants 67,339 spottings

National Geographic is urging everyone to get outside to explore nature. Participants are asked to contribute photos of any species they come across with the goal of building a global snapshot of biodiversity.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

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Recent Spottings

malabar pit viper Ashok N Pulliyerengi 2 0 malabar pit viper
Fly SukanyaDatta 1 3 Fly
Knight Anole James McNair 1 2 Knight Anole
Bank's Leaf Beetle Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 1 Bank's Leaf Beetle
Long-jointed Darkling beetle JordiPrats 1 2 Long-jointed Darkling beetle
Unknown spotting twolittletoddies 1 1 Unknown spotting
Leaf Nosed Bats celestialprincess101 1 0 Leaf Nosed Bats
Maharashtra Ceropegia Rajas Deshpande 1 0 Maharashtra Ceropegia
Grey Bush Chat (Female) PampaMistri 1 0 Grey Bush Chat (Female)
Luzon Sunbird ♀ KdonGalay 2 0 Luzon Sunbird ♀
Lichen Long-Horn Beetle LaurenZarate 3 1 Lichen Long-Horn Beetle
Bluespotted Cornetfish Thanasis Samaras 1 0 Bluespotted Cornetfish
Comb-clawed beetle dandoucette 1 3 Comb-clawed beetle
gharial Ashok N Pulliyerengi 1 0 gharial
Black widow Gabe39 1 2 Black widow
Longhorn Beetle AlbertKang 1 2 Longhorn Beetle
Pawpaw Maria dB 1 1 Pawpaw
Unknown spotting DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 1 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting chesterbperry 1 3 Unknown spotting
Gray Fox James McNair 1 1 Gray Fox
Ground Beetle Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 2 Ground Beetle
Soldier Beetle chesterbperry 1 4 Soldier Beetle
Western diamondback PatrickFitzgerald 3 1 Western diamondback
Loose-Flowered Orchid, rahlocvijetni kaćun Jopy 1 1 Loose-Flowered Orchid, rahlocvijetni kaćun
Australian Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle in California LaurenZarate 1 0 Australian Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle in California
Cockroach AlbertKang 1 2 Cockroach
Earthworm sarah in the woods 1 0 Earthworm
Long-winged Rove Beetle Jason Alexander 2 7 Long-winged Rove Beetle
Red fox GlobEL Trotter 1 0 Red fox
Transverse ladybird Chathura Udayanga 1 1 Transverse ladybird
Tree Fungus Darkling Beetle Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 3 Tree Fungus Darkling Beetle
Black Footed / Yellow Sac Spider Noah N. 1 0 Black Footed / Yellow Sac Spider
Tailed Jay Chrysalis Jolly Ibanez 3 1 Tailed Jay Chrysalis
Calligraphy beetle LuisStevens 1 1 Calligraphy beetle
Arboreal Darkling beetle DiazJoséMiguel 1 3 Arboreal Darkling beetle
American Sweetgum rohanberg 1 0 American Sweetgum
Cicada AnaMoral 3 0 Cicada
Flying gurnard theasianshark 1 0 Flying gurnard
Ironweed rohanberg 1 0 Ironweed
Caterpillar XristosSallas 1 0 Caterpillar
Cane Toad JillBlack 1 0 Cane Toad
Common fig EricDraesel 1 0 Common fig
Nymphalid Butterfly misako 3 0 Nymphalid Butterfly
Speckled Wood Thanasis Samaras 1 1 Speckled Wood
Paper Wasp Kranti Dhiman 1 2 Paper Wasp
Unknown spotting misako 3 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting dandoucette 1 0 Unknown spotting
Wildflower celestialprincess101 1 0 Wildflower
Blue Whistling Thrush PampaMistri 1 0 Blue Whistling Thrush
Large Cuckooshrike Ashutosh Dudhatra 1 1 Large Cuckooshrike

Recently joined

CoJoMo Globalistar Catalina Faith
Schoonsart Grace M. PremChhetri KristinBrunoAtkinson
joanbstanley Joseph R. Godreau Boyet Lorenzo Alan Antonio GT
MarkRobinson Alexis Oelfke Thomas Broxton Jr laisa.maryam
Wandering Naturalist Doren B VeroniquePitre Kimberly Vanderbull
Birdamaze walterwoloshin veroniquepitree LauraSalvati
Dex Bean AdamGrau Marianna Di Santo Kiloueka
IvanPancic dbrooks_HI Ducatista JacquiKramer
Nelson Luraguiz Biswajit De William.Schmidt96 Nathan Davis
Mary Henschel Chadsey ElizabethTedore SOFIA MARCON Madalyn Cass
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