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National Geographic's Great Nature Project

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

Take and upload a photo of a plant, animal, or any other living thing you come across to help us compile the world’s largest collection of nature photos. Sign in to join mission

National Geographic's Great Nature Project
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National Geographic is urging everyone to get outside to explore nature. Participants are asked to contribute photos of any species they come across with the goal of building a global snapshot of biodiversity. The photos are aggregated on for website visitors to browse.

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

Lat: 38.90 Long: -77.04

Recent Spottings

Simplex Clearwing Butterfly AlbertKang 46 23 Simplex Clearwing Butterfly
Striped Coralroot dandoucette 7 0 Striped Coralroot
American Alligator James McNair 8 3 American Alligator
Roadside Hawks MatthewKritzer 7 3 Roadside Hawks
Tri-colored Bat AshleyT 10 1 Tri-colored Bat
Red Salamander AshleyT 9 3 Red Salamander
Aphid Nymph KrishnaMurthy-K 13 0 Aphid Nymph
Golden-hooded Tanager MatthewKritzer 4 1 Golden-hooded Tanager
Scarlet Indian Paintbrush dandoucette 3 0 Scarlet Indian Paintbrush
Spring Salamander AshleyT 7 0 Spring Salamander
Wood scorpion CharliePrice 3 2 Wood scorpion
Green Salamander AshleyT 7 3 Green Salamander
Damselefly Nymph IvanPancic 3 2 Damselefly Nymph
Spangled Diving Beetle IvanPancic 2 4 Spangled Diving Beetle
Giant Leopard Moth magazhu 5 1 Giant Leopard Moth
Yellow Angled Sulphur magazhu 3 2 Yellow Angled Sulphur
Broad-billed Hummingbird Jim Nelson 11 6 Broad-billed Hummingbird
Swallow-tailed kite 4 0 Swallow-tailed kite
Porina moth AnnvanWijgerden 3 7 Porina moth
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail AshleyT 4 0 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Northern Cardinal Jim Nelson 2 0 Northern Cardinal
Red Bat AshleyT 5 1 Red Bat
Round-leaved Sundew dandoucette 2 0 Round-leaved Sundew
Bromeliad LuisStevens 12 9 Bromeliad
Mudskipper KdonGalay 9 0 Mudskipper
Spotted Dusky Salamander AshleyT 5 0 Spotted Dusky Salamander
Whimbrel KdonGalay 7 0 Whimbrel
Pied Butcherbird armadeus.4 3 3 Pied Butcherbird
Flora Silkmoth Diaz José Miguel 10 2 Flora Silkmoth
Warszewitsch's Frog AlbertKang 7 3 Warszewitsch's Frog
American Crocodile AlbertKang 6 1 American Crocodile
Pink Water Lily (Nymphaea sp.) Neil Ross 8 4 Pink Water Lily (Nymphaea sp.)
Organ Pipe Mud Dauber magazhu 2 0 Organ Pipe Mud Dauber
Leaf Beetle IvanPancic 5 4 Leaf Beetle
Eastern Newt AshleyT 4 0 Eastern Newt
Great Horned Owl stephanielrickman 16 3 Great Horned Owl
Rosy Maple Moth 2 0 Rosy Maple Moth
European Paper Waps IvanPancic 11 0 European Paper Waps
Scarlet Hedgehog Cactus JoshuaGSmith 4 2 Scarlet Hedgehog Cactus
KILLDEER beachbum732 1 0 KILLDEER
American Oystercatcher beachbum732 1 0 American Oystercatcher
U know NRM4424 1 1 U know
Song Sparrow TamLar 1 1 Song Sparrow
Cedar Waxwing joanbstanley 1 0 Cedar Waxwing
Lichen LuisStevens 2 2 Lichen
Kingfisher AlbertKang 2 0 Kingfisher
Nodding Trillium dandoucette 1 0 Nodding Trillium
Common Sandpiper KdonGalay 5 2 Common Sandpiper
Broadbilled Hummingbird Jim Nelson 25 5 Broadbilled Hummingbird
Ladybug Deepti S 1 2 Ladybug

Recently joined

Shawniegal ArinaDuggins Julius Fairbanks Wading_Willow
OhioBlake bybylang MonikaSah xciedee
IvanPancic EmilyFroese terranaut CharliePrice
Dani1907 Mohit Johanna Bush SofiXoto
samuel.tallent13 vinthoel camtur LukeGMyers
ethanc1 TamDalton TerryBerry chislingc
jiwoob1 mahesh.haridevan BarbaraHileman Judi705
triggsturner MaggieNoel DanielJamesWhitt MicheleTorrisi
FozieArdy MichelleTeel mattheww1 Songsetter
Martin Alonso Cameron Young-CSC Snake ajirber phsycocire
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