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International Spider Survey

International Spider Survey

Share photos of orb weavers, tarantulas, wolf, jumping, fishing, funnel web spiders and any other eight-legged Araneae. Sign in to join mission

International Spider Survey
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Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs. The International Society of Arachnology is the international scientific society devoted to arachnology. Their goals are to promote the study of Arachnology and communication of arachnological information among researchers.

International Spider Survey

Lat: 38.00 Long: -97.00

Recent Spottings

Fishing or Water Spider (male) Neil Ross 3 0 Fishing or Water Spider (male)
Unknown spotting C Ginny 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting LuckyLogan 3 1 Unknown spotting
Magnolia Green Jumper Eduardo Axel Recillas Bautista 19 3 Magnolia Green Jumper
Spider AlbertKang 9 4 Spider
Spitting spider Tamir 2 1 Spitting spider
spider Crazy-Zebra 2 0 spider
Bridge Spider Paul Davis 2 3 Bridge Spider
Bold Jumping Spider jeslowery 1 0 Bold Jumping Spider
Tarantula AlbertKang 10 3 Tarantula
Lynx Spider zapabio 1 1 Lynx Spider
Fighting spider Rahul Upadhyay 4 2 Fighting spider
Grass cross spider NuwanChathuranga 2 0 Grass cross spider
Unknown spotting RobThacker 1 0 Unknown spotting
Long-jawed Six-eyed Spider AKA Woodlouse Spider Johan Heyns 3 0 Long-jawed Six-eyed Spider AKA Woodlouse Spider
Unknown spotting Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 2 0 Unknown spotting
Clubionid Spider Vinny 2 0 Clubionid Spider
Jumping Spider, male ForestDragon 2 1 Jumping Spider, male
Bronze Jumper, male ForestDragon 1 0 Bronze Jumper, male
Hammerjawed Jumper, female ForestDragon 1 0 Hammerjawed Jumper, female
Spider mendes.madalena 1 0 Spider
Badge huntsman CassieJadeHolmes-Brown 1 0 Badge huntsman
Pirata Wolf Spider jeslowery 0 1 Pirata Wolf Spider
Arkys alticephala CharliePrice 2 0 Arkys alticephala
St Andrew's Cross Spider NottoSan 0 0 St Andrew's Cross Spider
Jumping spider CassieJadeHolmes-Brown 2 0 Jumping spider
Batik Golden Web Spider Jolly Ibanez 0 1 Batik Golden Web Spider
spider mendes.madalena 1 0 spider
crab spider mendes.madalena 2 0 crab spider
harvestman mendes.madalena 1 2 harvestman
Huntsman CassieJadeHolmes-Brown 1 0 Huntsman
Spider mendes.madalena 1 0 Spider
spider mendes.madalena 1 6 spider
Golden orb weaver spider CassieJadeHolmes-Brown 0 1 Golden orb weaver spider
Pantropical Jumper magazhu 5 6 Pantropical Jumper
Unknown Jumper magazhu 2 0 Unknown Jumper
Star-bellied Orbweaver AshleyT 14 6 Star-bellied Orbweaver
Unknown spotting Vinny 1 3 Unknown spotting
wolf spider (female) Chris Ince Jr. 0 0 wolf spider (female)
Nemastoma bimaculatum HenkWallays 1 0 Nemastoma bimaculatum
Jumping Spider LuisStevens 0 2 Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider LaurenZarate 6 0 Jumping Spider
Wolf Spider James McNair 1 0 Wolf Spider
Ogre-faced Spider magazhu 2 0 Ogre-faced Spider
Unknown spotting Vinny 4 1 Unknown spotting
Yellow Ghost Spider AshleyT 1 0 Yellow Ghost Spider
Huntsman Spider Skin magazhu 1 0 Huntsman Spider Skin
Bowl and Doily Spider AshleyT 2 0 Bowl and Doily Spider
Unknown spotting Vinny 6 2 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Machi 2 0 Unknown spotting

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