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Great Lakes Monitoring

Great Lakes Monitoring

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Great Lakes Monitoring
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The Great Lakes are the largest surface freshwater system containing over 80 percent of freshwater on the Earth. In collaboration with the Great Lakes Echo, we are asking you to help document the biodiversity of the Great Lakes region and monitor the impact of invasive species.

Great Lakes Monitoring

Lat: 45.40 Long: -83.98

Recent Spottings

Double-crested Cormorants Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Double-crested Cormorants
Blue Jay Susan Carol Sam 3 0 Blue Jay
Killdeer Greg Shchepanek 2 1 Killdeer
Eastern Gartersnake Greg Shchepanek 5 2 Eastern Gartersnake
Barn Swallow Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Barn Swallow
Dwarf Lake Iris Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Dwarf Lake Iris
Eastern Ribbonsnake Greg Shchepanek 3 0 Eastern Ribbonsnake
Bronzed Tiger Beetle Greg Shchepanek 3 0 Bronzed Tiger Beetle
Scarlet Indian-paintbrush Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Scarlet Indian-paintbrush
Canada Goose Greg Shchepanek 5 0 Canada Goose
Black Tern Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Black Tern
Lake Erie Watersnake Greg Shchepanek 2 2 Lake Erie Watersnake
Eastern Chipmunk Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Eastern Chipmunk
Orchard Oriole Greg Shchepanek 1 1 Orchard Oriole
Eastern Gartersnake Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Eastern Gartersnake
Eastern Carpenter Bee Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Eastern Carpenter Bee
Question Mark Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Question Mark
Juvenal's Duskywing Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Juvenal's Duskywing
Big Sand Tiger Beetle Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Big Sand Tiger Beetle
Festive Tiger Beetles Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Festive Tiger Beetles
Slenderleaf Sundew Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Slenderleaf Sundew
white wagtail halley 3 0 white wagtail
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Susan Carol Sam 2 2 Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Northern Water Snake Joseph R. Godreau 5 0 Northern Water Snake
Eastern Screech Owl MartaPoludnik 13 0 Eastern Screech Owl
Fox Squirrel Susan Carol Sam 7 2 Fox Squirrel
Fox Squirrel Susan Carol Sam 6 5 Fox Squirrel
Unknown spotting aquinaswi 1 0 Unknown spotting
American Robin Susan Carol Sam 3 2 American Robin
Monarch Butterfly (Male) Joseph R. Godreau 3 0 Monarch Butterfly (Male)
American Mink Joseph R. Godreau 12 2 American Mink
Great Horned Owl Joseph R. Godreau 2 0 Great Horned Owl
Brown Creeper Joseph R. Godreau 8 4 Brown Creeper
Eastern Screech Owl dferris 5 1 Eastern Screech Owl
Downy Woodpecker (Adult Male) Joseph R. Godreau 9 4 Downy Woodpecker (Adult Male)
Redhead dferris 1 0 Redhead
White-winged Scoter dferris 1 0 White-winged Scoter
Woodland Sunflower Joseph R. Godreau 1 1 Woodland Sunflower
Osprey Scott s 1 0 Osprey
American red squirrel Susan Carol Sam 3 2 American red squirrel
American Red Squirrel Joseph R. Godreau 12 1 American Red Squirrel
Thayer's Gull? dferris 0 4 Thayer's Gull?
American Red Squirrel Joseph R. Godreau 3 0 American Red Squirrel
Snow Bunting dferris 1 0 Snow Bunting
Wild Turkey dferris 3 0 Wild Turkey
Yellow-shafted Flicker Susan Carol Sam 3 0 Yellow-shafted Flicker
Canada Goose dferris 0 3 Canada Goose
American Mink scat dferris 1 1 American Mink scat
Great Black-backed Gull (3rd Winter) dferris 0 0 Great Black-backed Gull (3rd Winter)
Ring-billed Gull (1st Winter) dferris 1 1 Ring-billed Gull (1st Winter)

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