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Greek Marine Life Mapping

Greek Marine Life Mapping

Underwater photography of all kinds of marine life in Greece. All photographers welcome! Sign in to join mission

Greek Marine Life Mapping
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Website 21 participants 252 spottings

We welcome you in helping us photograph and map Greece's Marine life!

Greek Marine Life Mapping

Lat: 37.98 Long: 23.72

Recent Spottings

Loggerhead sea turtle (Θαλάσσια χελώνα) DespinaTsafetopoulou 2 0 Loggerhead sea turtle (Θαλάσσια χελώνα)
Sand Star Marek Koszorek 2 0 Sand Star
Mediterranean fanworm Marek Koszorek 17 6 Mediterranean fanworm
Red-spotted Horseshoe Chris Taklis 9 0 Red-spotted Horseshoe
Mediterranean moray Marek Koszorek 6 0 Mediterranean moray
Felimare picta Marek Koszorek 5 0 Felimare picta
Salt and peper slug Marek Koszorek 2 0 Salt and peper slug
Golden anemone Marek Koszorek 9 0 Golden anemone
Bearded fireworm Marek Koszorek 2 0 Bearded fireworm
Greater weever Marek Koszorek 2 0 Greater weever
Starry weever Marek Koszorek 2 0 Starry weever
Umbrella slug Marek Koszorek 1 0 Umbrella slug
Flabellina affinis Marek Koszorek 14 3 Flabellina affinis
Mediterranean cardinalfish Marek Koszorek 1 0 Mediterranean cardinalfish
Loggerhead sea turtle Marek Koszorek 4 0 Loggerhead sea turtle
Mediterranean red sea star Marek Koszorek 5 0 Mediterranean red sea star
European common cuttlefish Marek Koszorek 3 0 European common cuttlefish
Godiva banyulensis Marek Koszorek 7 2 Godiva banyulensis
Yellow Tube Sponge Marek Koszorek 2 0 Yellow Tube Sponge
Hacelia attenuata Marek Koszorek 4 1 Hacelia attenuata
Flying gurnard Marek Koszorek 6 0 Flying gurnard
Ornate wrasse Marek Koszorek 2 0 Ornate wrasse
Golden goby Marek Koszorek 0 0 Golden goby
Mediterranean fried egg jellyfish Marek Koszorek 12 8 Mediterranean fried egg jellyfish
Sea potato Marek Koszorek 2 0 Sea potato
Grass goby Marek Koszorek 3 1 Grass goby
Short-snouted seahorse Marek Koszorek 4 0 Short-snouted seahorse
Rough Skate Marek Koszorek 1 0 Rough Skate
Blotched picarel Marek Koszorek 0 0 Blotched picarel
Flabellina rubrolineata Marek Koszorek 8 6 Flabellina rubrolineata
Flabellina affinis Marek Koszorek 5 4 Flabellina affinis
Persian Conch DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Persian Conch
Τhe depilatory sea hare DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Τhe depilatory sea hare
Unknown spotting Marek Koszorek 3 0 Unknown spotting
Slender goby Marek Koszorek 1 0 Slender goby
Unknown spotting Marek Koszorek 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Marek Koszorek 1 0 Unknown spotting
Ocellated Wrasse Marek Koszorek 0 0 Ocellated Wrasse
Loggerhead Seaturtle Marek Koszorek 3 0 Loggerhead Seaturtle
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Marek Koszorek 5 0 Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Mediterranean moray Marek Koszorek 1 0 Mediterranean moray
Bearded Fireworm Chris Taklis 1 0 Bearded Fireworm
Common two-banded seabream Marek Koszorek 2 0 Common two-banded seabream
Ophiomyxa pentagona Chris Taklis 1 0 Ophiomyxa pentagona
Sailfin dragonet Marek Koszorek 2 0 Sailfin dragonet
Purple sea urchin Chris Taklis 3 0 Purple sea urchin
Barrel jellyfish George.Skeparnias 18 7 Barrel jellyfish
Common cuttlefish Chris Taklis 3 0 Common cuttlefish
Warty crab Chris Taklis 2 0 Warty crab
Tub gurnard Chris Taklis 5 0 Tub gurnard

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