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BioBlitz! Oklahoma

BioBlitz! Oklahoma

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BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Created by

Priscilla Crawford

Website 128 participants 2,082 spottings

Explore and discover the amazing biodiversity of Oklahoma. You can learn about Oklahoma's biodiversity year-round by participating in this on-line BioBlitz!

BioBlitz! Oklahoma

Lat: 35.37 Long: -98.41

Recent Spottings

Eastern Collared Lizard (female) Jack Settle 6 1 Eastern Collared Lizard (female)
Post Oak Grasshopper Jack Settle 3 0 Post Oak Grasshopper
Reversed Haploa Jack Settle 3 2 Reversed Haploa
Jumping Spider Jack Settle 1 0 Jumping Spider
Eastern gray squirrel April Hathcoat 1 0 Eastern gray squirrel
Spotted lady beetle Miranda Kersten 2 0 Spotted lady beetle
Three-Toed Box Turtle Jack Settle 3 1 Three-Toed Box Turtle
Bighorn Sheep Jack Settle 4 0 Bighorn Sheep
Common Funnel, Funnel Clitocybe April Hathcoat 1 0 Common Funnel, Funnel Clitocybe
Indian Blanket Jack Settle 5 0 Indian Blanket
Mississippi Kite Jack Settle 3 1 Mississippi Kite
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Jack Settle 1 0 Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Six-Lined Racerunner Jack Settle 1 0 Six-Lined Racerunner
Rough Earth Snake Jack Settle 1 0 Rough Earth Snake
Western Massasauga Rattlesnake Jack Settle 1 0 Western Massasauga Rattlesnake
Unknown spotting Miranda Kersten 2 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Miranda Kersten 1 0 Unknown spotting
Jelly Ear April Hathcoat 1 0 Jelly Ear
Checkered White Miranda Kersten 2 0 Checkered White
Red milkweed beetle Miranda Kersten 1 0 Red milkweed beetle
Eastern yellow-bellied racer April Hathcoat 1 1 Eastern yellow-bellied racer
Orange assassin bug BC Howe 1 0 Orange assassin bug
Golden-headed weevil BC Howe 1 0 Golden-headed weevil
Small milkweed bug Miranda Kersten 2 0 Small milkweed bug
Monarch butterfly Miranda Kersten 1 0 Monarch butterfly
Isabella tiger moth (larva) Aaron_G 1 0 Isabella tiger moth (larva)
Pale Green Assassin Bug April Hathcoat 2 0 Pale Green Assassin Bug
Zabulon Skipper April Hathcoat 1 0 Zabulon Skipper
Banded Hickory Borer April Hathcoat 1 0 Banded Hickory Borer
House Centipede April Hathcoat 1 0 House Centipede
Ground Skink Jack Settle 3 0 Ground Skink
Brown Recluse Jack Settle 2 0 Brown Recluse
Red-bellied Woodpecker April Hathcoat 4 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker April Hathcoat 2 0 Downy Woodpecker
Black-capped Chickadee April Hathcoat 1 0 Black-capped Chickadee
American Goldfinch April Hathcoat 1 0 American Goldfinch
Red-winged Blackbird April Hathcoat 1 0 Red-winged Blackbird
Cooper's Hawk April Hathcoat 1 0 Cooper's Hawk
White-throated Sparrow April Hathcoat 1 0 White-throated Sparrow
Indian paintbrush gmary007 1 5 Indian paintbrush
Ringed Salamander April Hathcoat 1 0 Ringed Salamander
Snowy Owl Jack Settle 10 3 Snowy Owl
Apache Jumping Spider Jack Settle 29 17 Apache Jumping Spider
Many-ribbed Salamander rdbutler 1 1 Many-ribbed Salamander
Wheel Bug RiverCaribou 2 0 Wheel Bug
White-tailed Deer rivercaribou 0 5 White-tailed Deer
Carolina Praying Mantis BCHowe 0 2 Carolina Praying Mantis
Eastern Cottontail (and tick) Jack Settle 1 0 Eastern Cottontail (and tick)
Giant redheaded centipede April Hathcoat 3 2 Giant redheaded centipede
Rough Earthsnake BCHowe 1 0 Rough Earthsnake

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tomnickell001 Ava10 R.B. Stephanie Rainwater
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BenjaminKabel ZackOxley BC Howe mrthompsonusa
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