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BioBlitz! Oklahoma

BioBlitz! Oklahoma

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BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Created by

Priscilla Crawford

Website 133 participants 2,351 spottings

Explore and discover the amazing biodiversity of Oklahoma. You can learn about Oklahoma's biodiversity year-round by participating in this on-line BioBlitz!

BioBlitz! Oklahoma

Lat: 35.37 Long: -98.41

Recent Spottings

Dwarf Spider April Hathcoat 1 0 Dwarf Spider
Hispid Cotton Rat April Hathcoat 2 0 Hispid Cotton Rat
Jagged Ambush Bug April Hathcoat 2 0 Jagged Ambush Bug
Brown Stink Bug April Hathcoat 2 0 Brown Stink Bug
Silver Longjawed Orbweaver April Hathcoat 1 0 Silver Longjawed Orbweaver
Jumping spider April Hathcoat 1 0 Jumping spider
Sumac Flea Beetle April Hathcoat 1 0 Sumac Flea Beetle
Pacas AlexBoyette 1 0 Pacas
Jaguar AlexBoyette 1 0 Jaguar
Unknown spotting AlexBoyette 1 1 Unknown spotting
Desert centipedes AlexBoyette 1 0 Desert centipedes
Red Admiral April Hathcoat 1 0 Red Admiral
Wild Turkey SargonR 3 0 Wild Turkey
Rustic Sphinx April Hathcoat 1 0 Rustic Sphinx
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog SargonR 12 6 Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Luna moth April Hathcoat 1 0 Luna moth
Pearl Crescent SargonR 3 0 Pearl Crescent
Cedar Waxwing SargonR 6 0 Cedar Waxwing
Unknown spotting SargonR 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting SargonR 2 0 Unknown spotting
Rocky Mountain Elk SargonR 11 4 Rocky Mountain Elk
Arge Tiger Moth SargonR 1 1 Arge Tiger Moth
Robber Fly SargonR 1 0 Robber Fly
Banded Garden Spider SargonR 1 0 Banded Garden Spider
Honey Bees SargonR 1 0 Honey Bees
Unknown spotting SargonR 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting SargonR 1 0 Unknown spotting
Collared Lizard SargonR 1 0 Collared Lizard
Eastern Meadowlark SargonR 0 1 Eastern Meadowlark
Crayfish SargonR 7 1 Crayfish
Coyote SargonR 4 0 Coyote
White-Tailed Deer SargonR 1 0 White-Tailed Deer
Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly Aaron_G 4 0 Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly
Cork-lid trapdoor spiders Aaron_G 3 0 Cork-lid trapdoor spiders
Striped bark scorpion Aaron_G 4 0 Striped bark scorpion
Swamp milkweed leaf beetle (larva) Aaron_G 3 0 Swamp milkweed leaf beetle (larva)
Brown recluse Aaron_G 2 0 Brown recluse
Black swallowtail butterfly (larva) Aaron_G 2 0 Black swallowtail butterfly (larva)
Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly Aaron_G 2 0 Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly
Nursery web spider Aaron_G 2 0 Nursery web spider
European honey bee Aaron_G 2 0 European honey bee
Red-legged Buprestis Aaron_G 3 0 Red-legged Buprestis
Carolina mantis Aaron_G 1 0 Carolina mantis
Firefly Aaron_G 2 2 Firefly
Brown tarantula Aaron_G 1 0 Brown tarantula
Swamp darner Aaron_G 3 0 Swamp darner
Aphid Aaron_G 2 0 Aphid
Bird grasshopper Aaron_G 1 0 Bird grasshopper
Isabella tiger moth (larva) Aaron_G 1 0 Isabella tiger moth (larva)
Carolina mantis Aaron_G 1 0 Carolina mantis

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Thane Wilcox AlexBoyette Daniel Covey LamontFrazier
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GeoffreyPalmer ChadEverettScott April Hathcoat GraceRundel
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BenjaminKabel ZackOxley BC Howe mrthompsonusa
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StacyWilliams noctus.sw Fred5 tsacket
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