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Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture

Please add you pictures of birds nests, bee hives, wasp nests, bird bowers, gorilla and chimp sleeping nests, spider webs, and any other animal intentionally created structure. Sign in to join mission

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture
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Ava T-B

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This mission is to document the incredible architectural abilities of animals from all genera.

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture

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Recent Spottings

Pagoda Bagworm SukanyaDatta 5 3 Pagoda Bagworm
Signature Spider (ventral view) SukanyaDatta 1 0 Signature Spider (ventral view)
Unknown SukanyaDatta 1 0 Unknown
Weaver Ants' Nest SukanyaDatta 2 0 Weaver Ants' Nest
Unknown spotting momsavang 1 0 Unknown spotting
Potter Wasp's Pot SukanyaDatta 1 2 Potter Wasp's Pot
Little Friarbird (nest) armadeus.4 5 5 Little Friarbird (nest)
Bald-faced Hornet Machi 7 2 Bald-faced Hornet
Unknown spotting momsavang 5 1 Unknown spotting
Eastern Bluebird Nest Machi 1 1 Eastern Bluebird Nest
Unknown spotting momsavang 2 1 Unknown spotting
Pied Butcherbird (female with nest) armadeus.4 2 2 Pied Butcherbird (female with nest)
Weaver-ant Nest SukanyaDatta 1 3 Weaver-ant Nest
Bushtit nest Brian38 12 9 Bushtit nest
Golden Silk Orb-weaver (hatchlings) Neil Ross 1 0 Golden Silk Orb-weaver (hatchlings)
Pine processionary JordiPrats 4 3 Pine processionary
Unknown spotting Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Unknown spotting
Bald-faced hornet nest Brian38 13 12 Bald-faced hornet nest
Wasp Gall Gaby3 8 4 Wasp Gall
Spider Trap-hole DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 1 2 Spider Trap-hole
Ant House DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 1 1 Ant House
Bagworm Moth Machi 9 4 Bagworm Moth
Southern masked weaver Zlatan Celebic 8 1 Southern masked weaver
Unknown spotting Jopy 3 2 Unknown spotting
Ant Nest? SukanyaDatta 1 0 Ant Nest?
Village weaver AdamBT 6 1 Village weaver
Unknown spotting DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 3 6 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 1 1 Unknown spotting
spittle bug Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 1 0 spittle bug
Banded Argiope LivanEscudero 1 0 Banded Argiope
Village weaver Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Village weaver
Unknown spotting JaniekevanDijk 3 1 Unknown spotting
Eurasian Coot, Blässhuhn Jopy 1 0 Eurasian Coot, Blässhuhn
European Garden Spider; Araña de jardín arlanda 2 0 European Garden Spider; Araña de jardín
House martin Zlatan Celebic 1 0 House martin
Signature Spider SukanyaDatta 1 0 Signature Spider
Lesser masked weaver Zlatan Celebic 2 1 Lesser masked weaver
House Martin; Avión Común Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 House Martin; Avión Común
Sergeant major Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Sergeant major
Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker SukanyaDatta 2 2 Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker
Potter wasp Brian38 12 5 Potter wasp
Paper wasp; Avispa papelera arlanda 5 3 Paper wasp; Avispa papelera
Rope-like Wasp Nest SukanyaDatta 9 16 Rope-like Wasp Nest
Spotted Orbweaver Brian38 1 1 Spotted Orbweaver
Long-jawed orb weaver Brian38 1 1 Long-jawed orb weaver
Mud Dauber's construction SukanyaDatta 5 0 Mud Dauber's construction
Great Bowerbird MacChristiansen 24 14 Great Bowerbird
The baya weaver VincentVanur 2 2 The baya weaver
Unknown spotting PutkovAlexander 2 0 Unknown spotting
Stingless bee DB 8 0 Stingless bee

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